CrossTalk: STUPID WARS – Best episode ever!

I’ve finally found it. This is just great not just because the man himself, KEN O’KEEFE is on the show. Majid Rafizadeh & Peter van Buren are good guys as is presenter Peter Lavelle. What I like about this is it shows the divide between all those who know they’re being lied to by politicians & media alike. Sadly the vast majority fall short because they fail to connect all the dots. This results in them bemoaning the fact America continues its reckless foreign policy. Often they say ‘it doesn’t make sense. This is where I’ve gone blue in the face telling everyone – once you connect all the dots –


1) have a fair understanding of the Rothschilds banking dynasty & their role in the Illuminati NWO as well as the creation of Israel.

2) admit America, along with the entire corporate media is in the hands of those whose allegiance is to Israel.

3) Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel…………



Or I could have just said ‘the reason I love this show is because THE MAN DOES THE BUSINESS!’

Oh but let’s not forget – on the other side of the coin there are also two groups – THE BAD & THE BRAINLESS! The bad – Zionist banking war-mongers & those on their side ie politicians, Royalty & big business. The brainless – those who sing God Save the Queen, God Bless America & of course the biggest group of the lot – those with the brains of a rocking horse!


Admiral Gene Larocque

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