Chicago Tribune becomes 1st major paper to ask Clinton to step down

Some amazing & I must admit, heartening stories emerging from America. With a career criminal like Hillary Clinton this should hardly be the case but then, with mainstream media riding shotgun as if they’re Hillary’s Lord Protector, real news which has long since been surplus to requirements is now a nuisance that has to be buried. As a result Hillary has dodged countless bullets, each slug with her name on it!
However, with just over a week to go, there’s no question – she is being made to feel the heat. The other day Matt Lauer of NBC incurred her wrath by daring to ask questions she hadn’t approved. It also seems the FBI isn’t done with Hillary in a long sight. Damn good job I say. Now though, for the first time, a major newspaper has broken ranks –


Chicago Tribune becomes 1st major paper to ask Clinton to step down

Chicago Tribune Becomes 1st Major Paper To Ask Clinton To Step Down

Quite why a segment of the Zionist controlled media should choose to do this can only mean desperation has set in, but do they honestly believe Hillary’s running mate would stand any chance of beating Donald Trump? To compound Hillary’s problems, former Clinton aide Anthony Weiner, amidst allegations of child porn, is now cooperating with the FBI. As this TRUTHKINGS article so aptly points out –

“Unless Anthony Weiner dies from two self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the back of the head, things for Abedin & Clinton are about to get worse.”





I thought I’d include a few more relating links. I felt this was a really good little piece by Angie Blackburn Hoffman because it makes absolute mince-meat of what the media is trying to say about Trump. Certainly if you’re an undecided American female, this article says it all –

I was asked how could I ever support Trump after the comments he made years ago about women



This clip is for all American voters –


Stop VOTE FRAUD! HOW TO Protect YOUR Vote!



As for that piece of excrement Soros & his bent machines, bear one thing in mind – Trump is not going to roll over like that pathetic slime-ball Al Gore. You’ve simply got to know Zionists have every intention to rig this election. A few days ago I was sent an independent poll which had Trump at 67% & Hillary with a paltry 24%! I said I was astonished Hillary had 24%! I was also sent this –



What’s interesting here is Trump’s support is solid. If the election was fair, he’d win with a landslide. This is why the media is so biased – THEY INTEND TO CHEAT! So, demand paper ballots; demand a proper receipt of your vote & most importantly, every Trump voter must take along their mobile to photograph their vote. As soon as you so much as sniff any skulduggery, make yourself busy. Show them you mean business. Remember, the last thing they want are people raring up about voter fraud. If it happens everywhere, we can stop this.
Above all, on election day it is absolutely imperative not to take any shit from anyone. Certain people will have been given power. They don’t deserve it. They’re nothing! You can be sure most are the kind of people who love to flex muscle & tell people what they can or cannot do. DON’T TAKE ANY SHIT FROM ANY TWO-BOB MERCHANT! I’ll remind everyone – all our lives are at stake here. This 1 minute clip shows just how crooked these elections are. It’s up to each & every one of us to say enough of this shit. TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK AMERICA!



And finally I thought I’d include this clip. Not that I ever liked Tricky. Still he could well be excused for turning in his grave…….




  • “do they honestly believe Hillary’s running mate would stand any chance of beating Donald Trump?”

    If those in power decide that is what they wanted to happen…

    One word: YES!

  • The election is rigged – as Trump declares – but more by the Zionist controlled media than the voting machines. The voting machines only put a capper on the total votes. People die mysteriously who go against these very high level international crooks, especially on Jewish controlled Face Book as you well know Michael. That is why I can say here what I don’t dare say on Facebook. I have stayed off Face Book for awhile because I was threatened for my comments. I will start putting more articles soon on my FB page “Jack Tafoya’s Wisdom and Insights” and I mentioned this on Face Book and got over 600 likes. AMERICA IS FAT! We are the most obese country in the world due to “pluralism” which means MORE. WANT and MORE are the keys to being OBESE. I WANT MORE knowledge which is Brain Food. If you want more knowledge, read my FB page and send your comments right here on Michaels page.

    • You’re spot on Jack except I believe people are really waking up. Hillary has no real support. It’s all rigged as we know but I feel if it turns & we’re close, then things will change rapidly. The hunters will become the hunted!

  • Eva Nielsen

    Many clever and good men here. It is interesting with your Facebook Jack Tafoya. Even here in Denmark people are waking up.

    American election = muppet show- zionist hollywood stunt- a cartoon -soap opera.

    • Yes indeed Eva. They’re getting desperate. I’m receiving independent polls that say Trump has over 75%, whereas Hillary is around 10%. It’s a joke. Also I’ve just discovered I’ve been banned from posting on FB for 30 days. No reason has been given.

  • Ted Duggan

    Why you been banned on Farcebook Michael ??? You keep telling the truth

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