I know this was originally published in 2009 & even though I don’t agree with everything he says, especially regarding David Icke, this link is nevertheless is loaded with information. Whether jealousy is rearing its ugly head I’m not sure but what I am certain of is we do ourselves no favors by continuously going on about controlled opposition.


Surely it’s far more appropriate to simply let everyone get on with it. If you don’t like Alex Jones or David Icke, is it not better to do your own thing, which is to expose all the skulduggery so that we awaken a few more people every day? Instead we argue over the toss & waste precious energy. This is why I pay little or no attention to those who forever go on about controlled opposition. Thanks to Joe McPhillips for this link.


These Zionists hate our freedoms


  • Pacman925

    How about –>>>


    Foxman says another wave of global anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews could be on the way unless Christians agree to ignore large sections of the New Testament.

    What sections will probably be on his “must censor” list? Certainly, it would include Christ’s incendiary attacks on the Pharisees, whom He called “whitewashed tombs, full of dead men’s bones.” 4 Foxman would also censor the Apostle John: “He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son does not have the life… Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son.” 5 In the book of Revelation, recorded by John, Jesus says those Jews who reject Him are “the synagogue of Satan,” 6 another passage Foxman would certainly cut out.

    The Jew’s & the Judeo Christian Zionist’s want to BAN must of the New Testament !

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