Dankof: We’re on the brink of war with Russia… but what about Trump’s taxes?

Not only is Trump being well & truly fitted up but so are the Russians. For my American friends this is English slang for a cross between being stuck in a rock & a hard place & taking it up the gearbox whatever one does. To hell with Trump’s tax returns. There isn’t a millionaire who isn’t a tax cheat. Moreover, if Trump is a fraudster I’ll bet every penny Hillary & her husband make Trump look like Santa Claus when it comes to fraud! No question though, Trump has been found out when it comes to knowing how low the media & the Clintons can sink. Time to start wising up!


For the Russians though it’s an entirely different story. Being far smarter than their US counterparts, they’ve naturally, consistently ‘snookered’ their adversaries. However it was inevitable it had to lead to this – the kind of brinkmanship I expected all along. This is why for years I’ve said “if no one stops the Zionists, they will not stop.” The fact they’ve already committed such outrageous crimes means they cannot stop! It’s all or nothing. This is the Israeli way – SCREW NEGOTIATIONS! Over 40 years ago I told my best friend (Jewish) – THE LAST THING THE ISRAELIS ARE INTERESTED IN IS PEACE! Now the Russians are discovering how the Israelis like to negotiate!


I’ve also said ultimately our only chance rests in Americans taking their country back. For this to happen though Americans need to overthrow their entire government. In fact the entire globe needs this bad! What then must occur is all those who’ve collaborated with Israel are thrown in jail, including leaders of AIPAC, the CFR & any Zionist organisation that has worked against the best interests of America. Each & every one must be disbanded & outlawed & preferably the locking up of every single Dual National Zionist. Not forgetting those who’ve infiltrated the CIA, the FBI, the Supreme court & the judiciary. All these people have to be locked up. Then there are those in the military & police who’ve sold out. They too must be incarcerated. They will be afforded the due process of the law.


The alternative is this: Right now Russia is being pushed into a most intolerable situation – pressured into permitting a no-fly zone over Aleppo……. OR ELSE! Now I’m convinced the Russians MUST stand their ground for should they concede, the US air-force will have carte blanche & thus be able to fight side by side with the very terrorists the media forever tells us we’re fighting. This strategic advantage will be enough to tip the balance. In no time, Assad’s forces will capitulate. Once Syria is in the hands of the Zionist warmongers & Assad has either fled or been killed, the media will then begin to tell us how Iran is this terrible threat that has to be neutralized! THIS IS WHAT WILL OCCUR – I GUARANTEE THIS!
So that’s my take. Here’s what MARK DANKOF has to say about this. Please listen to the whole thing & spread this far & wide. This guy is the man when it comes to talking sense & getting it right. I’d just like to add – Defense Secretary Ashton Carter & member of the Joint Chief of Staff Joseph Dunford are not just traitors but buffoons of the very highest order who most certainly deserve the firing squad! 
“I discuss the Kerry/Lavrov ceasefire deal for Syria on Sept 9th; the USAF “accidental” airstrikes on the Syrian Arab Army forces on Sept 17th fighting ISIS in the Aleppo campaign; the attack of Sept 19th on the Humanitarian Aid Convoy in Aleppo with the immediate Western media spin on who did it and why; and the incredible sworn testimony of Sept 22nd before the Senate Armed Services Committee of General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Ash Carter.”


Published on Oct 6, 2016

Dr. Patrick Slattery and Reverend Mark Dankof talk about the collapse of diplomacy between the United States and Russia, and the growing risk of a Russo-American war. They present evidence that the United States is part of a Zionist led alliance that supports ISIS and is aimed at regime change, not just in Syria but also in Russia.

They point out that the Secretary of State and top generals are in open mutiny against the hapless Obama, undermining his and Kerry’s negotiated cease fire with a blatant attack on the Syrian Army in coordination with ISIS. Reverend Dankof quotes Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford as bluntly stating that the imposition of a no fly zone in Syria, which everyone from Hillary to Pence supports, but Trump opposes, would mean war with Russia.

We are on the brink of Armageddon, yet the Zio Media is fixated on slandering Trump with everything from tax returns to Miss Universe’s weight problems. This show contains vital information and analysis that you just won’t find anywhere else!

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