Corbyn: “ISIS created by UK & US; 9/11 manipulated.” Of course he’s right but to get rid of Trident?

I was absolutely over the moon when Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the Labour Party. Even if you didn’t know a thing about him, if you had any brains you had to love him, for the liars in the media & the shittiest politicians we’ve ever had weren’t just slagging him off; they were literally falling over themselves to dig up any dirt, make up any lie, say any shit to make him look bad. It was beautiful because as much as they slagged JC off, no one bought it. And of course now that JC is top dog what can they do but carry on character assassinating & mocking his policies, all while the ‘war-mongering, take from the poor, give more to the rich’ Tories are shafting us every which way.   

Not that it surprised me. It was pretty much obvious the media attacks would be relentless. I’m nevertheless worried with the way Corbyn is going about his business. Paradoxically it’s all down to the man’s character – he’s true & honest to the core & that’s why I thought I so dearly wished, every so often, I could have a word in JC’s ear about tactics & the best strategy to adopt. Don’t get me wrong – he’s done all that could have been asked of him in the way he’s galvanised the support of the grass roots of his party. However, the one thing he cannot afford to do is to give the media any ammunition. There are three major issues –

1) Telling the truth about ISIS – 

British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has risked sparking fresh controversy after blaming the rise of ISIS on Britain & the United States.

Presenting any alternative view of ISIS is a potential minefield. It will require plenty of guile & cunning.  

2) Telling the truth about 9/11 – 

Jeremy Corbyn claimed the 9/11 attacks were ‘manipulated’ by the West so it could go to war in Afghanistan in an article he wrote 12 years ago, it has emerged today.

For obvious reasons JC needs to just concentrate on getting into No.10. If he opens his mouth about 9/11, at best, he’s guaranteeing himself untold grief; at worst, he could well be signing his own death warrant.   

3) Nuclear disarmament – 

Now hold the phone. Haven’t we got enough on our plate to suddenly create a rod for our own back? Forget about all the incredibly powerful enemies JC will have, the media will have ZERO problem making this a bonafide vote loser.

Two weeks ago I said to my good friend Jonathan L. Trapman ‘I think I need to be one of Corbyn’s advisers.’ NOW I KNOW IT! 

And in the meantime the media is relentless. Even Channel 4 News, which till recently could be relied on impartiality, is vying for fully-fledged crud status along with the BBC & ITV. Listening to their bullshit this evening compelled me to put pen to paper. To all you heaps of shit at Channel 4 News –

I started watching your show because I felt Zionists had taken control of the BBC & ITV. Now you’re every bit as bad. What kind of reporting is this? How can you be a tool for gangsters who are royally screwing us? In normal circumstances you’d be treating Jeremy Corbyn like a breath of fresh air. Finally we have a decnt man who cares for ordinary folk only for you to trip him up at every opportunity while virtually ignoring all the dreadful errors & blatant criminality of our treacherous Prime Minister. 

But it’s with everything: With Syria you shamefully portray Assad as a terrible tyrant which is the last thing he is yet you turn a blind eye to the despotic rulers of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar? You have the nerve to claim Assad flouts international law yet rarely a day goes by for Netanyahu to not do the same. Nothing. In fact, Netanyahu has broken more international laws than all the world’s leaders put together! Why don’t you publicise how he’s a tyrant? I wonder how you can all sleep at night.
And while we’re on the subject of Israel, no surprise you’ve never mentioned Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel. This would explain much of what’s going on in the Middle East. As if you’re not aware 9/11 was a Mossad/dual national Zionist operation for the purpose of creating Greater Israel! You’ve got to be a complete moron to believe the official account. 
All we ever hear is Zionist propaganda. Can’t you see our Prime Minister is a traitor who works for the interests of Israel? Shame on you but don’t think you aren’t going to pay a heavy price for your lies. We all are. Ordinary folk will soon be mere cannon fodder. I only hope & pray it will include all media whores who’ve betrayed their own people.
Michael Aydinian
To steal so much & still be the victim
The man


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  • Good on you Michael.
    Indeed I also believe JC-Needs You, Watching his Back.
    You can Indeed get in Touch, With his Office.
    I have sent a Few Similar Posts!
    I just got this Terrible Feeling,That he will Go down whilst Flying
    Car-etc. Like what has Happened Many Many people Before Him!
    These Bastards are so Cocky/Sure of Them Selfies that, They Dont Give a Damn.
    They wont wait, Till He gets into Power-Michael!
    They know, That He Wont be Controlled-So we are Need, To post this Message all
    around the World. That it wont be Accepted, If any thing-happens to our Great Christian Savour!!
    So Please Michael-Put your Thinking Cap on-Brother!!

    Kind Regards.

    Big Fan.

    John Duane.

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