David Cameron Endearing Himself at the UN by Saying Truthers must be Eradicated!

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David Cameron Endearing Himself at the UN by Saying Truthers must be Eradicated!

Whatsupic — Cameron’s whole war on terror is merely a continuation of the dual national Zionist/Mossad plan to take out all the countries who justifiably were opposed to the brutal Apartheid regime of Israel. General Wesley Clark made that clear. That’s why the plan for 9/11 was hatched. Yet the undeniable truth is more people die from bee stings than genuine terrorist attacks! I mean this whole miserable affair was a fiasco long ago! It was never in the interests of the US and UK to create chaos in the Middle East. THAT’S WHY THEY NEVER DID! They simply removed all the good leaders in the Middle East – by good I mean those whose only interest was serving their country. Naturally this meant telling the US and UK oil companies to go and get stuffed! But as we know full well, greed and power go hand in hand. Those who have power to exploit, do. Therefore the CIA and MI5 see to it that a plane carrying such a leader suddenly mysteriously malfunctions! 

David Cameron speaks during the United Nation Climate Summit at UN headquarters. (Photo: Seth Wenig/AP)

In 1959 Iraqi leader Qasim said “Iraqi oil is for the Iraqi people!” The CIA sent two brothers to assassinate him. They blew their assignment. So the big boys went in and took Qasim out. 9 years later one of the brothers would become Iraq’s leader. His name – SADDAM HUSSEIN. Similarly in 1953 in Iran the UK engineered a coup so that the democratically elected leader Mohammad Mosaddegh was ousted (kind of rings a bell) so that a leader subservient to the West would rule for the next 26 years! Iranians naturally were furious. They took to the streets only to discover the Shah of Iran was one very nasty piece of work! THIS IS HOW THE US and THE UK OPERATED. Stability in the region was good for business. Now, think how the Israelis operate? Total and utter devastation, flattening entire neighborhoods, destroying infrastructure so that the region is put back 50-100 years! THAT’S THE ISRAELI WAY! 

The US and UK have nothing to gain from destroying Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. Incredible that both countries can ill-afford to waste so much money. The problem is Zionists control not just the entire media but all major politicians in the West – OUR LEADERS ARE COMMITTING TREASON! It’s as simple as that. Only Israel gains from this! So if this penny finally drops it’s perfectly logical to assume – THEY MUST BE THE ONES BEHIND ALL THIS MAYHEM! The beauty is while our politicians are forever taking the flak by being reminded that every time we militarily intervene we make the situation infinitely worse, what they never say is ‘mission accomplished!’ You see CHAOS IS EXACTLY WHAT ISRAEL WANTS! That’s why they’re continuing the same ‘bombing to hell’ routine. I mean that’s what happens when 1000 of bombs and missiles are dropped. This is all about regime change. Puppet rulers allow the exploitation of their country’s natural resources. Israel wants to be safe in the knowledge they can do what they like! I guarantee – the moment you connect all the dots, everything falls neatly into place. 

However, Cameron’s rendition of lies at the UN, nauseating and vile as they were, were accompanied with something more sinister – a precursor of perhaps what’s to come. He said – ‘anyone questioning 9/11 is as dangerous as ISIS terrorists!’ Yes, the very terrorist organisation Israel, US and UK created! This is madness! He went on ‘and THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD USE ALL MEANS AT ITS DISPOSAL TO ERADICATE THESE PEOPLE!’……….. Now hold the phone! I don’t scare easy but this? ‘Eradicate?’ All of a sudden he’s the Terminator! The anti has just been raised. This is new territory. The UK PM openly saying he wants to eradicate those who seek the truth. Well, thanks for marking my card because now, I’m going to pull out the stops to expose this wretched excuse of a human being. Exacerbating the situation further was the fact NO ONE IN THE UN WALKED OUT! THE ORDER HAD BEEN GIVEN! So they not only listened to this; THEY HAD TO APPLAUD! Yes – words akin to one who has no respect for fundamental human rights. I kid you not – we should all be extremely concerned. These are not words a statesman would utter. They’re words befitting a mass-murderer! 

Now I have a fair idea of how my hero Albert Einstein felt when Hitler took power in 1933. He left Germany, not because he wanted to but because he felt this man not only had a screw loose but he would do whatever it took to have his way, regardless of any consequences. Well, I’ll tell you now – I believe Cameron’s words are every bit as frightening to the good, decent folk of this country as Hitler’s words were for the Jews. Except the more I think about it, there are two very disturbing aspects I feel I must highlight. Do not be fazed by the comparison with Hitler just yet. First bear in mind, in the 6 years before WW II broke out, Germany went from a bankrupt, down-trodden nation to a country that rejuvenated it’s entire infrastructure, galvanized its industries so that by 1939 it was an economic, military powerhouse ready to take on all-comers! Now, whether you like it or not, this is fact! Had Hitler retired in 1939 instead of sticking a swastika on his jock-strap, this 6 year term in office would have gone down in the annals of history. It was nothing short of miraculous. The Nazi party received but 32% of the vote. Consequent events resulted in Hitler taking over. However, by the time hostilities broke out, Hitler’s popularity had soared. Small wonder! He picked his country up off the floor. Germany was great again. 

Cameron received but 36% of the vote. Considering how sick the public was of Blair’s new Labor, this is hardly a glowing endorsement. Has he delivered anything for the people? The bankers – no new regulations; massive bonuses continued, while we were all told to tighten our belts. Tax rates for the wealthiest were relaxed; loop-holes that allowed big business to avoid paying tax on billions in profits, were left gaping as wide as the Mersey Tunnel! Paedophiles were protected! Our private E-mails and phone calls were handed over to the Zionists in the NSA so that those who may pose a threat could join a list! He imposed sanctions on Iran, even though there was no evidence and the only person ranting and raving was a mass-murdering, pathological liar. What effrontery, even for Netanyahu – to say Iran cannot have nuclear weapons when Israel has over 300…….. yet Cameron not only acted against our best interests – he had the gall to repeat the same clap-trap Netanyahu was discharging. Even though the public was vehemently opposed to military intervention abroad, Cameron obeyed the wishes of the Zionists with relish. Apparently there was always more money for war! Needless to say, while the Zionist controlled media lie through their back teeth praising Cameron with fake economic data that’s not worth a bar of soap, UK national debt has soared to £1 TRILLION! 

Adding insult to injury was the absurdity of this man forever snatching the moral high ground – certain rulers were despots. They had to go! Every last one were leaders Zionists wanted overthrown but when Israel indulged in yet another bout of ethnic cleansing of the hapless Palestinians, Cameron never opened his mouth, except for saying – Israel has the right to defend itself! They were slaughtering kids on the beach, deliberately targeting them! For the life of me – how Cameron keeps a straight face when spewing out such bare-faced lies? Let’s just think about this defending nonsense. The Palestinians are boxed in, surrounded by the might of Israel’s military. No army, no navy, no air-force, no command center! Palestinian deaths 2130; Israeli 68. The war zone is on foreign soil………….. AND ISRAEL IS DEFENDING ITSELF? The problem is there can be only two explanations for such chronic double standards and I’m pretty certain Cameron is not a complete retard! 

But the real game-changer was something I never imagined. The past year, Cameron has made an enemy out of Russia! Every time I say this it’s strange because I still have to pinch myself! The Cold War was done and dusted! The threat of a nightmare nuclear confrontation with Russia had all but evaporated. We were a click below being bosom buddies! What in the blazes could have transpired to bring about this shocking metamorphism?……………… Russia felt they could not sit idly by while country after country was being reduced to rubble. They knew if Syria fell, Iran would be next and that presented a scenario so frightening it had to be avoided at all costs. President Putin and his able sidekick Sergei Lavrov, not only resolved the situation; they did so in a manner restoring the notion diplomacy could actually work! As a result Obama and Cameron were left with egg on their faces while Putin’s standing in the world sky-rocketed! The Zionists were not amused! 

Like it or not, Israel is the driving force behind US and UK foreign policy. For that reason I felt a process of vilification would commence where Putin and Russia would be demonized. Media coverage hit an all-time low with outrageous, unsubstantiated claims and blatant lies, further driving the wedge. Then an illegal coup orchestrated by the West occurred on Russia’s very doorstep in Ukraine. The man installed, Zionist billionaire Poreshenko, wasted no time taking a leaf out of Netanyahu’s book and began slaughtering innocent civilians. The EU, like lemmings imposed sanctions on Russia – once again, for no good reason Cameron was acting against the best interests of the UK. Then a passenger plane was diverted over the war zone in East Ukraine; Poreshenko’s fighter jets shot it down; without a shred of evidence the Zionist media, along with their puppet rulers in the West astonishingly pointed the finger at Putin! Of course the US and Russia can both prove who really was responsible but for obvious reasons, Russia’s damning evidence is being blanked, London is refusing to release the Black Box data and America is not being pressured into releasing satellite data that would conclusively prove this was yet another Zionist false flag event. 

There’s no question – Cameron is not an imbecile. He knows Russia’s done nothing yet he’s risking the lives of every person in this country simply because he’s under the Zionist thumb. Is there a crime worse than Treason? How does one gauge such an ungodly level of criminality – risking the lives of 60 million people on a lie? For me, this renders his speech at the UN all the more disturbing – THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD USE ALL MEANS AT ITS DISPOSAL TO ERADICATE TRUTHERS? The other reason I feel something is terribly amiss is, when mentioning 9/11 conspiracy theorists were as bad as ISIS, he also went on to say “SOME BELIEVE IT WAS A ZIONIST PLOT!”……………. Now, hold the phone just for a minute. The Z word? I was more shocked by this than anything. I needed 24 hours to mull over this one. 

RULE NO 1 – No one but no one must ever mention on TV, Radio or in newspapers that 9/11 may have been the work of Zionist. That notion must never enter people’s minds. This, after all, has been their forte – slipping under the radar while their enemies are enemies are blamed for all the heinous crimes they commit. All of a sudden, in the UN of all places, Cameron says this! What should we derive from this? I arrived at these conclusions:

Firstly, they’re worried! I watched it over and over again. On the surface Cameron’s body language naturally scoffed at the idea but I sensed much more. The advent of the Internet has resulted in Corporate media hemorrhaging viewers so that now only those who can’t be bothered, along with those possessing analytical skills of a rocking horse believe the laughable official account of 9/11. With approval ratings at an all-time low and the distinct likelihood a financial meltdown the likes of which we’ve never seen is fast-approaching, time is of the essence. The power-brokers are well aware when the shit hits the fan, the people will be baying for their blood. This is why in just 10 years our civil liberties are disappearing hand over fist, while the Police have been militarized and virtually given carte blanche to do as they please. The trouble is ripping up the constitution and eroding some of our most basic rights requires ever greater lies. We’ve now arrived at a point where the lies have reached epidemic proportions! It’s the end game now. Israel either becomes a super-power or the ball-game’s over. 

Secondly, we know they’ll never reveal the truth that 9/11 was an inside job BUT WHY MENTION THE ZIONISTS? I believe Cameron made a mistake. He didn’t mean to say it! It just slipped out. I’d bet money on this! For quite some time I’ve been trying to reassure people not to be disheartened by what may seemingly feel lack of progress. You see rule No 2 for the media is never to inform the public of any progress we may be making. As well as serve to spur us on it would raise awareness and so exacerbate an ever-worsening situation. But though we may not know they’re in trouble……. they damn well do! This creates pressure, which in turn induces errors! 

Thirdly, we have to all step up to the plate! One of the major advantages they have is they decide what play to make and when to call it. Responding may not suffice. We simply have to exert as much pressure as possible because it’s us or them! There’s no in-between anymore. What we should ascertain from this treacherous specimen is one way or another, all truthers, activists, dissidents have to be taken off the grid – the very word he used was ‘ERADICATE!’ Quite how they’re going to sell this is another story. What I can say is it won’t be easy and therefore, it will occur step by step. Each move they make, we have to let them know this is unacceptable. We can only do that if we get organized and redouble our efforts. Rest assured – the only way they can become despotic lords is if we become their slaves. THEY WILL NOT STOP! 

I feel it’s appropriate to end with a quote from the man – “THE WORLD IS A DANGEROUS PLACE TO LIVE, NOT BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EVIL BUT BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.” Albert Einstein. I want them to sweat – blowing up people left, right and center all over the place for the sake of money they can’t spend because they’re already caked up to the eyeballs? Lying all the time, destroying people’s lives as if it’s nothing and they’re something special? What a sad indictment of mankind – the greatest gangsters in history could well end up in control of the entire planet!

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