‘Collateral Murder’: 10th anniversary of infamous airstrike that exposed US cover-up

This is what Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning actually went to jail for. He felt, as any normal person should, this was hardly warfare in the theatre of operations – IT WAS COLD-BLOODED MURDER! 10 years later, the bastard who insisted ‘keep firing’ so that those injured on the first wave would not survive to tell the tale, remains unpunished. What should one think when not one person has been made to face the music? I don’t know what Western civilisation is supposed to stand for. Far as I’m concerned, how can it be worth a bar of soap when these are standards we so readily accept?



Moreover, not only did the entire MSM turn a blind eye to what was blatant mass-murder but incredibly the Zionist controlled media then paved the way so that any liar who’s sold out to the warmongers was donated an unchallenged platform for the purpose of making the quite ridiculous claim that anyone trying to expose such crimes was a traitor that deserved the firing squad! This is the Zionist way – don’t just hide the truth & lie but LIE TO THE ABSOLUTE MAX! This way it takes people as far from the truth & as far away as possible from tackling the real issue. With the media never challenging such filth, small wonder mass-murderers, pedophiles & generally the scum of the earth forever seem to evade justice.


Thanks to RT. I mean talk about being surrounded by a cesspit of putrid puss. It surely can’t be easy being the only decent mainstream news outlet. The link below has the infamous clip & more. We owe it to these people & the millions who’ve died in this phoney Zionist war on terror to never stop trying to expose the truth. Show people the clip & ask them if they think this is acceptable because if it is, then we are going to pay an enormous price.





  • zakimar

    Anyone who didn’t already know that amerikkka is nothing but the mercenary army of the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel before this video, must realize it afterwards. But then again there are retards that believe the liar jew msm.


  • Eva Nielsen

    EXACTLY Zakimar

    • I generally agree with Zakimar. The trouble is with that tone of voice you’re rarely likely to get anyone to think again. I mean I can hit below the belt but there really is a limit.

      • zakimar

        I don’t think telling the truth is, “hitting below the belt”. It may seem that way as the liar jew media has conditioned the people into sheeple. The daughter of that war criminal zibignew Brzezinski, Mika, said on the air that it’s the job of the media to tell people what to think! Sadly, for many amerikkkans, that’s exactly what happens. But the hope is that if zionist slave retards like trump now understand the liar jew media is fake, there is some hope for the amerikkkan sheeple.

        Plus in a zionist slave state where it’s illegal to even question the holohoax or to boycott APARTHEID israel, sheeple are too afraid to speak the truth about the satanic race of parasites that is destroying amerikkka and the world.

        • Like I said I agree in principle with pretty much all of what you say. The problem is in the delivery – there’s a good way & a bad way of saying the same thing Zakimar

          • zakimar

            Since I’m used to debating with Islamophobes and mercenary nato ilk, I found they don’t understand reason, truth and decency. So I speak as honestly and directly as possible and leave diplomatic speech to the diplomats.

          • zakimar

            Thank you. I’m not on TV, so I don’t have to worry about being fired for telling the truth and saying what the puppets are too afraid.

            Please keep up the good work.

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