CNN’s Republican debate: Winners and losers….

Where does one begin to start? To have all these candidates & not one of them mentions the real issues – the disastrous US foreign policy, the almost equally dire US economy but to not mention the recent spike in indiscriminate deaths of unarmed US citizens at the hands of the US police force? Don’t the needs of American people count for anything? Frankly, quite how every US citizen is not livid. Somebody please tell me the vast majority of the US public is sick to the back teeth with this endless stream of garbage. If this is the cream of the Republican Party then God help all of us. For the world it seems scum rises to the top, not cream. 

Winners – Psychopaths, war-mongers, traitors, Zionists & perhaps CNN.
Losers – All good folk & Ann Coulter!


Of course, I’m in no doubt over what’s going on. However, I feel I’m fast-reaching the stage where the more I mention how Zionists are manipulating & have indeed undermined the whole US political process, the more I feel people are getting fed up or perhaps beginning to think I’ve some sort of depraved obsession with these guys. I suppose it’s the nature of the beast but I have to say – this is all about Israel’s interests. If people can’t see how CNN have engineered this whole debate so that instead of dealing with real issues that most Americans care about, these media whores are pandering to the lowest common denominator by making immigration the main issue. If ever it was patently obvious all they’re trying to do is incite hatred it’s now. Divide & Conquer.




Of course no one must ever forget that Israel is America’s greatest ally! Here we see candidates, one after the other, licking ever-more Zionist arse & these are the guys that did 9/11. It truly is getting hard to bear & I’m not even American. The only bright light came from the most unlikely source – Ann Coulter of all people! As far as I’m concerned it’s the first time she’s said anything remotely accurate. In fact she absolutely nailed it here so, I never thought I’d ever say this but fair play to her. 


Ann Coulter Rips GOP Candidates Playing to ‘Fu–ing Jews,’ Israeli Media Shreds Her ‘Anti-Semitism’



  • John Miranda

    On Ann Coulter I agree her analysis was correct. For candidates to be asked how will ”America” look under your presidency and three or four to answer ”Israel will be…” was pure insanity. None of the candidates are running for the presidency of Israel. I checked her Twitter account and she indeed wrote ”How many f**king Jews are there in this country?”

    But the overall debate was designed for one thing and one thing only: To try and destroy Trump. Just as the first debate was.

    All candidates were thrown soft balls once again except for Trump. Fiorina was clearly given several opportunitys to attack Trump.

    At the end of the day a correct analysis was that the Zionist who indeed controll American mainstream media do NOT want Trump to be the GOP candidate.

    I am fully aware of who Trumps children are married to, I am fully aware of the campaign commercial Trump did for Netanyahu. Could that have been done to secure a contract for one of his developments in New York or to make sure his tv show was aired in Israel? Who knows? Both plausible or perhaps some other reason…

    But the fact remains that this debate was CLEARLY set up to take down Trump. It failed to do so. Trump won this debate in EVERY single poll taken after: Drudge, Newsmax etc.

    The Zionists do NOT want Trump to be the next president of the USA. Fact, no fiction.

    • Thanks John. Yes fair play to Ann Coulter. I’ve never liked anything she’s said but here, she took the words out of my month. As for Trump – I’ve never liked him either. However, such is the dilemma, whoever the Israelis don’t want……….. I DO!

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