CNN removes reporter after she refers to Israelis as ‘scum’

I’d like to bet Netanyahu is chomping at the bit to do it again. Back in July 2014 the sack of shit embarked on his 3rd bout of systematic mass-murder of Palestinian civilians with the ridiculously named operation ‘protective edge.’ Almost 2000 Palestinians were killed; many 1000’s more lost their homes & whatever meagre livelihoods they had. Indeed, entire neighbourhoods were flattened. As per usual the Zionist controlled media presented a view so one-sided & so skewed from the actual truth, it was as if those who simply knew the truth were the ones being traumatised.


But we don’t even know what trauma is! Of course to even imagine the level of pain & suffering these poor souls had to endure is nigh on impossible. Just think how you’d feel if your home & street were suddenly reduced to rubble for no good reason? Bad enough you have no army, navy or air-force to at least try & defend yourself but Gazans are boxed in. They’re surrounded & therefore have nowhere to run. At the time I posted a harrowing video by a Norwegian doctor, Mads Gilbert, who was desperately trying to help the injured. The bastards were even bombing hospitals & ambulance crews. 


Then I received a most sickening video clip of Israelis who’d gathered on a hill to watch the murderous IDF pummel Gaza with their air force & artillery. Each time a massive explosion occurred the Israelis on the hill cheered & celebrated. I duly posted the clip & entitled it ‘the scum of the earth.’ Then yesterday I saw a post on FB with the link – CNN removes reporter after she refers to Israelis as ‘scum’. Diana Magnay was the journalist & fair play to the lady. She was sent to the region in July 2014 & here she was referring to the Israelis cheering on the hill. It was great to see so many comments stating that she was absolutely right. I simply wrote, ‘she nailed it!’ I only wish I received this report at the time…..



  • zakimar

    Everyone now knows that cnn is liar fake news, but not enough know it’s owned by an APARTHEID israel satanic jew. I boycott all amerikkkan jew media, jew products and have boycotted amerikkka since 2003, after they destroyed Iraq for their jew bankster and APARTHEID israel jew masters. #BDS

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