Chief Israeli rabbi calls for executing Palestinians

5 links starting off with this abomination. Here Cameron. You talk about hate speech but you never say a word when scum of the highest order utters pure filth. When it comes to hate speech the Israelis are in a league of their own yet you want to make it illegal to criticise vermin like this? I’m beginning to think you’re completely mad! To think you have the gall to say your support for Israel is unbreakable. Shame on you Cameron. You’re an absolute disgrace!


“We must not allow a Palestinian to survive after he was arrested. If you leave him alive, he will be released & kill other people,” Eliyahu said, “we must eradicate this evil from within our midst.”


And of course, to harbor this level of hatred requires more than being told lies. I’ve said before, this is instilled by brainwashing their children from the word go, generation after generation. It’s literally inbred into them! This is the only way people can harbor such hatred. But what makes this all so sickening is the undeniable truth that the Israelis are 100% in the wrong. They are the aggressor; they are the terrorisers! Israel is the most evil country on the planet by a proverbial mile.


Chief Israeli rabbi calls for executing Palestinians


The proof is in the pudding. Tell me another country that systematically executes children. We keep going on about Saudi Arabia but Israel is far worse. Of course by allowing Israel to get away with blue murder, other countries who side with the West have thought ‘what the hell. Let’s get in on the act & start indiscriminately bombing countries we don’t like!’


This is just unbelievable. A 13 years old girl. What if this was your child?And I’d bet any money the knife was planted there. Why in the blazes should I give any benefit to cold-blooded killers who openly let their feelings be known? Whether she had a knife or not, this is murder plain & simple. They could have easily apprehended her. Anyone who thinks any different is a complete moron. The IDF are tooled up to the hilt. Only a coward is scared of a 13 year old girl? Since when was such thuggery acceptable?


Organ theft


The Israelis not only openly admit they want to kill all the Palestinians – THEY ARE & DOING SO ANY WHICH WAY THEY CAN! Moreover, there have been countless cases where dead Palestinian children are having their organs removed. Small wonder there have been several cases of Rabbis who’ve been caught red-handed selling organs in America. The contemptuous media never say a word about this horror story that by rights should make every human feel ashamed.


Palestinian girl shot dead by the IOF, Saturday morning

And this outrageous reign of terror is being heaped on the hapless Palestinians. What kind of an existence is this? An occupying force declares we, the IDF, will kill any Palestinian walking on roads in Yabad. The world’s silence truly beggars belief!


Every kind of evil is being inflicted on these people. Here’s another story that should be making front page headlines –
UK Doctors Uncover Proof Of Israeli Hospitals Torturing Palestinians


Margot Wallstrom


And finally the reason why we have this diabolical situation where one country, Israel, breaks every law in the book is because look what happens when someone in a position of power speaks out as Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom did. Not only is there a complete media blackout on the reasons why this brave lady felt she had to speak out; not only are the public restricted to hearing Israel bullshit side of the story – JUST LOOK AT WHAT THESE THUGS ARE ALLOWED TO SAY –

“she deserves assassination for apparently having antisemitic DNA.”


Well done Margot


Here's terror


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