David Cameron Is Offering a Referendum on Europe

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David Cameron Is Offering a Referendum on Europe

Whatsupic — Cameron is the perfect Zionist puppet. For that reason alone he will be ‘re-elected’ as Prime Minister. I’ll stick my neck out and say – put your money on Cameron. I’m not saying he’ll win the next UK election fair and square – that’s impossible! Lamentable and disastrous as it most definitely will be, he’ll remain UK’s PM. The Zionist controlled media have made it obvious – they never criticize him. In fact all they’ll ever do is cover up for him and make this traitor look good. Case in point, today we hear how Cameron wants to bring forward the date for a referendum on Europe. OH? WHAT A NICE GUY! Well thanks Dave. He wants to bring the date forward!……… oh but there’s a catch …… you got to vote for him! 

What does that mean – bring it forward? He’s the goddamn PM. He can bomb another country to oblivion, even when they’ve done nothing and it’s patently obvious no one in the UK, apart from Zionists, want this…. but he can’t say we’re going to have a referendum on such and such a date! I want to bring it forward means precisely this – ‘to all you suckers out there who still actually believe I represent you, this is merely another smokescreen to make you think you’re going to get something you want, when the truth is, you’re going to get bugger all! More fool you if you believe this garbage and vote for me.’

Seriously, why in the blazes hasn’t anyone in the media said “wait a minute Mr. Prime Minister……. BEFORE THE LAST ELECTION ONE OF YOUR MANIFESTO PLEDGES WAS TO OFFER THE UK PUBLIC A REFERENDUM ON EUROPE. WELL, WE’RE STILL WAITING FOR THAT! NOW YOU HAVE THE GALL TO OFFER US THE VERY THING WE SHOULD HAVE ALREADY HAD? WHY HAVE YOU NOT DELIVERED ON THAT PROMISE and WHAT EARTHLY REASON SHOULD THE UK PUBLIC BELIEVE YOU NOW?……..THAT’S WHAT THE MEDIA SHOULD BE SAYING! Small wonder – few of us are cognizant of the fact Cameron has not honored one single election pledge. All we’ve been served up is the hidden agenda of the Zionists.

The truth is Cameron will say anything to help his cause. It’s just a question of buying time and votes. He has no intention of taking us out of Europe because his Zionist banker bosses don’t want that. Their aim is to continually weaken Europe through the policy of DIVIDE and CONQUER and this is precisely what’s occurred. What else did one expect? This was the integral reason the power-brokers set up the European Union as well as the reason why the US and EU are being coerced into this inexplicable confrontation with Russia. In any case, even if there is a referendum ……THEY WILL CHEAT! It’s as simple as that! 

We are being led up the garden path because the Zionists have all the bases covered. They want Cameron back badly but Miliband, in the forlorn hope of becoming top dog this time around, has already said he will pursue an identical foreign policy. Not only that, he’ll pursue welfare reforms…… YES. THIS IS THE LABOR PARTY! He doesn’t care about this country anymore than Cameron does. He wants power for power’s sake and he damn well knows – if Labor fail to win the next election, his sinister gamble to usurp his far more capable brother, who looked a certainty to lead the party and become PM, will backfire because Labor will dump him as leader. Ed Miliband knows, if it’s not now, it’s never!

The crux of the problem is we forever continue to side-step the critical issue – our politicians and media are controlled by Zionist bankers. THIS IS WHAT WE MUST ADDRESS! Our greatest failure is continually allowing them to slip under the radar. Well, by doing so, we’re simply digging a bigger hole for ourselves. Whatever electoral process we think we may have – you can call it democracy; you can call it what you like – the harsh reality is we have ZERO representation. What we want or more importantly, what is needed, doesn’t even enter into the equation. We have no option but to deal with this. Otherwise we’re in for a seriously rude awakening!

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