CLINTONS: Their Secret Lives

I’m not a Donald Trump fan. I harbor an intense loathing of billionaires. I’ve even less time for the ones who wish to become the big banana. I’ve made this abundantly clear, yet whenever I posted anything regarding Trump’s Presidential bid, the fact I’d rather have him than Hillary, several friends failed to grasp the gist of what I was saying. Trump is not owned. If he’s part of a club or is poised to do an Obama – WHO KNOWS? At least with Trump we’ve half a chance. With Hillary, at best we’ll be shitting ourselves; at worst, WW III is a formality. The only question is when!
WHAT CAN’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS? I’m fed up with hearing Trump is this; Trump is that! Which other candidate has flat out said these wars have been disastrous for America? He also said he wants to have dialogue with Putin…… So, why are people assuming I’ve got the cheerleaders out bellowing ‘GO DONALD GO?’ Sick to death of being misquoted. I’m merely hoping he means what he says. As if I don’t know this in itself is a tall order! What I do know is Hillary believes the exact opposite! Moreover, if ever there was a megalomaniac yearning to make a mark in history – HERE IT IS & IT STICKS OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB!
From the word go I said the media is your yardstick. Only the brain-dead aren’t aware this is a Zionist entity. Forget about standing up for the beleaguered Palestinians. One only has to see what occurs when US politicians neglect to declare their undying allegiance to the pariah state of Israel. The charade of treachery has long since reached embarrassing proportions with politicians literally falling over themselves trying to love Israel more than the next kiss-arse merchant! It has truly become a sickening affair.
Still, at least we know what the media’s game is. If they go out of their way to vilify a candidate, it’s a certainty Israel & the dual national Zionists don’t want that person to be President. It goes without saying the reverse has to be true but since America’s unconditional support for Israel is the integral reason it’s now the most despised nation on the planet & since all these forays overseas have all but bankrupted America, I would have thought the last candidate America needs is the one the media want. In this case, it couldn’t be more obvious.


So having pondered over the dilemma posed by singing Trump’s praises, I thought perhaps I should concentrate on what mainstream media keeps firmly under wraps. Merely saying it’s scandalous hardly cuts it for if Americans knew the truth about the Clintons, there’d be an almighty uproar. As well as being mega-fraudsters, the Clintons were heavily involved in smuggling narcotics & above all, are cold-blooded mass-murderers. 
I posted this back in February. In fact I’ve put this documentary up a number of times. It’s that important. Here’s another chance to learn the shocking truth. One thing for sure, if you watch the whole thing, you’ll realise just how crucial the situation is – Hillary must not get in! I wholeheartedly believe billions of lives could well be at stake here. 


My good friend Petter Eliseussen sent me a list of 46 people with one thing in common. Before I reveal what that is, I said ‘Petter. I see you’ve watched the superb documentary ‘Bill & Hillary Clinton: their Secret Lives.’ I was surprised he said he hadn’t because it chronicles the shocking truth about these despicable people. The common denominator in this list of 46 – it is more or less nailed on – they were all murdered at the expressed wish of the Clintons.
If you watch this documentary you’ll surely wonder how such ghastly individuals could ever rise to the top. In this case the cream never made it to the starting gate! Short of placing Meyer Lansky’s Murder Incorporated into the White House, it’s difficult to imagine having anyone of worse character in charge of the most powerful nation on earth! So how could such a monstrosity occur? There can only be one answer to this conundrum…..
A hidden tier of power transcends politics. Politicians are mere puppets who do what they’re told. Democracy is an illusion. The reason an inordinate number of murderers, child molesters, perverts & fraudsters line the upper echelons of power is because, unbelievable as it may seem, THESE ARE THE VERY PEOPLE THE TRUE POWER-BROKERS LOOK TO EARMARK FOR HIGHER OFFICE. The more filth one has in the closet, the better. If one’s ambition is to serve one’s country, being squeaky clean is hardly an attribute; more a hindrance!
So thanks Petter for making the list which I’ve included below but I feel the documentary is worth watching in full, especially since Zionists are doing everything in their power to rig both Democratic & Republican elections so that Hillary & Ted Cruz end up fighting for the Presidency. In my opinion these candidates are the two worst possible choices because they’re both traitors. They’re allegiance is to Israel. Hillary though is so off her head I feel any idiot voting for her is effectively saying – I’LL TAKE A CHANCE WITH A NUCLEAR EXCHANGE


The psycho bitch


There are 12 segments to this documentary, each one leads onto the next. If you have any trouble let me know. I have all the links stashed somewhere…..


This is a normal occurrence. One thing you can be sure – if this wasn’t the truth they would not be deleting it! 


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Being close to this particular family can be hazardous to say the least. Just a quick refresher to what has happened to many “friends” of the Clintons. 1 or 2 mysterious deaths can be a coincidence. Accidents aside, who knows more than two people who’ve met untimely deaths?


1) James McDougal – Clintons convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.
2) Mary Mahoney – A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown. The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House.
3) Vince Foster – Former White House councilor & colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock’s Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide.
4) Ron Brown – Secretary of Commerce & former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown’s skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated & spoke publicly of his willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors. The rest of the people on the plane also died. A few days later the Air Traffic controller committed suicide.
5) C. Victor Raiser, II – Raiser, a major player in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane crash in July 1992.
6) Paul Tulley – Democratic National Committee Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little Rock , September 1992. Described by Clinton as a “dear friend & trusted advisor”.
7) Ed Willey – Clinton fundraiser, found dead November 1993 deep in the woods in VA of a gunshot wound to the head. Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day his wife Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the White House. Ed Willey was involved in several Clinton fund raising events.
8) Jerry Parks – Head of Clinton’s gubernatorial security team in Little Rock. Gunned down in his car at a deserted intersection outside Little Rock. Parks’ son said his father was building a dossier on Clinton. He allegedly threatened to reveal this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house.
9) James Bunch – Died from a gunshot suicide. It was reported that he had a “Black Book” of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas & Arkansas
10) James Wilson – Was found dead in May 1993 from an apparent hanging suicide. He was reported to have ties to Whitewater.
11) Kathy Ferguson – Ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson was found dead in May 1994 in her living room with a gunshot to her head. It was ruled a suicide even though there were several packed suitcases as if she was going somewhere. Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.
12) Bill Shelton – Arkansas State Trooper & fiancée of Kathy Ferguson. Critical of the suicide ruling of his fiancée, he was found dead in June, 1994 of a gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiancée.
13) Gandy Baugh – Attorney for Clinton’s friend Dan Lassater, died by jumping out a window of a tall building January, 1994. His client was a convicted drug distributor.
14) Florence Martin – Accountant & sub-contractor for the CIA, was related to the Barry Seal, Mena, Arkansas, airport drug smuggling case. He died of three gunshot wounds.
15) Suzanne Coleman – Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was Arkansas Attorney General. Died of a gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide. Was pregnant at the time of her death.
16) Paula Grober – Clinton’s speech interpreter for the deaf from 1978 until her death December 9, 1992. She died in a one car accident.
17) Danny Casolaro – Investigative reporter. Investigating Mena Airport & Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He slit his wrists, apparently in the middle of his investigation.
18) Paul Wilcher – Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport with Casolaro & the 1980 “October Surprise” was found dead on a toilet June 22, 1993, in his Washington, D.C. apartment. Had delivered a report to Janet Reno 3 weeks before his death.
19) Jon Parnell Walker – Whitewater investigator for Resolution Trust Corp. Jumped to his death from his Arlington , Virginia apartment balcony August 15, 1993. He was investigating the Morgan Guaranty scandal.
20) Barbara Wise – Commerce Department staffer. Worked closely with Ron Brown & John Huang. Cause of death unknown. Died November 29, 1996. Her bruised, nude body was found locked in her office at the Department of Commerce. 
21) Charles Meissner – Assistant Secretary of Commerce who gave John Huang special security clearance, died shortly thereafter in a small plane crash.
22) Dr. Stanley Heard – Chairman of the National Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee died with his attorney Steve Dickson in a small plane crash. Dr. Heard, in addition to serving on Clinton‘s advisory council, personally treated Clinton’s mother, stepfather & brother.
23) Barry Seal – Drug running TWA pilot out of Mena Arkansas, death was no accident.
24) Johnny Lawhorn, Jr. – Mechanic, found a check made out to Bill Clinton in the trunk of a car left at his repair shop. He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole.
25) Stanley Huggins – Investigated Madison Guaranty. His death was a purported suicide & his report was never released.
26) Hershell Friday – Attorney & Clinton fundraiser died March 1, 1994, when his plane exploded.
27) Kevin Ives & Don Henry – Known as “The boys on the track” case. Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena Arkansas airport drug operation. A controversial case, the initial report of death said, due to falling asleep on railroad tracks. Later reports claim the 2 boys had been slain before being placed on the tracks. Many linked to the case died before their testimony could come before a Grand Jury.
28) Keith Coney – Died when his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck, July 1988.
29) Keith McMaskle – Died, stabbed 113 times, Nov. 1988
30) Gregory Collins – Died from a gunshot wound January 1989.
31) Jeff Rhodes – He was shot, mutilated & found burned in a trash dump in April 1989.
32) James Milan – Found decapitated. However, the Coroner ruled his death was due to natural causes”.
33) Jordan Kettleson – Was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup truck in June 1990.
34) Richard Winters – A suspect in the Ives/Henry deaths. He was killed in a set-up robbery July 1989.
35) Major William S. Barkley, Jr.
36) Captain Scott J . Reynolds
37) Sgt. Brian Hanley
38) Sgt. Tim Sabel
39) Major General William Robertson
40) Col. William Densberger
41) Col. Robert Kelly
42) Spec. Gary Rhodes
43) Steve Willis
44) Robert Williams
45) Conway LeBleu
46) Todd McKeehan


Who could have protected the Clinton’s for so long? It can only be those who control the media & they just happen to be the most powerful people on the planet. How else can the media inflict untold grief on the few decent politicians like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn & Ken Livingstone, where to a fault fabricated drivel is used to slur & hinder these good folk, while obvious war criminals & child molesters are forever protected? 

So true!






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Advocate war - go & fight!



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