COLD-BLOODED MURDER…… yet US Senators are pushing for 20 years in prison for citizens who support Boycotting Israel

Every so often when faced with something so utterly preposterous, rather than argue the toss, you feel to hell with it. Why should you have to explain yourself when something is so obviously unjust, especially when doing so inadvertently lends a semblance of credence to an argument no one should even be discussing. Politicians should have to abide by strict guidelines when drafting & endorsing new legislation. In my opinion, these 43 Senators are committing a criminal act. They should be arrested, tried & punished.


US Senators Pushing for 20 Years in Prison for Citizens Who Support Boycotting Israel

US Senators Pushing for 20 Years in Prison for Citizens Who Support Boycotting Israel

Here are the traitors. They all deserve the firing squad –




Of course we know why such a monstrosity is even being considered –


Now even if the country in question was a model nation like Iceland, Denmark or Switzerland, everyone is still entitled to their opinion, however daft it may be. But to actually pass laws stating criticising them is a criminal offence that can land you in jail – like I said, how can politicians even contemplate such things?


However, the country they don’t want us to criticise is Israel – the No 1 nation when it comes to displaying a wanton disregard for international law. Though most people would concur Israel deserves all the criticism it gets, if only more folk were aware of what these bastards really are responsible for – the Bolshevic Revolution & the massacre of 66 million Russians, the Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, the assassination of JFK, as well as 9/11 & this whole fictitious war on terror. This is the most evil nation on the planet by a mile!


This is the country they don’t want people to criticise. Now take a look at how the IDF go about their business. Bear in mind these cold-blooded executions are commonplace in the West Bank & Gaza. Bear in mind too Israel is an occupying force so before you open your stupid mouth to say Israel has a right to defend itself, if another country invades your land & then kills a relative of yours, will you think they’re merely defending themselves? Thanks to Javed Iqbal for sending me this horrific clip. Viewer discretion is required. 




  • JennyG

    It is pretty obviouse who runs the USA government and senate.
    If the people allow this to happen, there will be no turning back, life is getting really hard on people who do not conform to their will power, if this goes through hell will become a reality.
    The communist Zionist movement will be complete.

  • Lynne

    At the moment I am watching Adolf Hitler ‘The greatest story NEVER told’ and when you understand who own and control all the media then the penny ‘drops’. 66 million Russians and the ultimate horrors of world war 1 and 2 and still ongoing. I am starting to see glimmers of hope and a shift in direction. As daft as it sounds, the discrepancies of pay at BBC and some being tax free is a start of a shining light on this and many other stories popping up. And great thanks to all our brilliant whistle blowers and one-man-bands like you Michael, don’t ever give up…. ever. Thank you .

    • Thank you Lynne & however much they try & censor me so long as people tune in, I won’t stop. And I agree – a lot more people are wising up to the media & the fact our bent politicians are owned by the same people who own the media.

    • I have never been the same since I watched that awesome film, the sheer size of the lies we have been told about the history of the 20th century has left me dazed and very angry. No wonder “holocaust denial” and related thought crimes are regarded and enforced as heinous crimes in so many countries, they are aware that, slowly but surely, the truth is coming out. I cannot apologise enough to the hospitable, cultured, hard-working German people enough for the disgusting treatment the “allies” have meted out to them.

  • John Hirtle

    Michael, can you give any background on the context of the video?

    • Sorry John. I’m now beginning to think this was the work of ISIS in Syria. It was sent to me by a reliable guy. I think it was just a genuine error by him but I’m not going to take it down because everything bad that’s happening in the Middle East is down to the Zionists & Israel so to hell with them. They lie all the time.

  • Ron Edwards

    I’d take it down if I were you, When I first saw this I noticed there were many anomalies regarding weapons, uniforms, backgroundetc. I’m a relative layman about this who doesn’t speak Arabic. Someone who speaks arabic and/or Israeli would be able to demolish your allegations quite easily; publishing videoclips that can be debunked only destroys any credibility you have.

    • Yes there were some anomalies, I agree. I was sent the clip from normally a reliable source. However, there are two major reasons I will not take this down – 1) is this not a common occurrence in the Occupied Territories & 2) aren’t Zionists responsible for all the grief in the Middle East? I contend whoever was murdered in that video clip died because of them.

      As for your reference to credibility, I have more than you can even imagine. How do I know this? Because I’ve had to suffer the brunt of censorship both on FB & this website. Just on my website alone my post reach has somehow been brought down by 95%, a click short of being shut down altogether. This is all I need to know whether I’m at least trying to tell the truth or not!

      We are all human. Every so often we make mistakes. So if I were you I’d concentrate on exposing those who deliberately lie all the time ie the Zionist corporate media, rather than someone who works his arse of trying to expose the truth for nothing!

    • Ron, it is as clear as the big nose on my face that you have an agenda thats totally out of sync with somebody seeking TRUTH. It would take many thousands of mistakes for a gent with Michael’s hard earned credibility to ‘lose it’ as you say. In fact Michael is my favourite journalist and the respect he has EARNED from myself and thousands of others could probably NEVER be destroyed in the way you have intimated. I think you would need to read and understand hundreds of Michael’s articles in order to gain sufficient knowledge to enable you to pass judgement on this wonderful chap.

  • 12barblueboy

    I think the firing squad for these traitors may be overkill. Let’s just make them run the gauntlet, naked.

    • I’m not so sure bbb – treason is an offence that is rightly punishable by death. In this case these politicians are working against the best interests of the people they’re supposed to represent while doing everything for a foreign entity. For me the firing squad is too good for them.

  • Peter

    While I am not a fan of Israel or their policies and disregard of the law. I also see that the murderers in this clip are not Israeli.

    • As I said to Ron, you’re right. I was sent the clip from normally a reliable source. However, there are two major reasons I’ve left the post up – 1) is this not a common occurrence in the Occupied Territories & 2) aren’t Zionists responsible for all the grief in the Middle East? I contend whoever was murdered in that video clip ultimately died because of them.

  • brad

    MAGICALLY the video is blocked. Comments on fakebook aren’t possible – but that’s “just some random tech glitch” no doubt…

    i am so sick of the Zio morons running the world – because they are unintelligent (but clever and powerful) and totally infantile, spiritually retarded idiots.

    • I couldn’t agree more Brad. Their actions are so obvious. I say if you don’t like being criticised then there’s a very easy solution – STOP BEING SUCH BASTARDS ALL THE TIME!

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