Communist/Socialist Coalition Topples Portuguese Government After Only 11 Days & headline news – only Russian athletes take drugs!

Yes indeed. The mainstream media seemingly excels itself at will. Simply unbelievable. Sure their job is specifically to hoodwink the public but they’re making it so obvious by now if one is not cognizant of what their game is, then the dumbing down process has worked an absolute treat. Yet what worries me is I had to turn RT off because they were peddling this drug story as if they were trying to outdo CNN! What’s going on? I don’t understand why the Russians are allowing themselves to be intimidated. With what they’re doing in Syria it doesn’t make sense. What better way to counter this bullshit than by ignoring it? I would have included this story right at the end saying –

– and finally, regarding this alleged doping scandal – the very fact it only applies to Russian athletes says it all. Stay with RT. Here are a few more boring adverts!  

Media lies


So last night when Ted Duggan sent me this link about the Communist/Socialist Coalition toppling the Portuguese Government after only 11 days & not one word was mentioned in the media, I though this may not be earth-shattering news but in normal circumstances it would be headline news or at least we’d be given the low-down. I mean come on – how many governments go belly up after 11 days? Of course note the government that was dumped so unceremoniously in Portugal was yet another one administering austerity on ordinary folk who’d done nothing to deserve such stringent measures, while the very bankers responsible ie super wealthy criminals were being granted favor after favor. 


40 Trillion!


Frankly I’m astonished the British public have not made more of a fuss. Look, there are no ifs & buts about this – if you can’t see something is drastically wrong, even if you’re super-rich, then you’re a blithering idiot. Cameron & Osborne deserve to be hung, drawn & quartered. How can anyone inflict austerity measures in such an unfair, lopsided manner? It should apply to everyone. I know for a fact the rich wouldn’t like it if they had to shoulder the whole burden but to demand this of those who have the least is simply unforgivable, most especially at a time when the gulf between the haves & have-nots has never been greater. It’s time we all told the thieving banksters –


William Blum


  • Linda

    I turned RT off as well a report they were doing was completely biased in favour of Israel. I thought I had Fox News on by mistake!

    • Thank you Linda. Their news headlines are fast-becoming a joke. I thought I was watching RT Washington! I’m beginning to worry here. Why are the Russians backing off on their news channel yet they’re doing what they are in Syria. So why don’t they just let their newsreaders unload?

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