Disgusting Conflict of Interest: Theresa May’s Husband’s Investment Firm Made a “Financial Killing” from the Bombing of Syria by Tom D Rogers

It’s not so much what we have here is a conflict of interest that’s off the Richter scale. Sure, if one stops & thinks about the ramifications, something most people are loathed to do, were Theresa May & her husband arrested & a judge deemed a firing squad was the appropriate punishment, I’d genuinely believe the judge would be making the right call. Yet for some banal reason most people erroneously would feel ‘the death sentence? That’s pushing it a bit!’ Whether this anomaly is down to media brainwashing or most people simply having the brains of a rocking horse I’m not sure but why is it most folk believe murdering one person for money is a crime that warrants the death sentence yet when a politician causes death & destruction on a scale scarcely imaginable, sentencing those responsible to death seems a bridge too far? If I was calling the shots I’d have no hesitation pulling the trigger & would not lose a wink’s sleep in the process.

No. What I find so annoying is the fact the media is able to get away with ignoring such heinous crimes. Even more frustrating is the undeniable truth if Jeremy Corbyn & his wife were responsible of the identical offence, the media would be having a field day & we’d never hear the end of it. What’s most infuriating is the vast majority of folk have little or no idea the media, by its actions, is doing nothing less than pervert democracy. I don’t know about you but I believe this should also be looked upon as Treason & once again, there’s no doubt in my mind media barons, all the way down to editors, are committing capital crimes. At the very least they should be aware they’re playing Russian roulette. For me the crux of the problem is these people feel they’re above the law. There’s no question the world is teetering on the brink but if the situation in the media doesn’t change then I can’t help but feel we’re done for. 


  • I’ve realised for some time now that British arms sales to S.A were fueling the bloodshed/destruction in the Yemen & Syria, in the course of an unjustified war,motivated by greed & profiteering in the West,but i had not realised the extent of complicity of our own PM’s husband in all of that,until i read this article.
    Of course Theresa May herself, is by now well known to be involved in the Yemeni/Syrian conflict in terms of her support for current levels of arms sales to S.A.
    One might call this remote controlled mass murder for profit & her crimes don’t stop there either – just look at her time as Home Secretary & as PM,where she has cut police numbers,allowing huge increases in crime & also the huge increase in benefits losses/homelessness & the major increase in rough sleepers,with the attendant increase in deaths (some suicides) brought about by her policies.
    She has attempted to model herself on Margaret Thatcher & pursues certain almost identical policies,although she is not as steadfast as Thatcher was !
    Couple her inept rule with that of Cameron & the previous corrupt/warmonger rule of Blair & you have a whole bunch of evil doers,who in my opinion should be executed in the most unpleasant way possible – a bullet is just way too good & quick for them !
    Unfortunately the British people just seem to be way too complacent & are not militant enough,especially by comparison with the French.
    Until the day ever comes when the British people change their way of thought & become extremely militant,this type of thing will continue unabated forever more !
    Peaceful demonstrations on weekends don’t work – extremely forceful demonstrations on weekdays around parliament & 10 Downing Street need to take place,bringing disruption (perhaps similar to that brought about by tube strikes) to the Square Mile of London – that is really only the beginning of getting a highly corrupt and thoughtless government to sit up & take notice !

    • Great comment Terence & I agree with everything you say especially the part about a bullet being way too painless. These people deserve torture. However, I feel demonstrations will simply be ignored by the media & most certainly violence is what they want. What one has to consider is what has got them riled the most? Answer the BDS movement because this hurts them in the pocket. This is what they hate. Therefore what we need to do is organise ourselves for the purpose of boycotting as many of the major Zionist controlled corporations as possible, some sort of Union where we all work as one.

      • Great idea Michael !
        I don’t normally espouse violence,but i’m getting so riled up over what’s been going down for several years now,that i realise that something drastic has to be done !
        Hopefully after Brexit has ended by March 29th (if it ends then !),some concentrated effort might be made to remove May from power !
        Your idea of forming a union to enforce BDS is a good idea !
        Do you have any ideas on how to go about forming one ?
        I would be a willing member !

    • Elaine Whitaker-Board

      I totally agree hit them where it hurts!! That is the only way the government might take notice!???

  • Not to mention the London Olympics where Capita were given millions for security. Ended up billing us idiots thousands of pounds per uniform. They could not recruit enough people the army was called in. Mays husband senior man at Capita. I am seriously considering becoming involved in violent conflict and no longer care if MPs may be killed on the streets. Despise what they have turned me to

    • I know exactly where you’re coming from Steve but if you think about it you should ask, why are they indulging in such outrageous skulduggery & it’s as if they don’t give a shit? That’s because between the media & the politicians they’re doing everything they can to incite hatred & anger. Therefore this is why I say violence is what they want. However, if you look at what’s pissing them off more than anything, the BDS movement wins hands down. Simply don’t buy any Zionist products & boycott companies that are largely owned by them such as Tesco, Sainsbury, M & S, Morrisons. Instead shop at Aldi. You’ll hurt them & SAVE A FORTUNE!

  • Terence Hannah

    May and her husband is getting away with murder on a massive scale but nothing ever gets done about it! Why? Are these people above the law of the land? May as murderers thousands of people in this country in front of our eyes and no one says a word! She and her husband are selling arms to Saudi who in turn are bombing the shit out of Yemen consequently killing women and children! These two along with a fee other compliant rogues and murderers should be shot! No buts!

    • You know the answer Terence. It’s because the Zionists love war especially when Arabs & Muslims are the ones suffering. They own most of the weapon manufacturers so they rake in huge profit. And why should the Zionist controlled media say anything about this? Instead they make up lies about Gadaffi, Assad, Iran & the Palestinians.

  • charles allan

    Yes Teresa seems more slippery than Blair if that were possible and both pose as Christians that only reluctantly bomb children and civilians to smithereens .
    And the country is in a criminal mess with stabbings everywhere while the police arrest people
    for preaching the bible – this happened under May’s reign as she dodged and weaved rather than acted .

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