Dr Finkelstein on Jeremy Corbyn & the ramifications of the media’s lies regarding anti-Semitism

Here’s a great interview on RT (27.43) featuring the superb Dr. Norman Finkelstein. I agree with everything this man says. Frankly, I cannot believe how so many of my FB friends & now some ex friends see so different. If there’s a politician who stands up for his principles, for what’s right, Jeremy Corbyn has to be the one. For the life of me I cannot understand quite how so many folk have the unerring capacity to ignore all that’s patently obvious, only to arrive at an opinion which defies logic. A little excerpt –

FINK: “I’m focused on one thing & that’s obviously Jeremy Corbyn.”

INT: “Why are you focused on that?”

FINK: “Because I think it’s a historic possibility. I don’t know Corbyn. I know people that do……… Corbyn’s the real thing. He actually says what he believes.”


FINK: “Something different happened this time. Corbyn did not present a threat only to Israel & Israel’s supporters. He posed a threat to the whole British elite across the board from the Guardian to the Daily Mail. They all joined in the new anti-Semitism campaign & that’s unprecedented. The entire British elite, during this whole, completely contrived, fabricated, absurd & obscene assault on this alleged Labour anti-Semitism which there’s exactly zero evidence….zero.”


FINK: “There’s the boy who cried wolf but there’s a bigger problem than that. If Corbyn loses a lot of people in the Labour Party are going blame it on those Jews who fabricated this whole anti-Semitism witch-hunt hysteria & that will be a problem but you know what the bigger problem is – IT’S TRUE! JEWS WERE THE SPEARHEAD OF THIS CAMPAIGN TO STOP CORBYN & so there’s going to be a lot of anger within the Labour Party. That’s not anti-Semitism. That’s factually based!”

INT: “But it wasn’t just these Jews that you’re talking about.”

FINK: Yes but they played the most visible role & they played the most aggressive role. The British elites could not have gotten away with calling Corbyn an anti-Semite unless they had the support, the visible support, of all the leading Jewish organisations. You have to remember that during the summer, all three major British publications, for the first time in British Jewish history, they all took out a common editorial denouncing Corbyn as an anti-Semite & saying that we’re now standing on the verge of another Holocaust.They are the enablers of this concerted conspiracy by the whole of British elite society to destroy Jeremy Corbyn.

Then just listen for two minutes to a member of Jewish Voice for Labour. What this lady says is perfect!

What this all boils down to is while they concentrate on destroying any politician who even remotely wants to represent voters, on the sly they’re creating a climate where a form of extreme right-wing fascism, rather like the Nazis, prevails. While the media initiates their age-old method of ‘divide & conquer’ by brainwashing the public through spreading hate & bullshit lies, the elite then rig our elections. This has been their MO for goodness knows how long!

The greatest problem facing us today is election fraud. Some quotes –

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal” – Emma Goldman

“Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.” – Lucy Parsons

“It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” – apparently Joseph Stalin

Whether Stalin said this matters not. What’s critical is realising these words are 100% accurate! The one thing the media will never tell us is that the people they work for are specialists when it comes to election fraud. Therefore, it’s up to us to bring this treachery to the fore. The reason they get away with it is because they have all the bases covered, most crucially, they own the media so, they nearly always get their way & if anyone does get in their way, they’re either warned off or killed!

A couple of days ago I saw this caption. I really wanted Ron Paul to become US President & so it seemed did most Americans. All this is off memory but according to independent polls at the time, RP had at least 60% of the vote. In other words he’d have won the Presidency with the biggest landslide ever. The problem was, what the Internet was saying was the very antithesis to what everyone was being told on mainstream media. In a two hour live national debate, RP was given a measly 13 minutes floor time! Talk about a Zionist carve up!

I’ll never forget the Nevada Primary in 2012. A few days before an independent poll had RP on 56%, in other words his share of the vote encompassed Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum & all the rest put together. CNN reporters were about to ask a packed audience who they voted for. Audience members, one by one began declaring they voted for Ron Paul & they all gave their reasons why. After a while the reporter said words to the effect ‘has anyone got an alternative view?’ Nothing for a few seconds & then someone put up their hand & said they’d be voting for RP! This went on & on.

Naturally they had to go back to the studio where Zionist supremo, liar extraordinaire Wolf Blitzer found himself properly tongue-tied & twisted! He faced an almost impossible task. What could he say? Everyone just heard each & every audience member saying they’d voted for RP & thus made a total mockery of what the liars in the media had been portraying. Wolf Blitzer had to kill time. The only thing he could do was go back to Nevada where they were manually pulling out ballot papers & declaring which candidate got the vote. It went something like this & I KID YOU NOT –


Needless to say, back to the studio sharpish. RP had well over half the votes. Later the election results were announced – RON PAUL 3rd WITH 22% OF THE VOTE! If my memory serves me correct, Santorum came 2nd & Mitt Romney won. The only way they could have made it more obvious was by openly declaring ‘we’re going to rig this election!’

The next day when I’d managed to calm down enough to write about this outrageous Zionist perversion of US democracy with the idea of including the two sequences filmed in Nevada. I found the first where audience members gave their opinions. However, the manual count was nowhere to be seen. I was furious with myself for not downloading the piece. If anyone did, please, please, please…… be a wonderful human being & give me the link.

(I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! KUDOS TO ALAN CARTER FOR THIS. You don’t have to take my word for it but if you can tell me how Ron Paul got only 20% of the vote then I’m all ears!)

We should have had 8 years of Ron Paul as President. Instead we got lumbered with Obomber! Zionists are not just perverting democracy but history too!

This is what I said when I posted the caption of Ron Paul…….

Only one thing’s stopped us making huge inroads. Not the media. If by now you don’t realise they lie for a living then you’ve got the brains of a rocking horse. Politicians the same. No. What worries me – our elections are being rigged; the same crooks are involved yet there’s virtually zero noise! Ron Paul was robbed of the Presidency twice. He was anti-war. He wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve. This would have been a game-changer! Marie Le Pen was robbed blind. They wanted Macron. Look what’s occurring in France. 
The Scottish vote for independence had regions voting to remain in the Union where the SNP had sitting MPs in Parliament! I mean that’s actually hilarious! Worst of all, the EU referendum was a nightmare for them because they knew 3 out of 4 people wanted out. So they rigged it to make it seem close & they’ve been rigging everything ever since. Now I’m being told the Lib Dems got more votes in the EU election than Labour. That’s impossible but the reason they cheated here is as clear as daylight. It’s to make people think Corbyn isn’t that popular so when the General Election comes along, THEY’LL RIG THAT TOO!

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