Coronavirus: ‘Cures’ worse than the Disease

I think the title sums it up pretty well. This is a major move by the Zionist NWO merchants & I believe their goal is to con the public into believing the only way to stop this Coronavirus from spreading is by forced mass vaccinations. I hardly claim to have all the answers for there are still many questions, such as I have no idea what these vaccinations will actually do. They may just be a way of electronically tagging everyone or it may rapidly lead to death. We could even be unwittingly walking to our demise under the premise of receiving ‘life-saving’ vaccines. I don’t know.

What I do know is the manner in which the media is fear-mongering & lying through every orifice, so giving any benefit of the doubt to them should be out of the question. We’ve every right to fear the worst. I really do think if the power-brokers have their way, it will be lambs to the slaughter. As I said before, at least the first to suffer will be the sheep! Anyone who still believes the media has to be brainless or mad. I’ve said it a million times – the media is our greatest enemy!

I believe the gist of what I’ve said about 5G is correct.

  1. There is no virus.
  2. Whatever illness or disease there is has been deliberately engineered in order to enforce mass vaccinations.
  3. The sickness has everything to do with 5G & the 60 Gigahertz frequency.
  4. There is no way the elite would release anything if they could not totally control it. Multi-millionaires, billionaires, in fact anyone who is part of the Zionist NWO plan, will have had their card marked. You can be sure these people will have bugger all to worry about. They may even have an antidote cure. Who knows.
  5. This could well lead to economic meltdown & you can bet your life the bankers have long since been selling shares & are all set & ready to buy at rock bottom prices when the time is right. They’ve done this before. This is a Rothschild M.O.

Yet I’d like to bet the number of people succumbing to this so-called virus will rise dramatically. That’s because they’re being infected through exposure to 5G. Thanks Kevin Bacon for telling us how good 5G is! If he were to contract it that would indeed be poetic justice!

Coronavirus: ‘Cures’ worse than the Disease

The first time I posted anything about this featured a video with Joe Imbriano. I’ve decided to post another. It’s 43.48 long but it’s well worth listening to. I feel this guy more than knows what he’s talking about & crucially what he says makes total sense.

Coronavirus-Horrific Truth About This Agenda….

I thought I’d also add a video featuring the great Brendon O’Connell. As much as he may piss a lot of people off, there’s no getting away from the fact he gets right into the lion’s den. The guy is fearless. Moreover, he’s burst blood vessels saying this is how the NWO Zionists are going to screw everyone – through Cyber Technology. He’s long since warned that Israel was seizing & stealing, mainly from America, technologies that would normally be guarded like Fort Knox. Now all the major companies have re-located to Israel. You could say this is their new command center. What really bothers me is I’m beginning to think Brendon could well be right about Russia & China.



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