Convenient resignations? NO! We have traitors in our midst & they’re undermining our democracy

First Boris Johnson. Now Nigel Farage. You’ve got to be kidding. If you can’t smell a large rat here then you never will. These two men above all struck a cord with the public. Now they’ve both mysteriously stepped aside. Come on. This absolutely reeks to high heaven & I’d bet any money both Johnson & Farage have been leaned on by the usual Zionist heavy mob – do as we say or something terrible will happen to you or your family or both. 


In Johnson’s case it was his ‘surprise’ decision not to contest the Tory leadership of which he would have surely been the favorite to win, (the favorite among the people that is). Look at the candidates for Christ sake. There has never been such a rag-tag bunch, each & every one having done nothing to deserve such a position. Boris was the only legitimate successor to Cameron. However, the garbage left have one thing in common – THEY WILL ALL BE PERFECT PUPPETS TO THE WAR-MONGERING ZIONIST BANKSTERS!

Can't be bought


(And just for the benefit of those who on my website especially keep harping on about how I’m losing credibility by flat-out pointing the finger at Zionists & that it smacks of racism & anti-Semitism, first & foremost I wonder if all you people think the same of the media who forever use the term ‘Islamist!’ I don’t hear you lot crying out ‘this is Islamophobia. This is racist!’ Again I’d bet anything in your eyes the media is perfectly in order. Bunch of hypocrites!)
Secondly, Zionists are not Jewish so quite how my criticism of Zionists can even be construed as anti-Semitic is a moot point. All one has to do is ask, who financed Hitler? Once one conducts any meaningful research, one is bound to discover a load of high profile bankers & supremely wealthy individuals who inevitably all lead to the Rothschilds. Therefore there’s little doubt – the Zionists wanted Hitler to kill Jews! That would be the clincher to be donated Palestine…….& it was!


Yesterday I received a comment from Maria O’Connor who so rightly pointed out……
“the main problem seems to be that many people don’t actually know what ‘Zionist’ mean. They confuse ‘Zionism’ & ‘Judaism’. When I talk about ‘Zionism’ I am talking about ‘Political Zionism’: Political Zionism stressed the importance of political action and deemed the attainment of political rights in Palestine a prerequisite for the fulfillment of the Zionist enterprise. Political Zionism is linked to the name of Theodor Herzl, who considered the Jewish problem a political one that should be solved by overt action in the international arena. His aim was to obtain a charter, recognized by the world leadership, granting the Jews sovereignty in a Jewish-­owned territory. The Basle Program, drawn up in accordance with these principles, states that Zionism aims to establish “a secure haven, under public law, for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.” Organizational and economic mechanisms (the Zionist Organization [ZO], the Jewish National Fund [Keren Kayemet L’Israel], the Jewish Colonial Trust and so on) were established to carry out this program.* Your detractors need to read the above, thoroughly, then read between the lines and see the overt racism in Zionism – and the call to arms.
‘…the importance of political action…’ = taking up arms against any opposition; ‘…should be solved by overt action in the international arena…’ = taking up arms against any opposition.”
In the case of Farage how convenient at a time when our democratic vote to leave the EU is now being turned on its head, Farage has decided ‘he wants his life back?’ You’d have thought after the media & puppet politicians had all but crucified him, he’d have stuck around to see the whole process through. To up & leave now is just not something Farage would do. If anything he was basking in the moment. After all the outrageous media slurs & downright insults the vast majority of us STILL VOTED TO LEAVE THE EU, effectively sticking two fingers up to the liars in the media.


Of course no one in the media will dare suggest what I’m saying but if you think about it, do you honestly believe these two men weren’t seriously leaned on? I mean I know the last thing the media want is people to use their brains but does this actually require brainpower? Moreover, all this is occurring while leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn is being hounded by his own party yet less than a year ago he won the most one-sided leadership contest ever! As soon as this obviously planned coup started I flat out said ‘sort out the 80 Labour MP’s who are Friends of Israel’ & you will discover who the traitors are.
OUR DEMOCRACY IS BEING UNDERMINED BEFORE OUR VERY EYES & THE MEDIA IS PART & PARCEL OF THIS PROCESS! Johnson, Farage & Corbyn have widely differing political views yet all three had a popular message. The common denominator between them – THEY ALL CARE FOR THIS COUNTRY! I only hope enough of us do. The past week I’ve stressed it is of paramount importance Corbyn remains Labour’s leader. We have to start winning battles. If we don’t win this one then I’m in no doubt – we will lose the war!
On one side we have –

John McDonnell & Dennis Bolsover. Fair play to them.

John McDonnell
On the other side we have the media who are supposed to be impartial. That’s the last thing it is. Until people get it into their heads that the entire media apparatus is Zionist controlled & so inextricably linked to the plan to establish a New World Order which Zionists will control, then the chances are we’ll either end up as mere slaves or dead.


Here, once again, we see Treason before our very eyes…..


Can you believe these scum

Two down, one to go. This is exactly how Zionists operate – 


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