Dennis Skinner attacks Theresa May for ‘squalid’ backing of Tory MPs under criminal investigation for election fraud

A few days ago I touched on why this snap UK election was called. I stated the media had done all they could to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. Battered & bruised he is but regardless of what’s been thrown at him, he’s still standing. The last thing the power-brokers need is to wait for even more people to realise what a liar Theresa May is. So why not face the music now & use Brexit as a campaign tool. It’s worth noting, all May has said is ‘the Tories are the party to negotiate Brexit.’ THEY’RE LOATHED TO SAY A WORD ABOUT WHAT THEY’VE DONE & WHAT THEIR REAL PLANS ARE!
Then yesterday I saw this link “Dennis Skinner attacks Theresa May for ‘squalid’ backing of Tory MPs under criminal investigation for election fraud” & this certainly connected a few more dots. What an absolute joke! This is all about how Tories cheat in elections. Does mainstream media ever say anything about this? Hell no. To say we’re being played like never before is a chronic understatement. Check out the clip in the link where Dennis lays into the crooked Tories.


But what of Brexit & more importantly what the Tories have done since we voted to leave the EU? THEY DRAGGED THEIR FEET! Surely, if they were so concerned about Brexit, why didn’t they respect our wishes straight away? So why are they using Brexit now? Because it’s a huge vote winner. Way back before the referendum I wrote a piece stating out of the 30 people I’d spoken to, only 5 wanted to stay in the EU. Also most of them said the same thing -‘nearly everyone they spoke to wanted out, making a mockery of the polls & the betting.
Therefore I concluded the fix was in. I wrote a few pieces giving reasons why the EU had been a massive con & then, when the referendum results were announced I declared – THEY STILL CHEATED! I’m convinced the result should have been nearer to 75% voting to leave. They rigged it to make it appear close just so they could continue to manipulate the situation. Had the true result been announced, they could never have done exactly what they’re doing now.
To have the gall to claim ‘vote for us if you want to leave the EU’ is gut-wrenching enough but hearing people say ‘I trust the Tories more when it comes to Brexit’ makes me want to top myself! Honestly, if people can’t see the deception here then there’s little or no hope. The Tories campaigned to stay in the EU for Christ sake. Don’t be fooled into believing this election has anything to do with Brexit. On the one side we have a bunch of warmongering, pedophile-protecting liars who work for the Rothschild Zionists; on the other we have a decent man who wants to do what’s right – end of story.



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