Declaring Undying Allegiance to Israel Is Prelude to Reaching the Upper Echelons of Power

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Declaring Undying Allegiance to Israel Is Prelude to Reaching the Upper Echelons of Power

80% of the Tory party are friends of Israel & largely thanks to war criminal Tony Blair, a significant portion of the Labor party is beholding to the Zionists too! How can it possibly be? There is no bigger lunatic on this planet than Benjamin Netanyahu & his country Israel continuously flouts international law. No country has broken more laws against human rights; no country is more racist; no country is more brutal & evil; no country has ever been allowed to systemically annex land that’s not theirs! Even though since the turn of the century some 1500 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis, when 3 Israeli kids are killed, this news is splattered across mainstream TV & newspapers. Nothing is said of how this act could well have been in response to the outrageous murder of two Palestinian youths, who as video footage clearly indicated, were merely being used for target practice by Israeli soldiers. 

The unbridled power of the Jewish lobbies have over the years been allowed to secretively operate in such a manner, what we once considered to be our cherished democratic process has now all but become a farcical myth! The sad reality is, only those who declare their undying allegiance to Israel can ever reach the upper echelons of power. This has been & continues to be an ongoing process in every single Western country –  the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia & the Scandinavian countries are all now firmly under the Zionist thumb. All the bases are being covered! Both sides are backed – Republicans & Democrats in the US; Conservatives & Labor in the UK. With mainstream media totally under Jewish [Zionist] control, it becomes abundantly clear to anyone hoping to attain any kind of power – criticizing Israel in any way, shape or form is out of the question! How poignant were Voltaire’s words when 250 years ago he said – TO LEARN WHO RULES OVER YOU SIMPLY FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE!

But this is only part of the story. Several high profile figures who simply cannot be ignored by the mainstream media, have spoken out – Jimmy Carter, Tony Benn, even Cherie Blair, wife of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair are but a few who’ve expressed grave misgivings over the horrific plight of the Palestinians & of Israel’s wanton disregard of international law. In these cases the mainstream media has no option but to report what they say. However almost every TV & radio presenter, journalist or reporter, remains in no doubt –  agreeing, or god forbid, encouraging what these people try to highlight would result in the end of their career. This is why even former US president Jimmy Carter was given a hard time when talking about his book ‘Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.’ Whoever they face always has an uncanny knack of ignoring the message & instead quickly refers to how Israel remains such a great ally. Blatant lies trumpeted for years by Zionists, that Israel is the victim & is merely defending itself, are repeated over & over again. 

Then, not content with their stranglehold over the flow of information, from all angles, untold pressure is applied. Coupled with ludicrous, faceless accusations of anti-Semetism, behind the scenes these people are told it would be infinitely better for their health & for the well-being of their families to remain silent! For sitting politicians or indeed for any up-&-coming political upstart, there is another scenario that makes criticizing Israel strictly taboo. Even though Cynthia McKinney was a most respected politician who served six terms in the US House of Representatives, her refusal to succumb to Jewish pressure resulted in her being targeted by Zionists. She found herself up against an opponent who literally had an open check for campaign funds. Making matters worse was a media that not only vilified McKinney through cheap lies & innuendo but also championed her opponents as if they were the best thing since sliced bread! The trouble is, so fickle is the public, it works every time. McKinney’s growing reputation as a tough-talking, straight-laced politician was cut short by a two-bit, non-achieving Zionist puppet! 

This is why the chief parties in the most powerful Western countries are flush with those who are heavy on image & woefully short of credibility & substance. Significantly, these puppets are not just Israel’s friend but an unquestioning, obedient servant & this, coupled with the enormous advantage of having a fully compliant media, is precisely why Israel continues to evade the wrath of the international community. Yet paradoxically, criticizing Israel would be a relatively simple task. This clearly shows the unbridled power they possess. Small wonder Israel virtually does as it pleases.

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