Comparing Criticism with Hate Speech is Tantamount to Saying Chalk is Cheese

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Comparing Criticism with Hate Speech is Tantamount to Saying Chalk is Cheese

Whatsupic — There are many who for some reason or another refuse to believe election fraud could ever occur in countries like the US or UK as if such skulduggery is limited to third world dictatorships. Nothing could be further from the truth but what really upsets my chemicals is when I’m told I’m simply wrong. I present all the evidence yet most who contradict my view fail to address any point that I may have raised. Elvis was so right when he said “people think you are crazy if you talk about things they don’t understand.” 

Look at what happened to RON PAUL. Independent polls stated he’d have slaughtered Obama! Twice he was the overwhelming favorite, the people’s choice for the Presidency but those pulling the strings made sure the American people en masse were never informed of this. Every aspect of US media was instructed to never let the cat out of the bag! Simply make out Ron Paul was just another also ran. In debates he was regularly frozen out; his rallies were choc-a-bloc with 1000’s of genuine supporters, while all the other candidates rallies were so sparsely attended it was actually embarrassing. The media literally did a hatchet job on Ron Paul…… yet…… if anything, this did nothing to convinvce voters he wasn’t the man. This merely served to cement the view of many Americans – their democracy had become a complete sham.

So why did the media do this? Well surely, is it not beyond the boundaries of sanity to assume whoever owns the 6 media corporations now making up the entire Corporate media, have something to do with this? There is no question mainstream media is owned or controlled by Zionists. Therefore it goes without saying they want a President who’s going to be as pro Israel, pro FED, pro war, pro big business, pro Wall Street as possible. Moreover, when it comes to being committed to having their way, Zionists stand alone – there is literally nothing they won’t do and of course, the proof is in the pudding: such is their ungodly level of influence, US foreign policy is not only designed to help Israel interests but these very policies are in fact causing considerable harm to America.

In short, Ron Paul was robbed so that Israel could continue to exploit America. Here in Europe we may not be servicing Israel needs financially or militarily as America is, however, the unconditional support major European countries like the UK and France donate to Israel is born of similar behind the scenes skulduggery – bribery, coercion and downright fraud so that the entire electoral process is rigged to ensure another Zionist puppet seizes control. Small wonder so many folk are waking up to the notion major Western countries have to all intents and purposes been taken over from within. Why else would the Zionists now be pressuring their puppets to do the unthinkable – introduce legislation that’s an affront to our fundamental rights? The fact our politicians are even considering outlawing criticism of Israel by deeming it’s hate speech, for me, indicates we’re fast-reaching a critical point – we are approaching the end game.

Resorting to such measures can only mean one thing – the Zionists are desperate. Hardly surprising. It’s always been all or nothing for them. For years I’ve said, they cannot stop because they’ve long since passed the point of no return. A major spanner though was thrown in the works when their control over the flow of information was breached by the advent of the Internet. As a result, corporate media began haemorrhaging viewers while alternative media grew hand over fist. Yet quite why it’s not patently obvious even to the uninitiated that if Zionists had nothing to hide, what would they have to worry about, is indeed a moot point? Surely, anyone attacking Israel would look decidedly foolish if they did not possess hard evidence to back up their claims. That’s just it! This is why Zionists cannot afford people even questioning what’s largely been their account of history because any meaningful scrutiny almost automatically reveals a plethora of Zionist lies. They know full well, the vast majority of the criticism levelled at them is entirely justified. 

As well as committing countless war crimes against the hapless Palestinians, indulging in policies that make Apartheid look tame, they know they lied about the Holocaust. They simply cannot allow this cat out of the bag because an unstoppable ball would start rolling. It would inevitably lead to the realisation they were responsible for most of the heinous events such as the assassination of JFK and the consequent wars, the unimaginable level of death and destruction as a result of their outrageous false flag attack on America on 9/11. I cannot begin to emphasise how serious I was when I referred to this assault on freedom of speech as doing the unthinkable. Imagine the greatest, most powerful mafia in history saying ‘we want to be able to legally incarcerate anyone who criticises us.’ Sounds ridiculous……. yet this is exactly what’s happening! It’s hardly rocket science working out what nightmares may befall us if we allowed the unthinkable.


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