‘Dancing Israelis’ “documented” 9/11, returned to Israel as heroes. This one must be chomping at the bit – he’s in Nice & Munich!

Yesterday in my piece ‘Munich shooting & the destruction of all the CCTV evidence in NICE’ I referred to a revolting little specimen named Richard Gutjahr. Now the only reason his name cropped up is because this journalist come photographer just happened to be on a balcony on the Promenade Des Anglais just as the truck allegedly ploughed through a load of people. Now what are the odds of anyone in the media being conveniently plotted up to document such an event? ASTRONOMICAL!


Richard Gutjahr
Well, wasn’t that lucky…….. or was it? You see no one needed to document the event because the Promenade Des Anglais, from top to bottom, is loaded with CCTV cameras. The whole thing would be on tape whether he was there or not. I’ve said it a million times – media control is the crux of our problem. About a year ago I wrote a piece breaking down how the whole process of slowly but surely brainwashing the public works – yes. Repeat the same lie over & over again. However, the crucial aspect of media manipulation is your story has to be the ONLY story! The CCTV footage would have revealed way too much.


Now we’re getting to the real reason why this slippery rat was there. They needed footage that would sit well with the lies the media was about to hit us with. This is exactly what Gutjahr provided. What was fed to the media was carefully cropped in order to further their agenda, their narrative. Needless to say his footage wasn’t worth a bar of soap!


Einat Wilf


But where it gets even more interesting is this ‘lucky’ photographer happens to be married to a Mossad agent & Knesset member Einat Wilf. I’ll go out on a limb here & say these two are perfectly made for each other! Crimes against humanity mean nothing to these vermin.
But just when you think it can get no worse, THIS SAME GUY POPS UP IN MUNICH! Now, this may surprise some people but this astonishing ‘coincidence’ which is 100% genuine, should not be the reason why people should now think – yes. Mossad are definitely behind all these staged events. Frankly, one should have arrived at this conclusion long ago, certainly when one saw no blood on the lorry & the fact that just as with 9/11, the crucial CCTV evidence which would reveal all, was being withheld & threatened with destruction. Only Zionists have the power to do this. They control that much!


No. For me, the gnawing question is why are they making it SO obvious? Anyone with half a brain should know Mossad’s hand is all over this but I cannot think of one earthly reason why they’re showing out this much. Why use the same guy? Thanks to everyone for sending all the material regarding NICE & MUNICH! I spoke about this very conundrum with a close friend. Her conclusion is Zionists are simply taking the piss out of us. Well, since I’ve said the very same words regarding so many of their other heinous acts she could well be right. What worries me is the reason I’m not convinced is because I’m truly hoping they’re not that confident.
Before I list some of the clips I’ve been sent regarding these Mossad operations, check out this link which all but proves Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the man who allegedly drove the truck, is alive & well. He wasn’t even there. No wonder the Zionists are desperate to destroy the CCTV footage. God forbid if we ever found out who the real patsy was & for that matter which Mossad agent was driving the truck. Just like 9-11 with the alleged “suicide hijackers” still alive, the real “Mohammed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel” was not even residing in France during the time of the “event”. He was residing in Sousse, Tunisia and he immediately uploaded a self-recorded cell-phone video online claiming his absolute innocence on July 15th 2016. The lies we are being told literally beggar belief……


Lahouaiej Bouhlel ALIVE

Anyway, if you can explain how the husband of a Mossad agent could be so conveniently plotted up to ‘document’ both the Nice & Munich ‘attacks’, then you’re a better man than me. In any fair & just court of law, Israel would already be in the dock!


BREAKING! Same Israeli photo-propagandist pre-positioned in Nice AND NOW MUNICH – Dr. Kevin Barrett


BREAKING! Same Israeli photo-propagandist pre-positioned in Nice AND NOW MUNICH


Mossad Agent Films Staged Munich Shooting & Bastille Day Hoax by Richmond Peace



Munich Shooting – Does This Rate as the Greatest Coincidence Ever? By Peekay Truth



Steve Kelley on RT on Munich



France Truck Attack Video Owner Richard Gutjahr is Wannabe Movie Actor Starring in Mission Pulseble



And finally a link from the same French firm I featured at the end of yesterday’s post. It’s loaded with some great stuff regarding this wonderful Israeli couple. They document events. How nice. Thanks again to everyone for sending all this material…..



  • Eva Nielsen

    Very informative, – AS ALWAYS

  • Isabel Mantas

    Thanks a lot for the serious documentaries, I knew already that this was a hoax like all the other ” terrorist” attacks, the planes disapearing, the 9/11 I have tones of information and many other , I investigate for a long time and I’m aware of the “real world ” we are living . Go on with your fantastic work, is with people like you, that I hope, we can create another reality.

  • kinky

    And let’s not forget that the Charlie Hebdo attack in which a cop was killed was also filmed by an Israeli journalist from a balcony.

    • That’s right but if I remember correctly that cop wasn’t killed. The bullet missed him altogether & there were videos showing this clearly.

      • kinky

        I’m wondering if the French also sniff things out the way so many people can or are they as dumb as the Americans.
        The Bataclan night club where the Eagles of Death Metal had their concert, was owned by a Jew who sold it just a week before the massacre. Did the French demand further investigations considering that the lead singer himself said that he thought the attack was an ‘inside job’.

        • It’s impossible to know who has the dumbest citizens. What I do know is there are way too many people who still believes the media. The main problem is Zionists have all the important positions covered. The media is simply not asking the crucial questions for one reason – these are all Zionist false flag attacks! The media is not just complicit but part & parcel of the whole coup. If just one key question was answered the public would demand further investigation but the media never goes there & we’re talking about the most transparently logical questions like how could the Police allow a 19 ton lorry into the Promenade Des Anglais. This was over 5 times the legal amount. Moreover on Bastille day ALL LORRIES OVER 7.5 tonnes are banned on France’s roads. How come the Police did not have to explain this?

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