Don’t listen to the media; I’ll tell you exactly how it is!

Before we go any further the media have made it obvious that they’re going to attack, bombard & positively pound Jeremy Corbyn on one issue – THE ECONOMY! This is where they see weakness because the economy is one of the few issues where the press still carry some clout. So I’m going to dispel this myth once & for all. I intend to email this to Corbyn’s camp because in one fell swoop it makes mince-meat of the media’s claim Corbyn’s Labour policies could destroy our economy. If anyone’s ever daft enough to repeat any media bullshit to you just memorise this off by heart – 
Hang on. The other day the media had Blair steaming into Corbyn giving the same crap about the economy as the media is now. Well correct me if I’m wrong but when Blair came to power in 1997 the UK economy was in fine shape. We were in the black. When Blair left in 2007 Britain was in a £600 billion hole. In short Labour under Blair overspent by £1.6 million a day FOR 10 YEARS & THE MEDIA NEVER SAID A DICKIE-BIRD! Then, to add insult to injury the media use Blair to say how bad Corbyn MIGHT BE?  
But just in case you still don’t think the media is a Zionist lying machine that doesn’t give a shit about you or me, think about this –  
The last time we had a far left Labor government was in 1979! What we’ve had in the last 36 years is far right Labour & Tory policies. End result – THE RICH HAVE BECOME STINKING RICH WHILE THE REST OF US ARE FACING AUSTERITY – THE VERY THING CORBYN IS AGAINST! In the meantime all those on the poverty line, folk who’ve fallen on hard times, the old & infirm are told they have to tighten their belts YET THERE’S ALWAYS MORE MONEY FOR WAR!
You think I’ve made a point? Well I ain’t done in a long sight! The best is yet to come –
Are you one of the mugs who think this Tory mob know how to handle the economy? Remember that saying repeat a lie often enough, eventually it becomes gospel? Incredible as it may seem, while Cameron’s been in office, the same 5 years where the media’s convinced people only the Tories know how to handle the economy, this government has not only increased our deficit but done so at a faster rate. Cameron has overspent by more than £2 million a day! As a result our deficit has sailed past the 1 TRILLION MARK! We are now at a point where we can barely service the interest on our debt & THOSE BASTARDS IN THE MEDIA ARE SAYING CORBYN COULD BE BAD NEWS? If you’re not angry – YOU BLOODY WELL SHOULD BE!


Man of the people & a silver spoon merchant! Look at those ponces on the right. They smack of arrogance yet they’re nothing. They were simply born into money. These people are so lucky its Corbyn & not me! Thanks to William Jewell for the caption.


Man of the people & a silver spoon merchant!

I received an email from Corbyn HQ this morning –

“Help me be your representative. When I stand at the despatch box for Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, I want to be your voice.”

What do you want to ask David Cameron? Tell me now and I will put your questions to him in parliament. My questions will be your questions.

I feel we should strike while the iron is hot so this was my question. I can just imagine Cameron standing there tongue-tied & twisted – 

“If a British plane was shot down over Ukraine but the Black Boxes were sent to Malaysia only to remain hidden from public gaze for a year, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO THE VICTIM’S FAMILIES? And since you’ve already made an enemy out of Russia as a result of you blaming Putin, WHEN IS THE DATA ON THE BLACK BOXES GOING TO RELEASED?”

So I put together 20 questions I’d love to ask Cameron. Feel free to copy & paste – 


1) This is your 2nd term in office. How many more Paedophile inquiries are you going to bury? 

2) Why are you protecting Tony Blair? Is it because you put his despised foreign policy into overdrive?
3) And speaking of Tony Blair why have you buried the Chilcott inquiry into the illegal war in Iraq?
4) Why do you care so much about so-called injustices in Syria but you never say a word about far more autocratic, despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar?
5) Why have you done nothing about Bankers bonuses?
6) Why have you opened more loopholes for the super wealthy?
7) Why do you continue to support the rogue state of Israel?
8) Why did you allow our emails & phone calls to become the property of the NSA without ever consulting the British public?
9) How dare you tell the British public to tighten their belts when there’s always more money for war?
10) Against all expert advice, your Chancellor deliberately under-priced the shares of Royal Mail. As a result the public was robbed of a cool £1.3 billion. What do you have to say to that you thieving shit?
11) In the Tory manifesto of 2010 you promised a referendum on Europe. You did not live up to your promise. In the run-up to the 2015 election you then had the gall to offer the British public the referendum you promised them in 2010! Do you mind clarifying the situation? Are you or aren’t you or is just plenty of flannel?
12) Some 60 Tory MP’s have direct links with private medical firms. Do you not think there’s a horrific case of conflict of interest with the selling off of the NHS?
13) When you accused the Russian leader of bringing down flight MH17, you did so without any evidence whatsoever. Considering Russia is a vastly superior Nuclear power isn’t this the height of irresponsibility?
14) Consequently, the UK is now imposing sanctions on Russia even though it’s against our best interests. What have you to say about that?
15) When you came into power Russia was a friend & trading partner. Thanks to you the UK now has a new enemy, a super-power that can destroy us 1000 times over! What have you to say about that?
16) The Black Boxes of flight MH 17 inexplicably were sent to London. A year has passed & the data is yet to be released. What are you playing at?
17) You & the media consistently tell us about our so-called improving economy. Why don’t either of you tell us how the Tories are borrowing more money than labor ever did?
18) ISIS may be a terrorist band of mercenaries. We’re all agreed on that but can you explain why the only people they kill are Israel’s enemies?
19) In the UN you said you felt 9/11 Truthers were every bit as dangerous as ISIS terrorists. This is tantamount to saying people do not have the right to freedom of speech but you went on to say “I will do everything in my power to eradicate them!” WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY ERADICATE?
20) Did you & Netanyahu have discussions about ushering in outrageous laws outlawing the BDS movement as well as making criticism of Israel illegal?

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