Debate: Israeli soldier’s shooting death of Palestinian youth

Time & again we see Israel flouting international law & nothing is ever done. As well as rendering me sick with grief & anger, to begin to list Israel’s crimes would take forever & a day. It’s bad enough seeing all the land they’ve stolen yet had this theft at least led to the Palestinians having the most basic fundamental rights that people all over the world take for granted, it actually wouldn’t be so bad.


Yet horrendous as it is to witness such blatant disregard for national borders, for longer than I care to imagine, those who’ve lost their homes, livelihoods & goodness knows how many family members, have had to suffer the ignominy of being occupied by the very country that’s stealing their land. Then, adding insult to injury, the conditions the Palestinians are being forced to live under is as bad as any concentration camp. It is obvious the Israelis aim is to ethnically cleanse the entire region of the indigenous population – in other words either drive the Palestinians out or kill them all.


So what would you do if this was your life & your country? You’d fight back. So tell me the difference: the Nazis invaded France in WW II & occupied the country. Did anyone ever give a damn about the Nazi side of the story? Did anyone ever care when German occupying forces were ambushed & killed by the French Resistance? NO ONE GAVE A SHIT! In fact we helped the French resistance, We gave them arms, whatever they needed! The Germans were the occupying force. Therefore, it was the duty of every French national to give them hell. Nobody but nobody ever referred to the French resistance as terrorists!




Oh but not only do we have to hear Israel’s side of the story, since the entire corporate media is owned by Zionists, more often than not, we only hear Israel’s side of the story! Worse still, it’s bad enough literally being inundated with a barrage of lies but woe betide if you happen to support the hapless Palestinians, for immediately, even though you’re 100% telling the truth, you’re attacked & accused of being anti-Semitic by the vermin who is a pathological liar. This is for the purpose of hijacking those who try to show what liars & truly evil people the Israelis are. The end result of this media bias & bullying tactics is the uninitiated remain none the wiser.


Is anyone, anywhere in the world allowed to send the Palestinians arms so that they can at least try & fight back? Yet, even though the Israelis possess state-of-the-art weaponry, the oppressed receive no help whatsoever. Even aid ships have to run the gauntlet. They’re attacked; aid workers are killed; the aid is confiscated & no one says a word. It’s scandalous. Forget about having an army, navy & air-force – all the Palestinians can do is pick up stones & throw them & even then the Israelis moan like stuffed pigs AND ALL THE WHILE THE ISRAELIS ARE THE OCCUPYING FORCE!


As Hafsa Kara rightly says in this Press TV interview – this is illegal under international law! Yet, look what this piece of shit, Richard Millet says in response to this. It’s the same old garbage – the Palestinians want to kill Israelis; they want to wipe Israel off the map! The truth is – IT’S THE OTHER WAY ROUND! Those hemmed in in the concentration camp of Gaza live an awful existence. The Israelis are murdering Palestinians by the 1000’s. When they’re not sending the tanks in, their snipers murder kids in cold blood for target practice & then laugh about it! Here we see just another cold-blooded execution & typically the scum that pulled the trigger is hailed as a hero in Israel!


Press TV


Here’s the video which I posted the other day……….






  • nate nader

    Its sad and inhumane , also your kid is next , because this Zionism kind of cancer spreading do fast to ruin the eirkd it caused many county’s death and destruction in the middle east now its spreading yo Europe it already taring USA like in 911 and USS liberty before that , when it get to you , you’re gone like Germany before or even the Jews , Zionist took advantage of the few killed and made a Holocaust hoax bigger then this world , they even made the Arab home of the Jews living to this day among many Arab countries difficult , then the terrorist Israeli bomb and blame Muslim or Arab an general as in Paris is Brussels , this got to stop

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