Definition of truth – imagine the very antithesis of what the media says

I don’t know what the hell is going on with FB. It appears my GMMuk page is back on the grid but to be perfectly honest, I wish it wasn’t! I want to tell FB to take a jump. I’m fed up with all their dirty tricks & if people can’t be bothered to subscribe to my website then to hell with it!


All sorts of weird things are going on & it’s wearing me down. Sometimes people see my posts; then it goes eerily quiet. Even more frustrating, while my post reach plummets, notifications of tags are going through the roof. In fact I’ve reached a stage where I cannot cope & for me to say I cannot do the bare minimum of least acknowledging what I’m being sent or tagged is serious because I wholeheartedly believe it’s one’s duty to do so.


Then yesterday I responded to a tag because I felt here was a classic example of misinformation courtesy of mainstream media. Don’t get me wrong – the media is loaded with professional liars & con artists who’ve been refining their methods of hoodwinking the public for years. They’re grand-masters so it’s hardly surprising well-meaning folk are sucked in & as a result, all too readily waste their precious time posting what’s nothing less than tripe. Rather than being led, it’s imperative we learn how to stay one step ahead of them. This is why I wrote this in my comment –


‘When is the penny going to drop? ANYTHING from mainstream media, however great it may sound, will either be a smokescreen to get people to take their eye off the ball, false hope which also serves by making the uninitiated feel the media is unbiased or will be pure unadulterated bullshit!’

Malcolm X (2)


When I respond to a tag, naturally it’s because it’s a topic close to my heart or there’s a significant point to make & thus a lesson to learn. My problem, especially with the latter, is it can take up to 5 hours! And this is precisely how long it took yesterday. This is my choice. I have to do my best, every time but it doesn’t come easy. I’m by no means a naturally talented writer. I have to edit & then re-edit until I’m satisfied…….
But to do all this to get zero response?…… So I went back to the tag & clicked ADD TO TIMELINE. Sure enough, Tracy Kelly’s post came up on my wall. 24 hours pass – ZERO RESPONSE! So I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me –
1) What is the point of these tags?
2) Does anything actually happen when one clicks ADD TO TIMELINE? I say this because invariably when I do, apart from seeing it on my wall, it seems there’s no difference if I ignore the tag. Someone please explain.

Please - no thinking!


Anyway, I feel this is too important to just drop & since I’ve already done most of the work, I’ve decided to put the whole thing up. Before I do I just want to give another example of how the media leads us up the garden path. Ask yourself, how many articles have you seen or read in the last 18 months where for the world it seemed Hillary was bang in trouble? Headlines – she’s going to have to explain herself on this or that; the FBI have got the raving hump; some other agency is demanding answers etc etc – IT HASN’T STOPPED & consequently I’ve been tagged to kingdom come & back from people saying ‘look. Hillary’s screwed.’


In the meantime, I’ve made myself busy going blue in the face trying to get people to understand how & why the entire US Presidential election is being rigged just so this crazy bitch gets in the oval office. How many times have I posted the fabulous documentary CLINTON: THEIR SECRET LIVES which all but confirms they’re both criminals of the very highest order – nothing less than pathological serial killers? If the US ‘justice’ system had any teeth…… Come on. Do I have to even explain this? The gist of it is the very last thing I need is people telling me Hillary’s got her knickers in a twist!


Bill Clinton was the one who repealed laws which previously forbade media companies from buying up other media companies. As a result, now, whenever Zionists told their obligatory massive porkies, everyone sang like canaries in a choir! 


The crux of our problem!

Now the bad news…… The very people who think nothing of committing high treason by rigging the US Presidential election for Hillary, ARE THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE FEEDING YOU ALL THIS CRAP SAYING OOOHH – LOOK AT THIS! It is just unbelievable & sometimes I really do feel I’m going out of my mind. Honestly, I’m on the verge of blowing a gasket. How come so few people see what’s so obvious?
And so if it works in America, then there are suckers to be had in the UK too. Sure enough, while Cameron has been wrapped up in cotton wool by the Zionist controlled media, every so often we get just another load of horseshit. This is what Tracy sent me yesterday – an article from none other than the Mirror newspaper. I’d just like to add this is not about criticising anyone. Tracy Kelly is a person who cares about right & wrong & that’s why I’m going out of my way here.
But ultimately, this is what counts. Our job is to awaken as many people as possible. It’s inevitable, some do it better than others but what of the person who comes along & says – I’ll show you exactly where we are doing ourselves no favors. Take heed & I will sharpen your minds so that by seeing things more clearly you WILL save time & energy & therefore you WILL do a better job by convincing more folk. What effect do you think this might have, especially if that person is bang on the mark?…… I say, AN INVALUABLE ONE! I don’t think so – I KNOW SO! If you want to think I’m big-headed, please, be my guest. It’s not my fault my brain works well. Believe you me, if your’s did, you’d be going round the bend too!


The Mirror believes they can ‘topple Cameron’s regime’, and wants you to help


Clap trap


Tracy – this was a year ago. Two years before this I predicted the election would be rigged so that Cameron would win again. How were they going to do this? The media would never highlight any of his lies & downright skulduggery. All blame would be heaped on the Lib-Dems. The media would never put Cameron on the spot with leading questions, while the leader of the opposition, Miliband, as if walking through a minefield, would be tripped up at every opportunity. This is the way the media works. Never forget, mainstream media is anything but a service; IT IS A TOOL FOR THOSE WHO OWN IT!
Case in point: Labour declared, if they won the next election, they’d freeze energy prices for 3 years. Lovely. I can hardly think of a better manifesto pledge yet look what happened. Suddenly the Zionist controlled media sprang into action. Their reaction to this terrific piece of news was doom & gloom. ‘How you gonna pay for it? How you gonna do this? How you gonna do that?’ There was no ‘how are the Tories going to counter this? Man. They’re bang in trouble here!’ None of that! It was all moaning & complaining, almost as if this election pledge was to raise taxes; not freeze energy prices!
Oh but just to put the boot in, & significantly, get people to forget about this terrible idea of keeping our bills down, the next day a story appears out of the blue – ‘MILIBAND’S FATHER HATES BRITAIN!’ So, his son wants to freeze energy prices but within 24 hours the only thing the public hears is how his father hated our country! Like I said – THIS IS HOW THE ZIONISTS OPERATE! The problem is, people have to start seeing it. Their moves may be obvious to me but whenever I suss something out & then tell people, I forever have the sinking feeling few folk are blessed with analytical prowess. They just don’t see it!
Crucially, not one single reporter or journalist said ‘hang on a minute. Why wasn’t this story headline news when Labour were in power & both Miliband brothers were ministers?’ This for me proves but a handful of Zionists control the media. You see, there are a whole load of people far smarter than me. If I can think of this outrageous anomaly, surely those paid to ask questions can too?


Only Lies!


Worse still, those daft enough to believe the media, rarely conduct any research & the Zionists know it. This is why they pull strokes like this. The infuriating flip side to this, even though I knew exactly what’s going on, I still felt it necessary to delve into the matter – what was this story really all about? Within 10 minutes I discovered – MILIBAND’S FATHER HATED BRITAIN’S STANCE ON THE WAR IN VIETNAM!……. MY GOD! In other words he was a good guy. Miliband’s father did not hate Britain; HE HATED WAR, ESPECIALLY THIS ONE, WHERE BLATANT LIES WERE TOLD JUST TO START THE DAMN THING! A war where 4 million innocent Vietnamese lost their lives!
Sadly, this is how these pathological liars operate. They will do whatever it takes. It doesn’t matter how monstrous the lie is – they will keep doing it because they’ve no scruples whatsoever & until the public starts realising this, expect more of the same. Needless to say, 3 years later, our minds are just as easily manipulated. Perhaps I shouldn’t say we’re being fed the same drivel. Maybe I should just say – WE’RE BEING FED! That’s what people need to realise.
As I said, this article was a year ago & I can safely say Jack Shit’s occurred since. What nonsense ‘The Mirror believes they can ‘TOPPLE Cameron’s regime’. Cameron is protected, even if he sticks his dick in a pig’s mouth! The Mirror is very much part of the Zionist controlled media. Even Channel 4 news has been made to pull it’s horns in. When is the penny going to drop?

ANYTHING from mainstream media, however great it may sound, will either be a smokescreen to get people to take their eye off the ball……

……. false hope which also serves by making the uninitiated feel the media is unbiased……

……. or it will be pure unadulterated bullshit!

Your country needs you my arse! Go to my GMMuk page on FB & you will see a section ‘what’s this page is about?’ I wrote this –

If you really do have a yearning for the truth there’s a simple rule worth sticking to – WHATEVER THE MEDIA SAYS, IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

The flow of Information!





  • Catherine Szajer

    Just keep doing what you’re doing Michael. You pass on the truth and there is no better cause in this life. I appreciate all your work as do many others. I work in the NHS and despite being stuck in an awful system, I do what I do best, spread love. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    • You’re right Catherine – we have to fight on for evil ultimately can never win. Evil inevitably has to destroy itself. Only good can survive for the long term. Therefore, good must triumph over evil.

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