Clinton’s criminals directly interfered with voting laws

Normally this would be looked upon as a most serious accusation. The only reason it fails to appear so is because the entire mainstream media is complicit. I ask – is this not Treason? 

It goes without saying most decent people dislike cheats. Not the case for the power-crazed dual national Zionists in America. They do whatever it takes to rig the Presidential elections & they have no qualms about it either. What’s so sickening is even though they have the entire mainstream media tripping up candidates who don’t grovel enough to the despicable rogue state of Israel while those that do are protected at every turn, they STILL have to cheat!
Very few people buy the media’s bullshit anymore. Only idiots & Zionists support Hilary Clinton. In a fair election both Sanders & Trump would slaughter her, yet she’s odds on favorite to become President. This is madness. It’s bad enough how such obvious election shenanigans are taking place & going unpunished but I dread to think what will happen if this deranged woman gets in. Make no mistake – WWIII will be very much on the grid!


Just take a look at how they are cheating Bernie Sanders. I’ve said it before. There is simply no way so many Americans could be that daft to vote for Hilary. Thanks to Paul Stewart for this clip…..



Some weeks ago I posted this. It featured a few videos including the superb documentary ‘Clintons: Their Secret Lives.’ That alone will make you believe this is the last person we need as President. The thing is, most Americans already know that. The trouble is, they know it on an individual basis, not collectively. It’s only because the Zionist media is so bent that the true power-brokers are able to cheat everyone like this. Hilary has bugger all support & the proof is in the pudding. Check out the two eye-opening captions which pretty much confirm the only way she can win this election is if the whole caboodle is rigged!


                                     HERE’S BERNIE 


Sanders rally at MSU


                                     HERE’S HILARY


Hilary rally in NY


Ron Paul Bombshell: All US Elections Are Rigged

The man who was twice cheated out of the Presidency finally says something about the obvious election fraud –


Here's the truth!

I watched the video following the one I featured. Listen to what this lady says. The system has been totally corrupted! What I find amazing is how no one points the finger at those responsible. I’ll say it one more time – America is an Occupied territory. For Christ sake – take your country back from these traitors.



Love him or hate him



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