End the Nightmares for the Children of Palestine.

Goodness knows how many fraudulent charities advertise on TV. Little do people know they’re being conned into making regular donations – just £3 a month for starving Africans, over-worked Donkeys, threatened Tigers & Snow Leopards – clever advertising accompanied by a piano playing an oh so sad tune in the background. Not that these causes aren’t entirely worthy but I don’t think people realise just how little of their money actually goes to feeding starving Africans or to helping these animals.


These adverts cost £1000’s yet we’re positively bombarded with them. Every day, day in & day out. Therefore, THIS IS BIG BUSINESS! However, since the entire UK media is under the Zionist thumb, we’re allowed to see all these con tricks that simply fill the boots of advertisers & the scumbags who run these ‘charities’ but do we ever see any appeals for the hapless Palestinians? Not one because our TV stations have imposed a ban. Since the BBC charges a licence fee how dare they do this. How this can even be legal is beyond me!


I’m regularly asked to post appeals. Each time I refuse because I know it will open the floodgates. Also I believe the best way of highlighting all the problems in the world is to make people aware of just how crooked our politicians are & how the system really works. In short I believe in prevention – not cure. If we didn’t have such a corrupt system we wouldn’t have the inordinate number of charities that there exist today.


So normally I don’t do such requests but yesterday I tried to highlight the terrible exploitation of Africa by the greediest vermin on the planet as well as the awful plight of the people of Yemen who are quite literally being pulverised by the scum of the earth. So with the Palestinians being used as target practice for all Israelis, scarcely a day goes by where I don’t hear of another horrific shooting where Israelis are indiscriminately killing those who they think might have a knife. It is an absolute disgrace.


I know there are horrendous atrocities occurring in Burma, Indonesia & Ukraine. I will try & cover all of them but for now, my friend Jonathan Trapman’s niece heads a program that is trying to help Palestinian children who have been traumatised by their ongoing nightmare. This is their new video – 



I thought I’d add a few links. Firstly, well done to the Labour party for deciding to stop using G4S to secure their annual conference. At least Jeremy Corbyn stands up for human rights and justice, not like that lying Zionist war-monger Cameron. This is from the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign – ask your friends to thank the Labour Party for their ethical and responsible decision.



End the Nightmares


And I thought why not include what’s become a typical story in Gaza & the West Bank. From where I’m sitting Israel is a democracy where committing cold-blooded murder is legal. Thanks to Joseph Chase II for the link & the caption of this vile, deluded cretin who killed a 16 year old girl. Take a good look at this link for it gives you some idea of exactly what is going on in the Occupied Territories. This is all in just a few days.





Finally back to the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign. Can you believe the Co-operative bank’s decision to close PSC’s account? Talk about discrimination. And to think I used to work for the Co-operative Insurance. So if you bank with those bastards close your account. 



Israeli forces and settlers besiege Hebron. Thanks to Joe McPhillips for sending me this.



  • jill

    A huge portion of charities are run by the vipers destroying the world. The term non-profit should send people running in the other direction and to beware before you give one penny until you research “who” is running the begging machine.

  • Sam

    I’ve only just woken up to this, largely thanks to you guys in the alternative media, I used to donate to loads of these charities, (partly as I find it hard to say no) but they are making it easy for me to cancel lately – I told save the children to sod off for giving mass murdering psychopath Tony Blair an award, I told Amnesty to get fucked for maintaining that there’s blame on both sides in the Israel/Palestine conflict and as for Christian aid, I made a direct debit for them a while ago and they must have put me on a “suckers list” or something because from that point on they would phone me every week or so just to see if I’d like to increase my payment as I’d been so generous already! I asked if they were going to be donating any of their salary, which after all is taking money from a charities funds….. They hung up! I think I’ll give their money to Mr Trapman’s niece’s endeavor instead now, thanks!

    • Well at least you have Sam. Many people donate serious money over their lifetime & I guarantee if most of them knew how much the CEO’s of charities earn – in America many ‘earn’ well in excess of a million a year – they would not so readily be donating away their hard earned cash. Also if people were told (as I believe they should by law) what percentage of their money was going to the cause, once again they wouldn’t be so generous. One charity in the UK has the gall to claim 93% of the money they’re donated as administration costs. A paltry 7% goes to the cause. Typically many of these charities have Zionists at the forefront, the BBC a classic example where fraud is rampant.

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