Democracy is Good for Syria, but NOT for Bahrain

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Democracy is Good for Syria, but NOT for Bahrain

(Whatsupic By Michael Aydinian) — With Syria key questions are avoided like the plague! How for instance did these ‘rebels’ appear out of nowhere, on cue, to begin destabilizing President Assad government? Murmurings of discontent mainly among younger generations due perhaps to the internet, that people were being sold short were relatively prevalent but nothing for President Assad to seriously worry about. All of a sudden there was mayhem! Syria went from relative calm to unbridled chaos in a heartbeat! Well there’s a world of difference between murmurings of discontent & a fully blown out Civil War! Yet such disapproval of autocratic rule had been far more widespread in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain. For years Human Rights Agencies have poured scorn over serious violations occurring in these countries yet the media never bothers to mention them!

Therefore, it goes without saying such rumblings of disapproval are hardly restricted to Syria’s borders. They’re prevalent throughout the world! No prizes guessing why Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Bahrain escape the wrath of successive US administrations & significantly the scrutiny of the mainstream media. I’ve often bemoaned the fact media lies are bad enough but what’s so disconcerting is what the media NEGLECTS TO TELL US! Indeed uprisings in Bahrain developed into massive demonstrations where time & again people took to the streets demanding more freedom & democracy, only to be met with brutal oppression. Yet do we ever hear of it? Yes, on RT Moscow! Sadly the entire mainstream media is controlled by the same gangsters who control most US & UK politicians & therefore news of genuine uprisings are suppressed, most especially the ones where despotic rulers play ball with the West! So, while the media scandalously turn a blind eye, secretively, our leaders prop up corrupt, murderous regimes like in Bahrain by selling it all the arms it’s leaders need to crush opposition!

Bahrain Protests

Bear in mind Bahrain is tiny compared to Syria but did we ever see such organized levels of uprisings in Syria where 10,000’s of demonstrators took to the streets? No way! However now, the great Zionist propaganda machine, the mainstream media, would spring into action! The MSM would report ‘there’s unrest in Syria; Assad’s an autocratic ruler; the Syrian people want democracy!’ Oh yeah? What, like Saudi, Kuwait & Bahrain? This barrage of propaganda continues unabated for days, weeks – who was it who said keep repeating a lie over & over again & sooner or later it becomes the truth? While gross human violations, war crimes as well as the genocide of Palestinians are ignored, the uninitiated are swamped with the same tune – ‘sources report unrest in Syria; Assad is a tyrant etc etc.’ The tempo is then upped! The media start inventing news by accusing Assad’s army of brutal oppression even though evidence is virtually non-existent! What effrontery! In Bahrain we allow, indeed encourage such oppression; in Syria we claim these crimes are occurring when they’re not! Unbelievable!

Hani Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Jumah, 32, is the nineteenth victim to fall prey to the Bahraini security forces’ brutal attack on peaceful bystanders and protesters. Hani was killed on Saturday March 19th, 2011.

Another question staring everyone in the face is HOW COME THE REBELS IN SYRIA ARE NOT BEING CRUSHED? How on earth did they acquire so much fire-power? I mean out of nowhere all hell breaks loose & instead of an uprising being quelled as it normally is, the Syrian army found themselves entrenched in a furious, prolonged, bloody battle! Have people stopped thinking? The Syrian army may not be an elite fighting unit but they’re nevertheless a quite considerable force! Yet hard as they try the ‘rebels’ manage to stand pretty much toe-to-toe with them! Isn’t someone going to say ‘how the hell’s this possible?’ Well since this is most definitely the case, the rebels have to be receiving massive external assistance. How else can major weaponry & ammunition be regularly channeled through & the entire Syrian army can do little or nothing to prevent it? As per usual, the media know when to clam up!

Now how does one define terrorism? Well the West’s definition changes with the wind! One minute any outside force meddling in the affairs of another country is deemed a terrorist organization; the next minute such a force is referred to as insurgents, then upgraded to rebels & finally hailed as freedom fighters! The paymasters of the ‘free Syria army’ is in fact the CIA itself! But the CIA is for the best part controlled by Dual National Zionists. This is all for Israel……. after all, what earthly reason would the US & UK have for destabilizing Syria? Israel though has two major reasons. Firstly huge oil & gas deposits have been discovered in the occupied Golan Heights. Needless to say the Israelis want their greedy mitts over all of it! Secondly, control of Syria & it’s air-space would open the road for an assault on Israel’s main foe, Iran. As for the CIA, for years they’ve trained 1000’s of Syrians for the sole purpose of one day using them to destabilize Syria from within. These ‘Operatives’ are trained in the art of urban warfare; others specialize in coercing Syrians to join them. They’re given money & weapons. The exact details are unknown to me – this is mere detail. What I do know is every aspect of such an operation is covered with utmost precision. They’re good at it too………. they’ve been doing it for years!

One thing must be made clear – the CIA’s orders may come from Capitol Hill but ultimately those who control US politicians, most especially on affairs of foreign policy are in fact Zionists whose allegiance is firmly to Israel! This is the crux of the problem. While their media bombards us with rhetoric denouncing terrorism, creating the impression terrorism is a scourge the West will do everything in its power to eradicate, we are to all intents & purposes its creators, the grand masters of the very scourge! But if one simply asks which country happens to terrorize its neighbors more than any other, Israel sticks out like a sore thumb! Terrorism is in fact a manipulative tool! While our formidable armies are used to terrorize nations & thus open the way for giant corporations & certain individuals to steal valuable resources, anyone brave enough to stand up to this unbridled tyranny is labeled a terrorist!

How can we keep turning a blind eye, especially to such outrageous double standards? What is it going to take for a journalist or news reporter to actually highlight the points I have just made? I’m fed up with hearing how ignorance, fear & apathy are tantamount to a ball & chain for we’ve long since past the point where people should be saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Certainly the good people of the Middle East deserve better!a

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