Cross Talk & all the baloney we’ve had to suffer as a result of 9/11

Doing away with the Patriot Act only to replace it with the Freedom Act is like telling a man on death row he won’t be given a lethal injection but he will be facing a firing squad. What difference. Whichever way you look at it, the NSA is an affront to democracy. But the real issue we should be talking about is 9/11, for it was the catalyst for all that’s occured. Therefore anything on behalf of this war on terror is entirely erroneous because it’s all based on the false premise 9/11 was a terrorist act committed by Muslims. If this was so, not only have Arabs & Muslims lost out terribly but so have whistle-blowers, ordinary folk who are now seeing their civil liberties dismantled. US police are shooting to kill like never before. Americans now live under the threat of martial law. Democracy itself is suffering!

What makes this all the more despicable is the fact there has never been a true & proper investigation into 9/11. There’s a good reason why. If there was, in no time we would discover those who pushed this diabiolical official account are either directly or indirectly linked to those who planned & executed this heinous act. Sure this was terrorism of the very worst kind but those responsible are the very people who control US politics & the media ie Dual National Zionists. Only when you realise, this is indeed the case, does everything begin to fall perfectly into place – look who’s lost out! This couldn’t have worked out better for the Israelis. Plain & simple, the only way they could have made this happen is by planning & executing 9/11. This is all part of a plan to create Greater Israel. Only Israel has gained from this. 

Of course people like Fred Fleitz are at the forefront trying to make people believe that everything America is doing is right. What he’s not telling you is those calling the shots in America are dual national Zionists. Everyone keeps referring to it as America. IT’S NOT! IT’S ISRAEL! Everything that’s happening in America is because of dual national Zionists. Obama has zero power. One only has to look at what he promised before he was elected & what’s happened since. It’s all well & good saying until we have a proper investigation into 9/11…… The trouble with this is, people like Fleitz know they cannot ever allow this to happen because it would spell the end for Israel & people like him. Kudos to the great Ken O’Keefe. It was by no means his finest performance but just to hear him call that wretch Fleitz a traitor was worth its weight in gold!



  • denis mcgreevy

    I think ken lost his cool a bit at the begining but recovered well and slapped this prick down.even wee peter was shaking his head in disbelief at the tripe this ballbag was spouting.

    • He did Denis but this Fred Fleitz is a professional liar who knows how to get people riled. This scumbag is the absolute pits. He knows who the real terrorists are. He’s one of them!

  • John Drozd

    Saw,..loved this,..Ken did lose it a bit,..but ..came back so strongly and powerfully and slapped that scumbag right through the floor,,. It so did my heart good,.I was so rooting for him!!
    Ken O’Keefe confirming that twisting liar Fleitz a dual standard traitor,..I was jumping in my seat!!
    Best RT in ages!!!!,We need more like that!!

  • Yes indeed John but who wouldn’t have? You & I know how infuriating it must be when you’re trying to explain what is simply the truth & you have a scumbag like Fleitz who’s knows he’s lying & most significantly how best to press people’s buttons while remaining cool himself. I’m sure these people are used mainly because they have the ability to do this, not because their good at arguing a particular POV. This is the huge advantage Zionists have by owning the media- they can lie through their back teeth & they most certainly do but in the one case when they have to answer to people like Ken O’Keefe, they can rubbish the messenger by saying garbage phrases like ”oh come on. Which planet are you from?’ To the uninitiated, it puts KOK squarely on the back foot because they don’t know what’s going on. Our man did great because when Fleitz hit him below the belt by claiming he was not an American, KOK not only countered that but accused Fleitz of being a traitor. You can be sure that caught the rat off guard because he had no way of defending that.

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