David Icke: most powerful interview of 2016

What I love about David Icke is he doesn’t hold back, first & foremost. For me though, his greatest attribute is having the perfect balance – being able to explain everything; he says it how it is yet he does so without getting involved in too much detail. He never tries to show he’s a smart-arse. Like the great Ken O’Keefe, everything is from the heart. Sure. I believe those who get involved with every nook & cranny end up converting few people. Keeping it simple is what’s needed.
Even though Zionist censorship is reaching epidemic proportions, it’s good to see Icke still receives so many hits. People are tuning in no matter what these scumbags at ADL tell Google & Facebook to do. Now that I have my own website I’m able to see exactly how these Zionist deceivers suppress the truth. Just to give you an idea – in November, my website averaged 10,000 hits a day & that wasn’t even my best month. This year …. I’m 90% down, averaging a paltry 1000 hits a day, EVEN THOUGH I’M GAINING SUBSCRIBERS! So if this is happening to me, I hate to think what they’re doing to David Icke. Thanks to Ted Duggan for sending me this video.





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    Thank you! The more desperate and upset and plain fed up people are getting lately, the more they question and the more their eyes open as realisation dawns, that those they always shot down as conspiracy theorists, were in fact always the wide-awake ones amongst them, the genuine and committed ones, dedicated to seek and find the unadulterated truth– which often took many years of research and investigation, confounded as they were by the mega tsunamis of disinformation, lurking everywhere they turned — veritable entrapment, cunningly disguised to catch the unaware and suck him back into zio-backwash once again.

    Yes, I have enormous respect for David Icke– he really is a rare human being and gave and still is giving his life to bring his message of truth to humanity and now at last … it would seem humanity is waking up and getting off their knees! Through another incredible address of David’s– I now find your site and will share it with my friends, many whom no longer call me an conspiracy theorist for quite a while now! (chuckling here!)

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