Did Theresa May just say nobody’s above the law?

We all knew this was coming but I never imagined the British people would simply allow the Police to take Assange like this. I truly believed there would be 1000’s of people outside at least providing some sort of barrier. That was really sad because this it folks. It doesn’t get much worse than this –

i: Assange reveals how the US military was literally mowing down hoards of unarmed civilians in Iraq. To any sane, normal, decent person these were out-&-out war crimes.

ii: Since conducting mass-murder has been policy for the military’s of the US, UK & Israel in particular & since this axis of pure, unadulterated evil has no intention whatsoever to arrest this policy of slaughtering innocent civilians, they see to it that any whistle-blower is vilified & treated as if a career criminal. The problem was Assange hadn’t even committed any act that could be construed a crime.

iii: So they literally conjured one right out of thin air. In Assange’s case he was accused of sexually harassing two Swedish women.

iv: Hard as Assange tried to prove his innocence through legal means, since these were trumped up charges, even the avenue known as the due process of law had to be shut down. It stands to reason. In an open & fair court, more often than not, lies are shown up for what they are. Only truth stands up to scrutiny.

v: So after almost 7 years of house arrest in the Ecuadorian Embassy, laws are either bent or completely cast aside so that Assange could be arrested. In other words – IF THE AXIS OF EVIL WANT TO SCREW YOU OR ME……. THEY CAN!

However, what proceeded was even more sickening. Listening to that Zionist warmongering traitor Theresa May say ‘no one is above the law’ was positively excruciating. What about all the child-molesting politicians? Then I thought –


Even worse was this so-called judge who had the temerity to describe Assange as ‘narcissistic’. I mean what kind of judge is this? To me he’s the only kind of dog-shit you want to step on!

Assange’s Judge a Disgrace to the Bench, Former UK Ambassador Says

However, what really angered me was seeing these so-called officers of the law go about their work. I wasn’t watching policemen there. They were enjoying their moment in the limelight. What scum! For me I was looking at brainless, moronic thugs who in another life or probably even this one, would have made perfect football hooligans.

Most worrying of all though is the fact this was all done out in the open. We should all be very concerned because there’s no argument here. Assange broke no laws while the US & UK governments, that wanker in Ecuador & the UK Police have literally stuck two fingers up to the rule of law. I promise you, this is not just an attack on Julian Assange but on every decent, law-biding person. If we allow this to continue, especially any extradition to America then we are effectively screwing ourselves.

One final word – this is to all the people on social media who actually believe Assange, Manning & Snowden are controlled opposition – to say you’re all blithering idiots hardly cuts it. To me you lot are worse than those brain dead policemen who arrested Assange. You get an idea in your head & you fools just won’t let go. No wonder we’re in the shit!


  • Fredi Hazeem

    Be nice if a few countries would step up and at least issue some arrest warrants … even if they are NEVER served.

    • Too right but look what happened to Malaysia after they ruled that Bush & Blair were war criminals & Israel had committed war crimes, within a year two of their passenger planes were blown out of the skies!

      • Fredi Hazeem

        Well, there are various levels of “consequences for exposing the liars, being of good conscience, having an affinity for morality and international justice. (Note: This is the most recent post of yours I have seen. Can’t wait for the daft I saw to be posted!!!! I will comment on all posts, so you know I am getting the notifications)

  • Theresa May & the other scum who sit in Westminster,are above the law,but only because they are not ever apprehended & charged for any of their crimes by the existing legal system and the courts !
    This was really highlighted yesterday 11/04 when she virtually gloated over the arrest of Julian Assange.,to the accompaniment of nods of assent & almost jeers from the herd that she leads in Parliament.
    If we had a real rule of law,she might have been arrested for treason,along with Blair & Cameron & certain others !
    It seems that even the ICC has no real purpose,as it claims a lack of jurisdiction in selected cases where it refuses to try/prosecute US/European warmongers/political criminals (unless they’re from the Balkans),while it’s always prepared to extradite & try African warlords & others from the third world.
    We live in a very sad society !

    • Yes indeed we do live in a very sad society but I’ll say it one more time – the only reason all of what you say is correct is because the UK, along with America, France, Germany, Canada, Australia & many more, ARE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES! These Zionist scum control everything. I must have said this a million times & each time I say it I make the point of reiterating what these Zionists ultimately want is to create a situation where those occupied suddenly realise exactly what it’s like to be a Palestinian.

      • It appears as it could well be going that way !
        The unfortunate thing is that westerners are too apathetic/contrite & non – thinking,where they seem to refuse to take stock of the current situation and to fight back – they simply seem to accept it – much like watching an approaching tidal wave,and refusing to run to safety !

        • Fredi Hazeem

          Bingo, excellent perspective and analysis

        • Absolutely right Terence. There is one good way of looking at it though. At least these selfish so-in-so’s are going to have the fright of their lives when they realise the tidal wave is approaching. As they lose friends & members of their family they will rue the fact they were so bone idle & stupid! At least we are safe in the knowledge we did all we could.

  • dan

    oooo something gone wrong….

  • It’s become obvious over the years that nothing will ever change in British politics,until the day comes when the political system changes,via way of the ballot-box & possibly the impetus for such change might come about through the treachery displayed by May & her herd of self-serving pigs in Westminster during the Brexit negotiations.
    Although it’s certainly not a given that things will change full circle,it’s nevertheless possible that a huge dent might be made in the present 2 party system,where both Conservative/Labour might take a huge knock in popularity & therefore in votes,come further future elections.
    Hopefully if that happens,it will go some way to relieving the present political stranglehold of the present 2 party system.
    It seems that the Brexit party is starting to gain popularity in increasing numbers,and if those numbers continue to increase,something more feasible might emerge to challenge the (by now) outdated political system which exists in Westminster.
    There is most definitely much room for a change in players on the political stage,and such an atmosphere seems to be taking hold,due to the evident fact that the electorate have certainly had enough of the lies/half-truths,dithering & procrastination,which have taken place in Westminster for almost 3 years now.
    The overall failure & reluctance of the Tories to (so far) bring about Brexit has made people sit up & think for once that change is needed in Britain.
    At the same time,the electorate need to change their voting mentality & decide to effect change,by choosing other parties to vote for,and not continue with their usual political brand loyalty towards Tories/Labour.
    Time will certainly tell,as we head towards the May 23rd EU elections & beyond !

    • I’d agree with much of what you say except for one important thing – what would be good now is for the Tory vote to hemorrhage. Since Corbyn is Labour’s leader what better way of effecting change than by giving him a large majority. This would be like telling the labour friends of Israel – fuck off! No one wants you. THAT’S WHAT WE NEED – to rid ourselves of Zionist coercion. If this doesn’t happen then nothing will ever change.

  • I do really believe that the Tory vote will haemorrhage during May 23rd & after !
    I do agree with your view that Corbyn needs to affect change within his Labour party – however,how feasible is that in terms of reality,when he has had little control over Labour since having become it’s leader ?!
    I’m sure you’ll remember the time when Corbyn even threatened to take those within the Labour ranks who threatened to usurp his leadership to court & to proceed with litigation against them,in order to defend his leadership.
    Obviously he will have to pull something remarkable out of the hat,in order to achieve that,but it would have to be something truly re,arkable,which would then upset the (current) Labour rank & file !
    And of course,that much upset going hand-in-hand with the removal of many from within the Labour party,will really rock the boat & could possibly lead to relatively large numbers of members/supporters leaving the party to go elsewhere.
    The present set of political deadwood would have to be removed from the party ranks,in order to affect realistic change within the party & bring it round to total support of his policies,in striving to make Britain a far better place for all.
    To affect all of that will become a major uphill battle,but if he is capable of doing so,things will start to change radically for the better.
    The great question is,does he have the ability to do all of that ?|!
    Only time will tell,as so far over at least the last 5 years or so,both Tories & Labour have been much like rudderless ships caugh in a massive storm,and with their respective captains & navigating officers swept overboard !

    • Unless they cheat the Tories WILL haemorrhage in a very big way. They could even bleed out. This is why I think they will help the Tories on this front but not to make it obvious. With Corbyn one has to admire the fact he’s still in there punching, considering the amount of abuse he’s had to suffer so I think there is no problem here. We’ll have to wait & see Terence.

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