Election Fraud – Hilary is our worst nightmare

Even when it comes to pinching oneself I’ve discovered there exists a limit. Pinched to oblivion, one reaches red raw status ….. well at least that’s how it bloody well feels. As I head inexorably for the big six 0, all these years, for good reason I’ve felt the saying ignorance is bliss is one that at best makes a point but in truth, isn’t worth a bar of soap! After all, if one had the choice, who would plump for the avenue of being well & truly gormless? Herein lies the problem. If only it was simply a case of what you don’t know you don’t miss.


Complete with a 42 inch plasma TV all but inundating the entire living room & a sofa that just stops short of engulfing ginormous lumps of lard that have seriously over-indulged on take-away pizza & KFC, all washed down with the obligatory cola or 6 pack, a formula of sport, x-factor, someone must have some talent somewhere, strictly make a complete twat of yourself & show everyone basic mathematics is beyond you on the embarrassingly pathetic Deal or no Deal, is there to ensure one’s mind is never inconvenienced by having to think. Our politicians have conspired to not just allow the gormless to thrive in their own comfort zone, but the fact these individuals have become illusionary masters of their own domain, serves to conveniently undermine those whose faculties remain firmly intact.


Dumbos though are dumbos. Therefore, the media move in conjuring up meaningless labels like communist, liberal, right-wing, left-wing, Marxist, conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier & the greatest of them all, anti-Semite! These labels work wonders for not only do they offer Mr & Mrs Brainless a means of sounding somewhat clued up but it gives them an out because these faceless phrases are ideal for thrusting the messenger who’s merely trying to reveal the truth, on the defensive, thus snipping discussion in the bud. Constructive debate becomes wishful thinking. Therefore, I wonder, how often do free-thinkers mull over the notion, maybe ignorance really is bliss!


When I first started out on FB, an American lady made a point of encouraging me to write. ‘You have a way with words.’ She was the first but what interested me was she was Jewish. The fact she was able to rise above all the bias & bull gave me the impetus I needed. However, this interaction was short-lived when over 4 years ago I stated ‘though RON PAUL was the overwhelming people’s favorite to become the next US President, Zionists would rig the election.’ She took umbrage. What? The U.S of A – the land of the brave; the home of the free, being as democratic as bent banana republic?






AND THAT WAS IT! I couldn’t believe it! It was as if – who’s this Limey that reckons he knows more about US politics than 99% of us Yanks? Well, she wasn’t alone. Many American friends began teeing off on the Great MM. It was like I was slagging America off! Bunch of blithering idiots! One guy who previously had always supported me insisted I should apologise. I retorted ‘you off your canister? What would people think of me if under duress I capitulate?’ I told every last one of them – I’m not here to court popularity. Either get off your moral high horse or get on your bleedin’ bike. US elections are rigged from top to bottom, whether you like it or not!

RP Vote


RON PAUL was royally ripped off. It became abundantly clear – Zionist Diebold machines were there for one reason – to cheat in order to get a Zionist puppet into the White House. Many American friends sent me messages commending my judgement. Some conceded they originally thought I was barking up the wrong tree. Then in a comment, someone asked ‘which state are you from?’ I said ‘state? Listen pal – I’m in a state alright. It’s one called brain damage! Sorry but I’m a Limey Londoner through & through!’…….. BANG! Most people thought I was a Yank!




Bear in mind, the contemptuous BBC never once mentioned RON PAUL’s name! Now look at this caption……. The haven for pedophiles sure know where their bread’s buttered!


Here's the truth!

Now, what did I say from the jump about Hilary? I know many folk respect my judgement yet I’d like to bet even die-hard followers felt my contention that not 1 in 10 eligible US voters supported lunatic ‘can’t wait to start WW III’ Hilary, was a prediction that should be taken seriously. WRONG! I don’t play games. When I enter the arena it’s for one reason only – I want people to see just how on the ball I am!
This time around thank goodness RT is highlighting the outrageous voter fraud that’s occurring in America. It’s just unbelievable. Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight once again makes the sparks fly. In Illinois, after checking just one machine, Bernie Sanders had 223 votes. Hilary had but 177 votes. Bear in mind there are 500 machines just like this. Illinois result –

HILARY – 1,017,006

BERNIE – 982,017 



So is my 10% prediction pie-in-the-sky? Let’s say Republicans & Democrats split down the middle. Of that, Bernie has 60%; Hilary 40%. That means only 1 in 5 eligible voters want Hilary but hold the phone a minute. What about those who don’t vote? What about those who vote for fringe candidates? The media never highlight this enormous body of votes. I’m being more than fair when I say this puts Hilary’s support base down to 10% of eligible voters. In all honestly, I don’t believe there are even that many dumb Americans!



But what does me in more than anything is, even though it’s obvious Bernie is being robbed upside-down, we’re nevertheless allowing the Zionists to maintain their control on the proceedings. Why do you think from day one, I went out of my way to specifically say, the key to Trump rests entirely in what the media does. I said ‘if they support him, then I won’t. However, if they slag him off….THEN I WANT HIM BAD! I couldn’t have made it more clear. I even went on to say, the more they unload on him, then the more I want him.
So why is the media tearing apart a guy who only wants to serve America? Answer – BECAUSE THIS IS THE VERY LAST THING ZIONISTS WANT! THEY WANT A PUPPET WHO WILL SERVE THE INTERESTS OF ISRAEL REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT COSTS AMERICA! What sickens me no end is it couldn’t be more obvious, yet because most humans are morons who can’t wait to plonk their moral high hats on, instead of people assuming what’s clear as daylight – should Hilary have her way, she’ll kill millions of Muslims & Arabs but because Trump came out with some electioneering tripe about Muslims he’s the one we have to stop! OH MY GOD!
How can so many people be so thick? It’s all on record. All you morons, you brainless twats, you blithering idiots – all you need is Trump’s statement –


A potential President that’s opposed to war?….. What’s the matter with you? He then goes on to say he wants to talk with Putin whereas the psychopathic bitch wants to lock horns! Not only that, Trump went where angels fear to tread. He knows the truth about 9/11! WHAT MORE DO YOU BRAINLESS, IDIOTIC MUSLIMS WANT? From day one I said ‘I know people are going to think I’ve taken leave of my senses but Muslims should vote for Trump.’ I literally begged – ‘think about what I’m saying! I am no fool.’ I quite understand why people loathe Trump. Time & again I’ve stated, I can’t stand the guy but I see the bigger picture. Get this into your head – Hilary is our worst nightmare.


  • Mohamed Hage

    I agree with everything you said, but when someone with your intelligence calls people names to get their attention it makes me think twice about you. Not your message, I’m on board with that, but I lose interest, I could be the only one or not. Either way your message is enough my friends I don’t believe the rest is nessacery.

    • You can’t please all the people all the time. What one likes, another person doesn’t. I take in what you say but why assume I use such language to get attention? No sir. You couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve never courted popularity in my life & I certainly don’t play games. I say how it is. I don’t hold back & often when I write, if the subject matter is one which concerns me greatly, I can get somewhat over-emotional. By all means, think twice but what matters is whether my judgement is sound; not if my style of delivery is correct & proper. However, the vast majority of my readers find my particular style of writing most entertaining as well as accurate.

  • Mohamed Hage

    Fair enough, I was somewhat over-emotional after reading your article, but I’m here again this morning to see what you got for us. If you ever need help of any kind let me know, also have you got anything about Khazarians. Thank you and God bless.

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