CrossTalk & the Elephant in the Room

Earlier today I listened to RT’s CrossTalk where the three guests Bradley Blakeman, Scott Rickard & James Jatras discussed the debacle of U.S. foreign policy & the sorry state of affairs in Syria. Thankfully, this time RT did not invite a Zionist stooge who’s only purpose is to reel off lie after lie. The three guests obviously knew what they were talking about – Jatras followed by Blakeman, Then it was former Intelligence Officer Scott Rickard’s turn…….  
“Unfortunately the United States & the UN security council & many other participants on the NATO alliance are ignoring the Elephant in the room & the Elephant in the room is Saudi Arabia…….”


“The United States, Great Britain,”




“and all these people that say Assad must go, are the ones that have actually caused the caused the destruction in this area & until people are held accountable in a Nuremberg style type of arena, we won’t see any justice in this region…….”


Not that I don’t agree with everything Rickard said but for crying out loud, if the real Elephant in the room – Israel continues to be allowed to instigate all this mayhem while slipping under the radar, then surely these guys must know that nothing’s going to change. Soon Iran will be on the itinerary & the same process will occur. The ONLY way we can hope to turn this around is if people go the whole hog & directly name Israel as the chief protagonist.
Now I’m quite aware these three guests in all likelihood were told specifically not to mention the Z factor. A good friend of mine who often appears on RT told me it’s an issue, not that I needed any confirmation. This much is obvious because ever since Abby Martin’s Breaking the Set was unceremoniously taken off the air, several times I’ve bemoaned the fact RT has seriously pulled it’s horns in.


Now I’ll explain why this is not the right approach. There’s an old saying – ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.’ We know Zionists think nothing of targeted assassinations. They’ve been doing it for years. Some believe it’s their divine right & it’s an integral reason they’ve seized control of so much. Such is their power now anyone who’s threatened had better take heed because it’s a cast-iron guarantee if they do kill you, they’ll get away with it! We’ve already virtually passed the point where Zionists are above the law! Anyone with any brains knows the truth – if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop!
Right. So here we have the long & the short of it. The only choice we have therefore, is to talk while we can because they have no intention of backing off. Our only chance is if enough of us speak out now, the floodgates can open. What are they going to do – kill all of us? Maybe but the very act of doing so would alert even more folk. Ultimately it’s essential they slip under the radar because this route offers by far the best opportunity for success & eventual world domination. If we sit like cowards & say nothing, there’s a damn good chance we’ll end up like sitting ducks where they’ll be able to do what the hell they like!
Remember, they’ve got the NSA in their pocket. The moment they have the chance they will not hesitate to commit mass-murder. Cameron so much as said so at the UN! After what they’ve done to the Palestinians & bear in mind these poor folk have never so much as looked boss-eyed at the Israelis yet they’re being wiped out as if they’re Nazis! There’s 9/11 & all the lies where already 2 million people have lost their lives but the real indicator is almost 100 years ago the Ashkenazi Zionists had total control in Russia when they initiated the Bolshevic Revolution & consequently brutally tortured & murdered in excess of 60 million Russians.
I’m not the one wanting to impose my beliefs or way of life on anyone. I can’t believe how humans can be so daft because I am convinced of one thing – if the Rothschild Zionists create a NWO they will be signing their own death warrant. For long-term survival, good has to triumph over evil. Evil cannot win. Why? Because sooner or later it’s inevitable they’ll be two Netanyahu’s or three God forbid & each one of them are uncompromising lunatics. Rocket science is not needed here. Speaking of science Einstein apparently once said “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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