Cheney, Torture and The Dancing Israelis!

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Cheney, Torture and The Dancing Israelis!

Whatsupic — Can it get any more ludicrous – the man who initially exposed America was routinely indulging in torture, John Kiriakou, rots in jail simply for revealing this shocking truth, while the very epitome of evil Dick Cheney has the gall to justify his administration’s use of torture on TV? Yet this most despicable crime was specifically prohibited in the Geneva Convention of 1949. Add to this the UN’s protocols against torture, one remains at a loss trying to make head or tail of this. I mean miscarriages of justice are one thing. To an extent they’re understandable. Humans are fallible. We make mistakes. Nevertheless, we naturally try to construct laws on the basis of right and wrong. How else could we have justifiably made the claim, mankind is truly civilized? 

Former CIA officer John Kiriakou leaves a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Yet this is hardly a case of justice being turned on its head for we now have a system which allows the greatest criminals on the planet to be, dare I say it, above the law! What’s more, anyone who feels they have a moral obligation to expose such violations of law, at best see their careers and livelihoods destroyed or at worst, as in the case of Bradley Manning and Kiriakou, see their very freedom unceremoniously snatched from them. It’s nigh on impossible finding appropriate words to describe the injustice of Kiriakou’s sentence of 30 months imprisonment but how one can make any sense of Manning’s 35 year sentence simply for revealing outrageous war crimes is beyond me? I’ll say this though – this is nothing less than a blight on mankind and we will pay a heavy price.

When I first saw Cheney on TV justifying torture, I immediately put pen to paper but a combination of anger and frustration had my mind wandering off into tangents. His whole argument being centered around 9/11 was just so infuriating I couldn’t think straight! Anyone with any brains knows the official explanation was nothing short of farcical. Those who bother to ask even the most patently obvious questions have no option but to conclude Cheney was one of the chief architects. It’s bad enough the media has the temerity to interview this repulsive creature as if he has credibility. I cannot believe those working in the media are that dumb not to know who the real terrorists of 9/11 were. 

The evidence was there for all to see. Former transport secretary Norman Mineta told the 9/11 commission words to the effect, the reason why the ‘plane’ hit the Pentagon was because Cheney specifically did nothing to stop it. Mineta ought to know – he was with Cheney at the time. On 3 occasions a marine informed Cheney “it’s 30 miles out, it’s 20 miles out it’s 10 miles out! Does the order still stand?” It was as if Cheney was deliberately allowing the attack on the Pentagon to take place. Forget about Treason – he’s the one who should be tortured because there’s probably no one who know more about what really happened on that fateful day than Cheney himself. 

However, merely repeating facts that the complicit media have ignored is becoming positively tedious. So in an attempt to show just how ridiculous this situation is, in the end I came up with this hypothesis – your job is to find out whether the person in front of you is either a terrorist or not! Now let’s say your life depends on it! If you came up with the wrong answer, you’re toast! You have but two choices – you can either indulge in torture, utilizing whatever sadistic means you so desire or you can use a lie-detector machine. What method would you go for? Both these methods were available to Cheney.

Now I’m not saying lie-detector machines are perfect but I’ll say this – when the FBI have a suspect in a murder case, they often ask whether that person would be happy to take the test. If a suspect agrees, whenever they’re found to be telling the truth, almost to a fault, the FBI close that line of inquiry! It’s more than an adequate way of conducting investigations for it swiftly eliminate suspects and therefore allows one to maximize resources. However, with torture, at what point does one say enough is enough if the person being tortured keeps pleading “BUT I’M INNOCENT. I’M INNOCENT?” Is it not inevitable that even the most hard-bitten criminal eventually has to succumb and say whatever the torturer wants to hear simply to end the agony? So …… which method would you choose? If the truth is what you really want, it’s a no-brainer – the lie-detector machine wins hands down. 

Therefore, this makes it all the more despicable how the media are effectively defending the actions of each and every US administration. You see those who sanctioned torture knew the people they were torturing were innocent because the real terrorists behind 9/11 was the PNAC group, the Bush Administration and the dual national Zionists who controlled it! Small wonder those calling the shots resorted to torture. Cheney more than anyone knew this was the only way to get ‘suspects’ to admit they were behind it. The last thing they’d utilize were lie-detector machines because they were perfectly aware this would only prove the people the Zionists were trying to pin it on had bugger all to do with it! 

To add insult to injury – the dancing Israelis who were arrested by Police after they were caught celebrating when the planes slammed into the Towers, consequently failed lie-detector tests. The Police did their job. There was no need for torture. What’s more, these Israelis admitted they were there to document the event. Therefore they would have had to have known 9/11 was going to take place. This may have not been an admission of guilt; what it meant was, here was a line of inquiry that if pursued would have led directly to Mossad.

The trouble was, the finger of blame had already been pointed directly at Israel’s enemies. This is the big giveaway in any major false flag event – patsies are essential. The Zionist controlled media made nothing of the fact certain insiders knew way too much. Sure enough, soon after the attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Zionist Jerome Hauer were conveniently plotted up at the BBC and ABC studios respectively and even though no one had time to think let alone gather evidence, these two liars stated Osama Bin Laden and Arab/Muslim terrorists were to blame. One can only imagine what an outcry there would have been if one hour after the attack Al Qaeda operatives were allowed to do exactly the same thing and accuse the Zionists? But that’s the whole point! They would not because they couldn’t possibly know. The first thing the media would say is ‘how do you know?’ Well, to this day, no one has ever grilled Barak and Hauer as to how they knew so quickly who to blame! 

So now there was the problem of the dancing Israelis. Well the truth is, if Americans ever discovered who really was behind 9/11, it’s hard to see how Israel could escape nuclear annihilation. The Zionists know this so they simply have to keep burying the truth. Of course without full control of the entire mass-media, they could never do this but such is their ungodly level of influence in the US, arch Zionist Michael Chertoff was able to kill any investigation delving too near the truth. Over 100 Israelis were arrested but they were all released and much to the consternation of those involved in apprehending and questioning the dancing Israelis, Chertoff had them on the next plane to Israel. While you ponder over quite how the course of justice could be perverted so, the Israelis saw fit to parade them on live TV, where they were treated as heroes. 

There are no justifiable means for torture but let’s for argument sake tone it down to Grevious Bodily Harm. GBH is an offense UK judges take very seriously, often slapping 5 year+ sentences with no parole. So, correct me if I’m wrong but what would a judge think if the accused said, ‘listen your honour – what I did was justified, necessary and I’d do it again in a heartbeat?’ The judge would first have to regain his composure and then either add a few years to the sentence or perhaps more appropriately send the lunatic to a secure psychiatric unit. Torture is far worse than GBH for the victim has no way of fighting back! Inflicting such unimaginable fear and pain is so inherently evil, it can only be administered by the depraved, the lowest of the low! Yet when Cheney was asked about his role in sanctioning torture, this is what he said – “HE’D DO IT AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT!” So, could someone tell me why this vile excuse for a human being, along with Bush and indeed all those who played a role in these acts of barbarism are not being rounded up, charged and treated as the gargantuan criminals they are? 

Torture is illegal – period! No one’s allowed to torture anybody but the harsh reality is these people are not paying the price. Yet there’s always a price to pay! Allowing any one individual to be above the law, as well as being non-sensical, is simply asking for trouble. But now we find ouselves in a quandary because the most powerful, wealthy people have this very luxury! What’s more, they’ve already shown they think nothing of manufacturing wars; they don’t care one jot if a million people die or the sheer carnage they unleash. The consequences?……… The sky’s the limit! Imagine what you like! The greatest criminals in history are not only above the law – they’re doing whatever they think needs to be done in order to ensure they remain untouchable!

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