‘Dodgy Dave’s’ tax affairs to avoid parliamentary probe, says watchdog

Many moons ago I was asked to get involved in politics with the idea of perhaps fighting for a seat in Parliament. I immediately scoffed at the notion. Many folk today think I’ve got a big mouth but if these people knew me 30 years ago they’d realise I’ve seriously chilled. Compared to how I used to be, I’m the epitome of diplomacy. Sadly, yearning to tell the truth is anything but an attribute when it comes to the daily grind of politics.


Er excuse me

One only has to look at what occurred in Parliament recently when straight-shooter Dennis Skinner called David Cameron “dodgy Dave”. When I think of all the strokes this bastard Cameron’s pulled, far as I’m concerned the Beast of Bolsover barely got his horns out! Yet, this alone was enough to have Skinner removed from Parliament. When I think of what I’d have said given half the chance it makes me wonder how anyone could have ever thought I may have been MP material.


‘Dodgy Dave’s’ tax affairs to avoid parliamentary probe, says watchdog
So, just to put the icing on the cake, despite all the protestations, it’s been decided no further action will be taken against this bent Prime Minister of ours. Well, considering Blair not only remains free but is absolutely raking it in when anyone with a brain knows he lied to go to war & thus committed Treason, it’s no surprise Cameron effectively has carte blanche to do as he pleases. I’m afraid to say, it most certainly seems ordinary folk aren’t cognizant of the implications of what occurs if the media has a politician’s back.


Always money for war

Small wonder. When it comes to analytical prowess, forget about the heats – most humans aren’t at the races! I often ponder – has the dumbing-down process been such a resounding success? Today I read an article that stated we’ve all but ignored Edward Snowden’s warnings & as a result, we’re heading for an Orwellian nightmare. It depressed me no end because I’m in no doubt this is indeed the case, for even after all that’s occurred, the vast majority of us are failing to grasp what’s exactly at stake here. I’m under no illusions – we’re leaving ourselves wide open to crooks who have no qualms in committing mass-murder.


Here’s a couple of articles regarding our crooked leader. The first one is by yours truly but I was very upset with the way they edited it. The 2nd one is by Stephen Lendman. The video shows the Beast of Bolsover laying into Cameron……


He Shouldn’t just Resign, he Shouldn’t just be Sent to Prison. Cameron is guilty of Treason!




Tax Cheat David Cameron Called Dodgy Dave During PM’s Questions





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