No mention of FIFA ban or the Palestinians. This was all about corruption. This is the MSM in a nutshell – the only thing this is not about is corruption.

Think about the media’s role – what we know is, out of the blue, US hierarchy decided to come down like a ton of bricks on FIFA because of their corrupt ways. Well talk about the pot calling the Kettle black. The fact FIFA’s antics dated back to the Victorian era & the only people who don’t know it are some x-factor fans & the comatosed, made not an iota of difference to the wretched media whores who are supposed to be informing us of what’s going on. This is only about corruption. Moronic twats will believe this; some may smell a rat but how many will know the truth is the exact opposite! You see the corruption will remain, except now, instead of FIFA’s officials trying to punish them, expect the World Cup to played in Israel in the not too distant future.
EVEN RT did not mention the Z word & the fact FIFA was about to ban Israel from international soccer due to a request by a Palestinan delegation. For quite some time I sensed something was wrong at RT. Every couple of weeks I’d bemoan the fact RT seemed to be losing its teeth. The only evidence was what I felt but I trust my instincts & I’m prepared to offer my opinion based on instinct alone. Well, today I stumbled upon an article at Whatsupic written by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS, a guy I respect as a judge & a writer. The title “Will Washington Kill Us All?” I thought, well the way things are going….. Anyway I’m half-way through & suddenly I’m reading about this nasty little vermin ANDREW LACK. This treacherous moron actually declared RT to be a terrorist organisation. I read on & I see my instincts are proved right. He’s all but pulled the plug on RT, the one news channel we had reporting the truth but that’s one too many for Zionists. So, small wonder even RT never said a word about the timing & the fact FIFA was about to impose a ban on Israel. Here’s the link for PCR’s piece –
Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows Zionists exert ungodly influence. Doing anything, however trivial, inevitably results in pressure raining in from all angles. One is confronted by the immovable object as well as the irresistible force. However, what you may not realise is that Zionists don’t stop there. What you’re about to read is the full story & I sincerely hope it gives you some perspective of the chronic level of news that’s deliberately withheld from us. This was news to me & considering I spent two days writing an article about this sordid affair, it gives you some idea of the dilemma we’re in. Woe betide if these people ever acquire the level of control they truly seek – 100 years ago they butchered to death 66 million Russians! This time around, that will seem like a
Today new friend John Miranda informed me of some harrowing details concerning this FIFA ban. The Palestinians had been forced to retract their call to ban Israel from international football. Now think – on the verge of a massive coup, finally it seemed they’d found a way to shake up the Israelis. Surely it would take something drastic for the Palestinians to give way? Well, what I didn’t know was before the FIFA conference in Switzerland the Palestinian coach was at home & guess what dropped in for tea? An IDF missile & don’t for one minute think this was some outrageous fluke – these are state-of-the-art missiles that can be directed to wherever they want. Of course, the media blackout meant they couldn’t say Hamas & human shields were responsible for the fact that Israel has to defend itself! No. It would look too dodgy. Moreover, there was more in the pipeline. One measly kill – hardly a chilling message for the Israelis. So, two Palestinan players were also singled out for targeted assassinations. Well, who’s to say the rest of the squad weren’t on a list?


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