Do We Live in such a Crazy World Where Politicians & Media Decide What the Definition of a Terrorist Act Is?

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Do We Live in such a Crazy World Where Politicians & Media Decide What the Definition of a Terrorist Act Is?

Whatsupic — The answer to that question is an emphatic yes! Of course if you disagree, then what I’m about to say should be of no concern to you. Do not read on because frankly, how much more evidence would you need to have staring squarely in your face?

I’m not exactly sure when but there’s no question – a decision was made for the US police force to receive training from Israeli experts in riot control. Forget about the uncompromising nature of Israelis, shouldn’t someone have asked what earthly reason was there for US police to be doing such a thing? Had there been a sudden surge in riots? No. Had US police ever been ill-equipped or shown they were not so well versed in dealing with riots? This very notion is almost laughable. So would someone mind telling me why this decision was made? Well, the media are the only people who can raise such issues……. but did they? No. Not at all….. but why should they? The whole reason the Rothschild Zionists from the get-go sought to buy up every major news outlet was for the purpose of engineering news that would allow them to pursue their agenda and just as significantly, make sure no one knew about it! Therefore, we have a Zionist controlled media saying nothing about why the US police force were being given directives by the Israeli thugs and the fact the US police had actually opened up a permanent base in Tel Aviv.

Now, if nothing untoward occurred as a result, while I’d have remained apprehensive as to why this decision was made, I would have nevertheless pulled my horns in. However, look at what did occur – a major spike in the indiscriminate killings of US citizens by US police, several disturbing cases where those killed were unarmed and posed no threat whatsoever. Even when video evidence provided incontrovertible proof that Policemen blatantly lied by insisting their own life was under threat, the media in particular behaved as if it was business as usual. Furthermore, some of the worst cases saw the media offer an unchallenged platform so that those who’d murdered unarmed civilians could give their side of the story, thus portraying the criminal copper in a most favorable light. Then it would be announced there were no grounds to charge the police officer. Apparently he’d acted in accordance with the law. Now, at what point do we begin to suspect there exists a distinct possibility someone is trying to incite civil unrest? 

Though Hispanics and whites had been victims too, most were Blacks and the vast majority were killed by white police officers. One thing is clear – the authorities gave the green light for the police to up the anti. They in turn, along with the media, have made it abundantly clear the police can literally do no wrong. Was this how the US police force was to serve and protect the American public? We’re seeing cold-blooded murder being condoned. Victims who’d committed no crime, their hands up, pummelled with bullets. It gets no worse than this. Small wonder, in no time people began protesting on the streets. Demonstrations ensued all over America. White people joined Black people only for the media to ignore the central issue – what had transpired for US police forces all over America to suddenly adopt ‘a shoot to kill, ask questions later’ policy? Did the media ever question why the police were doing this or God forbid mention that all this mayhem started after the US police force received ‘advice’ from Israelis? Aren’t they even going to say……. Well maybe all this occurred because……..

The role of Zionist controlled media cannot be understated. To a fault demonstrations were peaceful. It was almost as if the media and police wanted rioting and looting for the purpose of driving the wedge ever further. Already the media had bust a gut trying to make this a race issue. On the 20 August 2014 I wrote a piece Excuse Me, But Please Don’t Bring Race Into Michael Brown’s Death; Media Will Do That”  – It seemed as plain as day – here was the Zionist policy as out in the open as it could ever be – DIVIDE & CONQUER! This is how conflicts and major wars have been engineered by the Rothschild banking dynasty for over 200 years – a process that serves to reward them enormously in terms of increased wealth and power while at the same time weakening countries from within through internal strife and decimating nations as a whole through manufacturing major conflicts such as World Wars I and II.

The notion this one family could have engineered all this unsurprisingly is at best viewed with great skepticism. It seems simply too far-fetched yet the moment one frees one’s mind so as to conduct meaningful research, from the very beginnings of the Rothschild/Illuminati plan in 1770 (no better account than Myron Fagan’s 1967 radio broadcast exposing the Illuminati/CFR) for the eventual goal of establishing a ‘one world government’, slowly but surely one sees how our history throughout this period has literally been fashioned in the pursuit of this very goal. Between 1859 and 1871, Albert Pike worked out a military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world which he considered would forward the Rothschild/Illuminati conspiracy to its final stage in the 20th Century. With the entire corporate media in their hands the truth is never told and once again, we are seeing history repeat itself. The media and politicians are effectively engineering a situation where the entire Muslim world is being isolated and a wedge is being driven between Blacks and Whites in America. Whether you like it or not, this is happening, so people better stop surmising as to why this is so and instead start asking – who is gaining from all this

One must bear in my there is no time limit. The goal remains the same. Whenever there’s a hiccup in proceedings, the chief protagonists merely find a way of eliminating that problem and their plan continues on track. They will NEVER stop! Just the other day we see a direct consequence of their policy of creating internal strife take a nasty turn for the worse. A depraved white supremacist walks into a church and murders 9 Black worshippers. The media never once suggested US politicians may be responsible. Why would they? They’re responsible too! But when it comes to plonking their moral high hat on, the Zionist media are past masters at this game. While they’ve been integral to manufacturing the civil strife we’re now seeing in America, they then use the event to once again bring to the fore the debate for gun control, as if they actually cared for the 9 innocent folk who were mowed down. Of course this is something the true power-brokers want more than anything. Should Americans be stripped of their Constitutional right to bear arms, I predict as many as 100 million Americans will die. Don’t think this is so pie-in-the-sky because 98 years ago the ancestors of the very same people conspiring today murdered 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution.  

Note how the Judge who presided over the killer’s hearing was reprimanded for racial slur. Way to go. Chuck some more oil over the fire won’t you? Once again we see the authorities doing everything they can to incite unrest. Note too – was the word terrorist ever mentioned? This is what I want to know. I live in London. The BBC is bad enough but I just wonder how many times the US media referred to this heinous mass-murder in South Carolina as a terrorist act? You see, the reason I’m intrigued is almost every day I read comments where Americans tee off on Muslims calling them terrorists. It amazes me no end because if only these morons knew that the very people programming them to believe this garbage, are actually the real terrorists behind 9/11! To believe the enemy is your friend! Unbelievable. Moreover, the media make it so obvious yet they still get the desired result. I’m beginning to feel no matter what they do or say, there are enough people out there that have the brains of a rocking horse!

How much more evidence is needed to realise our lives are being radically altered due to this imaginary fear of Terrorism. Yet paradoxically the very word is used and abused as if it had scant relevance to our lives! Come on people. If, by now, you can’t see the definition of a terrorist is being abused by the very people conspiring to screw us, then you are in for one, big, massive surprise. When are people going to realise the media is simply a mouthpiece for the greatest gangsters in history? Look what occurred some months ago when Andreas Lubitz took control of a German passenger plane and crashed it into the Alps killing himself and 148 people. Now imagine Lubitz was a Muslim. What would you think if the next day the media said ‘Lubitz had actually converted to the Zionist book of the Talmud? That would be a bit of a turn up, wouldn’t it? What do you think the reaction would have been, or should I say, how deafening would the Jewish outcry have been, especially toward those who’d pushed the story? Somehow I think quite a few careers would come to a very abrupt end.

The truth is Lubitz was Jewish. So what did the media do? They said he had converted to Islam. In other words the identical scenario but with the roles reversed……….. Did anyone say anything? Was there any shock, horror, outcry? Not a murmur. However behind the scenes can you imagine how furious Muslims all over the world were. Of course, voicing complaints via telephone or email is expected and results in the obligatory fob off. Now what’s important here, the next day there’s no mention of Lubitz converting to Islam. For the Muslims who complained it may seem the media had been put in their place but the reality is altogether another story. No apology; no nothing. However, the damage had been done. Even though no Muslim was involved, the notion that another terrorist attack may have occurred at the hands of a Muslim had entered the thought process of almost everyone and crucially had been embedded in the minds of the uninitiated.

There remains some doubt whether the quote “repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth” should be attributed to Goebbels. What there should be no doubt is this method is one of the primary principles behind propaganda. However, since there are several news channels and newspapers, a process of public programming can only occur if all the news outlets work in unison. Ask yourself, did you hear one news channel or one newspaper pour scorn over their media rivals claim that Lubitz had converted to Islam? Sure, moderate Muslims must have been beside themselves but their complaints were never mentioned, so most of us knew no better. Was anyone fired? No. Not one person was admonished. Therefore, if there was a hidden agenda to vilify Muslims, to keep repeating the lie that Muslims are terrorists, here it was in a nutshell! This was merely another step in the right direction – keep repeating the lie……

This whole issue of what a terrorist act is could well be our undoing because in the pipeline are plans to bring in laws where the definition of a ‘terrorist’ can distend to such outrageous proportions, anyone the authorities don’t like can be taken away, held indefinitely, without any legal representation and without trial. Not to mention the natural extrapolation that any undesirable will be tortured so as to confess, thus sealing their fate. It’s not as if we haven’t already seen this as well as these very laws being ushered in in America and Canada. Somehow we’ve left ourselves wide open for our elected representatives to pass laws that are the epitome of lawlessness! The very act of seeking to ratify such legislation is nothing short of Treason. In my mind everyone involved has to be put up against the wall and shot – the chief protagonists, all the way down to their puppet politicians as well as every single media whore! If good wins this battle over evil, we have to make it absolutely clear that any future attempt to seek control for ones own nefarious means will be considered nothing less than a crime against humanity. This must never be allowed to happen again and there’s good reason too. Evil cannot win because it’s inevitable the Netanyahu’s of this world will fight to the bitter end. If we are to pass the baton in the human relay race, good must triumph over evil. If evil wins, it will merely be signing it’s own death warrant. 


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