Eerie Predictions in Vegas… Cui Bono?

Years back when these so-called ‘terror’ attacks began in earnest, I made an obvious prediction – they would continue unabated. It’s the main reason I refrained from reporting on each & every one. It didn’t matter where they took place. After the first few, one could see certain patterns emerge & the fact glaring anomalies were mysteriously ignored by the media, rather like how this guy in Vegas somehow, miraculously managed to hold the Police at bay for a staggering 72 minutes! Where in the blazes were armed response units that we’ve sadly become so accustomed to? I mean you’ve got to be kidding me.


Moreover, so often these ‘attacks’ occurred at opportune moments, most especially in France. In the end, I thought to hell with this. What’s the point of saying the same thing all the time. It’s obvious these ‘attacks’ are all Zionist false flag events & the authorities are under orders to play ball or else.


What is interesting is I said these attacks would occur regardless of the fact many of our basic rights had already been taken away. Forget about the heinous Patriot act, (which incidentally is about as patriotic as a steaming turd), the NDA Act permitted the indefinite detention, WITHOUT CHARGE, WITHOUT LEGAL REPRESENTATION OF ANYONE! This act of treachery gave the authorities unprecedented powers, yet I was in no doubt these attacks would continue nonetheless. All this on the backdrop of the media forever telling us how these ‘terrorists’ were actually on the FBI watch list. I mean you cannot make this bollocks up! 


Only blithering idiots cannot see something is seriously amiss here. The only conclusion one can reach is these attacks had to be false flag events. The authorities weren’t just doing nothing to stop them; they were allowing them to take place! To counteract this they had to actually make out the Police were doing a great job fighting terror. Every so often we’d hear of how yet another attack was foiled…. but no evidence is ever presented. Trials? What trials? All we hear are media lies. Whenever anyone asks for specifics, we’re given the same old tripe – revealing such information would play into the hands of the terrorists, blah, blah, blah & the rest of their crud!  


* First & foremost, one has to realise not just that 9/11 was a false flag event but significantly was planned & executed by dual national Zionists, Mossad, all for the behest of Israel. Why? SO THAT WE’D GET PRECISELY WHAT’S OCCURRING TODAY! What can’t people understand about this? The trouble is, only when one deduces this can one go on to make accurate predictions & arrive at correct conclusions.

* Secondly, it is even more obvious that not only is the entire mainstream media in the hands of Zionists but almost everyone on Capitol Hill is on the Zionist payroll. Again if one fails to connect these dots, then one will forever be clutching at straws. Frankly, I feel if you remain unaware of this then you most definitely have the brains of a rocking horse! There is little or no hope for you.

* So, only when one has arrived at this point can one conclude that America is actually an Occupied Territory. Once this penny drops, you can begin assuming pretty much everything occurring in America does so BECAUSE ZIONISTS WANT IT! All that happening today is being well & truly engineered by them.


As this excellent clip so rightly states, what does it take to realise the only people gaining from all this mayhem are Zionists & Israel. The one thing I will say is I believe this kind of Zionist skulduggery goes back well before WWII. In fact in 1916 when the Rothschilds promised the Allies they’d get America into WWI, the then British Prime Minister Lloyd George was anything but convinced citing how most Americans sided with Germany. In fact such was the feeling back then, almost 90% of Americans hoped the Allies would be on the end of a good pasting. They had no gripe against the German people.


To this Rothschild retorted – “WE OWN THE MEDIA. WE’LL SOON CHANGE ALL THAT!” Well, after a year of reporting how the Hun were doing all sorts of evil acts, going into hospitals, killing nurses, patients & children etc – exactly the way they lied about Iraq’s WMD’s – a year of telling everyone blatant porkies, it all changed. One must bear in mind, there was no Internet & therefore no outlet for the truth back then. This is the Zionist Modus Operandi – specialising in telling lies & of course, the odd false flag event. Who’s to say the sinking of the Lusitiania wasn’t another deliberate act of sabotage? What I’m in no doubt about is this Las Vegas shooting was yet another Zionist set up job. Thanks so much to Jeff Dahlgren & Christopher Bollyn for this great clip (16.25). Share it far & wide.



Ever since I began writing on social media, why do you think time & again I stated – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP? And they won’t because right now they are so powerful they’ve got everybody by the short & curlies. Moreover, once they get an idea in their head they always, by hook or by crook, get their way. Why? Because they’re evil enough to do whatever it takes. Forget about speaking out. To be part of the media one has to be prepared to profusely lick Zionist arse. The ultimate mafiosi is bad enough but what makes all this so terrifying is, uniquely, they have the media to always cover their back. Above all, they have untold resources.   


Here’s a great piece from RT & Julian Assange – 

Blame Russia: Assange outlines how to be a journalist in 2017


So, if 9/11 was a Zionist operation, what does it take to ponder WHAT WON’T THEY DO? Ask yourself, haven’t people like Michael Chertoff & Sheldon Adelson already proved they’re the quintessential mafiosi thugs? These two guys alone make Al Capone look like Santa Claus. Chertoff was an integral figure in the planning of 9/11. He allowed the ‘Dancing Israelis’ to escape US justice after they all failed lie-detector tests & actually admitted they were Mossad agents there to ‘document the event!’ That means they knew 9/11 was going to take place. The reason they’re referred to as the dancing Israelis is because they were jumping with joy the moment the planes hit the Towers. New Yorkers saw this & naturally called the Police. Great allies those Israelis!


Adelson is every bit as bad. He has openly stated the US should nuke Tehran. Now, here’s a guy calling for the mass-murder of millions of innocent folk. Make no mistake, Iran has committed no crime. It has attacked no one. The Israelis are the trouble-makers as their ex-terrorist Prime Minister Menachen Begin once proudly boasted – “WE ARE THE REAL TERRORISTS!” And wasn’t he just when he duly took part in the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 where 91 people were killed. 


So, the obvious question is why are they doing all this now? Ultimately it’s no real secret (at least it shouldn’t be) the creation of a New World Order has been a Rothschild goal for over 200 years. I mean for Christ sake, they already control so much of the world. How can people not suspect they might be after the whole caboodle? However, I feel the reason they’ve resorted to a series of false flags is because desperation has set in. I believe this is down to the advent of the Internet. It wasn’t that people didn’t suspect certain things were awry. What the Internet did for the first time was allow people to not just ask questions but to get answers which just happened to be conclusions the media never reached. Now their only option is to systematically strip us of our fundamental rights. Years ago I wrote it’s not that they want to kill all of us; they just want to have the ability to.


This is why we are being lied to left, right & centre regarding this so-called war on terror. The people moaning about terror are actually the real terrorists! Here’s another excellent article on RT by Glenn Greenwald – 

Terrorism used as ‘pretext’ for mass data collection


Finally, thanks to Natasha Ryan for this clip (5.16) which shows just how far Israeli/American tycoons like Sheldon Adelson are prepared to go. By rights what they’re planning on doing is nothing less than mafiosi strong arm tactics. It’s as illegal as robbing a bank! Quite how these individuals are allowed to get away with this is symptomatic of what is wrong with this world.  



  • Buddy Silver



    By William Blum – Published February 2013

    [The United States routinely interferes with elections of dozens of other nations and even “installs” political leaders through various CIA operations, including CIA-led coups and assassinations of foreign leaders].

    Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

    •China 1949 to early 1960s

    •Albania 1949-53

    •East Germany 1950s

    •Iran 1953 *

    •Guatemala 1954 *

    •Costa Rica mid-1950s

    •Syria 1956-7

    •Egypt 1957

    •Indonesia 1957-8

    •British Guiana 1953-64 *

    •Iraq 1963 *

    •North Vietnam 1945-73

    •Cambodia 1955-70 *

    •Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *

    •Ecuador 1960-63 *

    •Congo 1960 *

    •France 1965

    •Brazil 1962-64 *

    •Dominican Republic 1963 *

    •Cuba 1959 to present

    •Bolivia 1964 *

    •Indonesia 1965 *

    •Ghana 1966 *

    •Chile 1964-73 *

    •Greece 1967 *

    •Costa Rica 1970-71

    •Bolivia 1971 *

    •Australia 1973-75 *

    •Angola 1975, 1980s

    •Zaire 1975

    •Portugal 1974-76 *

    •Jamaica 1976-80 *

    •Seychelles 1979-81

    •Chad 1981-82 *

    •Grenada 1983 *

    •South Yemen 1982-84

    •Suriname 1982-84

    •Fiji 1987 *

    •Libya 1980s

    •Nicaragua 1981-90 *

    •Panama 1989 *

    •Bulgaria 1990 *

    •Albania 1991 *

    •Iraq 1991

    •Afghanistan 1980s *

    •Somalia 1993

    •Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *

    •Ecuador 2000 *

    •Afghanistan 2001 *

    •Venezuela 2002 *

    •Iraq 2003 *

    •Haiti 2004 *

    •Somalia 2007 to present

    •Honduras 2009

    •Libya 2011 *

    •Syria 2012

    •Ukraine 2014 *


    Unless Americans study, THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME and THE PHOENIX PROGRAM, by Douglas Valentine, they will continue to live in La La Land!

    Start in chapter 13 of THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME! This will show you what the CIA is doing TODAY and then you can go back and start reading the rest of the book.

    The CIA is the greatest Terrorist Organization, in the world!

  • scarecrow

    No one said it enough, the French made themselves very unpopular amongst the Zionist 5th column within the US Government when they announced they would veto a UN resolution to sanction military action against Iraq in 2003.
    The Bush Administration desperately wanted to legitimize their planned military overthrow of Saddam’s regime with that UN resolution and were forced to go rogue and be seen to be flouting the United Nations and international law in the eyes of the world.
    When the terror attacks started in France I knew right away, France was chosen by the zionists to take the brunt of their European theatre of false flag terrorism as payback for daring to stand up to them in the UN and make that veto threat.

  • Venner

    Well you know what Michael, anyone who is still dismissing people like you as conspiracy theorists, is either utterly brainwashed or in total denial. Steve Pieczenik has explained all of it, and there is a man with exemplary credentials.
    Not only is he Jewish himself, from parents who escaped Nazi occupied Germany, he has a Bachelors degree and a PHD from MIT. He served in the US Navy, and the administrations of four US Presidents, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush.
    When someone with those kinds of connections names the members of the Bush administration he says were directly involved in the planning of 9/11, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen Hadley, Elliott Abrams, and Condoleezza Rice along with the CIA and MOSSAD and at least ten other nations, when he says US military Generals threatened to overthrow them if they expanded the war in the middle east, the entire world needs to sit up and listen to what is going on.

    • Absolutely right Venner. Anyone who doesn’t at least suspect all these so-called terror attacks are actually false flag events is brainless. I’m fed up with trying to be diplomatic. The only reason mafiosi Zionists are still able to push their agenda of mass-murder is because there are way too many people who are way too dumb. It’s obvious the worst possible people are calling the shots. It’s obvious we’re being lied to

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