Do We Live in such a Crazy World Where Politicians & Media Decide What the Definition of a Terrorist Act Is?

Here’s my latest episode of GMM ranting & raving but really, this is one of my better efforts of laying it on the line. We’ve got to recognise who the real enemy is. If you believe anything the media says your thinking will inevitably be flawed. On several occasions I’ve reiterated the best way to understand what’s going on is to believe the exact reverse of what the media says.


Your foe is not your fellow American or any Muslim or any race, religion or nationality – THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE! How else could the Rothschild/ Illuminati plan to achieve a one world government back in 1776 be realised – the only way was to DIVIDE & CONQUER! Set us apart & this is what’s been happening ever since. It’s never too late to realise you’re being played. This is a prerequisite for understanding who our true enemy is – POLITICIANS, BIG BUSINESS, THE MEDIA & MOST CRUCIALLY, THOSE IN CONTROL OF ALL THREE.


Pair of prats!Pair of prats!



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