Dick Cheney Exposed – 9/11 Truth – Stand Down Orders

You’ve sure got to hand it to Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange.Org – Last I saw he was in Jacob Rothschild’s face. Before that I’ve seen videos with Luke giving it to two mega monster rats Henry Kissinger & Larry Silverstein. In this clip he’s at it again, unloading on probably the greatest traitor in history, Dick Cheney.





It’s not simply the 3000 Americans on the day of 9/11; it’s the 2 million & more, all the soldiers, the devastated lives of millions upon million of families who been rendered homeless. Of course, how this bastard got away with this? The moment the 2nd plane hit the South Tower I said ‘why didn’t they shoot the plane down.’ Frankly, how every single person on the planet did not ask that same question is beyond me because here it is in a nutshell – US Civil Air Defense would merely be following protocol by having two F16’s either side of any hijacked aircraft – end of story. This piece of shit Cheney, whether you like it or not, made sure the planes hit their targets.


Vaporising plane


  • Zahra Hamid Siers

    I asked those questions on the day as my mum was on a plane to new York from London Heathrow and was returned back to base in England. Please read the bbook The Quest for Sanity….,reflections on September 11 and the aftermath…i can send you a copy

    • Thank you Zahra.. I’ll admit, right now, finding the time to read books is nigh on impossible. I have a devil’s own job reading all the articles & watching all the videos that I’m sent but by all means if you can email your book to me, every so often a window of opportunity may present itself.

  • Robin Brayton

    I was at work in the hospital on 9/11 and I wondered what was going on that there were no F-16’s bringing down the second plane. and then the pentagon was hit and my thoughts again were, where is the U.S. Defence system. Cheney is guilty of treason and that he remains protected and that there has been such an obvious cover up was glaringly right in the faces of the millions who watched the horrors of that day unfold. This video is a must watch but even with the evidence against him, we all know he will never face a judge or jury as this red flag operation was ok’d at the highest level by Bush himself, how convenient that he was in Florida at the time therefore making himself look so innocent. Sick bastards the Zionists are and they will go to any length to gain more money, resources and power.

    • Absolutely right Robin. This is why like a stuck disc I say without the media being complicit, they could never even have considered planning such an operation, let alone executing it!

  • richard norwood

    Israel and the neo-cons were the driving force behind the 9/11 false flag
    this is a documentary that reveals it all…war by deception…

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