Clinton Email Proves Bush & Blair Plotted Iraq War a Year Before Launching It

What I find so incredible about all this is not so much it proves Blair lied & that these bastards had made their minds up to attack Iraq no matter what. We should expect them to lie. It’s the fact that even though they’ve been found out & therefore, to all intents & purposes Blair is guilty of Treason, the UK, regardless of who’s in power, has nevertheless continued with the same illegal, disastrous foreign policy. I just can’t get over how we’ve allowed this. Hardly a day goes by where I do not ponder over what we’re actually doing – bombing nations into oblivion.

I wonder how this can be acceptable to any human being? The countries we are destroying have never caused us any harm. I keep telling people, ‘how would you feel if another country much more powerful decided to bomb us & reduce our country to rubble?’ And to think these war crimes have created this horrendous refugee crisis which the Zionist controlled media is using to incite further hatred against these poor folk who’ve had their lives torn asunder. Not once has anyone in the media blamed the politicians who are so obviously responsible.


Corbyn with refugees


Newly Released Clinton Email Proves Bush & Blair Plotted Iraq War A Year Before Launching It


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