CrossTalk featuring Ken O’Keefe

I’m so glad Ken O’Keefe is still punching. Serious accusations were made against him. He allegedly siphoned off a nice few quid. No smoke without fire? Sure, though if it was mainstream media talking I’d say, ‘here we go again. Put a sock in it!’ Trouble is, in terms of credibility there’s a gulf as wide as the Grand Canyon when someone like Max Igan points the finger. Having said that, I feel we should now drop the whole thing. Take a leaf out of the MSM book – ‘see no evil; hear no evil.’ I don’t care if O’Keefe is guilty or not. Okay, it’s not right but we’re talking about 100 poxy grand here as opposed to the considerable damage he can inflict upon the greatest crooks on the planet. It’s an absolute no-brainer.


Of course there’s the distinct possibility O’Keefe was set up, after all, who is a greater thorn in the side of the Zionist, Illuminati, warmongering, Rothschild banksters who are committed to establishing a New World Order? The ex-marine is not only one of the few who goes the whole hog by naming Israel & dual national Zionists as the chief protagonists but he does so in a manner where even the finest professional liars like Mark Regev almost exclusively choose to take a wide berth whenever faced with the prospect of a head to head with this geezer. 


I’d like to thank Jonathan Trapman & Trevor Jordan for reviving my faith in Peter Lavelle’s show CrossTalk. Frankly I’m amazed people didn’t send me these two amazing editions which both featured Ken O’Keefe. I’d kind of given up on RT, especially after Abby Martin’s show ‘Breaking the Set’ was unceremoniously cut. Then to add insult to injury, we got that snivelling little rat Larry King in return. I wrongly assumed RT had given up on KOK. 


Perhaps I shouldn’t be critical of RT. Believe me, when I am, it’s with a heavy heart. As I said in my last post – RT remains the lone voice in the wilderness. I’m not an idiot. I know this. I do so because I feel nothing is more crucial than revealing who’s really pulling the strings. Way too few of us are aware of the gargantuan nature of their crimes. To date the level of pain & suffering is incalculable but what makes matters worse is it’s all been engineered. Now these bastards are doing their damnedest to initiate WW III. If RT doesn’t name & shame, who will? 


Jonathan & Trevor sent me this edition ‘Remembering the USS Liberty’. O’Keefe justifiably tears apart one of the guests for daring to suggest Lyndon Johnson was the brains behind this heinous act. He was part & parcel of the cover-up, in itself a treasonous act but O’Keefe pulls no punches – this was solely an Israeli operation & for once they made a mess of what they’re normally specialists at – false flag attacks in order to drop their so-called enemies in the shit. No surprise this guy’s book has sought to deflect attention away from the Israelis. Tell me something I don’t know.



While I was watching the clip I noticed another episode of CrossTalk with Ken O’Keefe. Don’t get me wrong – what occurred with the USS Liberty was a barbaric act of war. Israel should have paid a massive price. Ironically, this was the one time America had every right to react any which way. However, 50 years have passed. How can justice be served now? Those responsible thankfully are no longer with us. Obviously, survivors & their families want some sort of closure. It goes without saying the story has to be told in the hope that one day it may become common knowledge. 


The thing is this can only happen if we DEVOTE OUR ATTENTION TO WHAT’S OCCURRING NOW. Even 9/11 is old news. We don’t need any more evidence. If we’re realistic about this, the only way we’ll ever get the real perpetrators in the dock is if we concentrate on the present. What happened 50 years ago is largely irrelevant. Today is what counts – exposing media lies, spreading the truth, spending our money as wisely as we can, applying ever more pressure on our bent politicians. This is why I really like this show & I love what O’Keefe says right after the break but it’s not just KOK kicking ass. The other 3 weigh in big time. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED GOING VIRAL!  




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