Erdogan giving it to Shimon Peres. Suddenly I’m a fan!

I was born in London but my parents were Armenian. My father scarcely went a week without mentioning the Armenian massacres by the Turks in 1915. Out of 2.5 million Armenians, the Turks managed to wipe out 1.5 million in just one year. Imagine – that’s over 4000 people every single day for an entire year. Legend has it that when some German generals challenged Hitler on the Jewish question he replied –


Hitler was right. Bad enough most human beings have a short memory. Many of those who don’t, don’t give a damn anyway! I’ve got to admit, hard as my father tried to get me to hate the Turks, while I could well understand his anger & frustration that Turkey, to all intents & purposes got away with a heinous crime, I couldn’t help but feel this was wrong. For starters all the Turks alive today had nothing to do with the Armenian Genocide. More importantly, these massacres are often down to the ruling elite & by that I mean the money men who control the politicians. Blaming a whole nation of people is not right.


Anyway, at an early age I realised sentiment & morality was not worth a bar of soap when it came to what goes on behind closed doors. There was no denying it – the significance of Turkey’s geo-strategic position has almost automatically placed it at or near the top of the pecking order. Turkey would be afforded favors few countries ever receive. For people like the Armenians & the Kurds it was a case of ‘promises, promises….. that’s if they were lucky enough to get any sort of verbal commitment. This has gone on for nigh on 200 years! Well, now it sure seems like there’s been an almighty eruption.
Needless to say with all the recent shenanigans going on in Turkey, many Armenian friends have been tagging me – ‘what say you to this; what say you to that?’ Messages galore. Look. I know I’ve got my finger on the pulse but I’m not a bleedin’ mind-reader! Funny, only today I wrote “Unless I possess a fair understanding of a particular topic or event I rarely get involved.” As the saying goes, ‘when it rains it pours!’
To be honest I’ve had the raving hump with Erdogan from the jump. To side with the Israelis against his Muslim brothers in Syria? This was unforgivable especially after they destroyed Libya & the Israelis launched an outrageous raid on the Gaza Flotilla murdering 9 Turkish aid workers on the Mavi Marmara. As much as I was pleased Erdogan didn’t cave in to the Israelis; in fact he demanded an apology from Netanyahu of all people, some $20 million for the families of those killed, the lifting of the blockade of Gaza but when he refused to close down Hamas’ offices in Turkey, the negotiations broke down.
Then we had a situation where Erdogan was prepared to mix it with the Russians. There were countless accusations of Erdogan keeping ISIS in business by buying their stolen oil. Then the bastard started locking up journalists who dared to disagree with him or reveal the truth of how he was subsidizing ISIS terrorists by purchasing their oil & pocketing millions in the process. All the while Turkey had become a target for major bomb attacks where 100’s of civilians had been killed. With creditable media reporting all but gone, it was impossible to know who really was behind these bomb attacks.
Then a few weeks ago I heard Erdogan had extended an olive branch to the Kremlin! YOU WHAT? After discovering the report was genuine the first thing I thought was what the hell is going on here? If one fully grasps the situation – who’s with who & who is really calling the shots – then this would be a real turn-up for the books. Then a few days ago there’s this coup attempt. What on earth was that & more importantly, who the hell sanctioned such a thing? Erdogan’s reaction was even more of an eye-opener for rather than pointing the finger at Russia, all of a sudden he was pointing the finger at America. Well, as I’ve always tried to emphasise – if it’s America, then the truth is, HE’S REALLY HAVING A GO AT ISRAEL!
Still I wasn’t in a position to write anything until about two hours ago when Paul Stewart sent me this mind-blowing clip. NOW THE MIST IS CLEARING. Look at what happened in Davos Switzerland on May 18th. I’ll just say this – I’m not yet an Erdogan fan but he’s taken one almighty step forward for this here Armenian. This is what the world needs more than anything. No surprise it’s taken two months for me to get to see this. Normally something like this would get to me at light speed. This is news the Zionists want few people to see…..



  • Linda

    No link Michael

  • Kathy Howarth

    I’m not sure that he isn’t, he seems to shift with the wind! Self preservation ? Hard to trust someone like that

  • Judith Murphy

    Wow! You have to admire the man’s balls!!! As said previously, he goes up in my estimation too.

    • Yes indeed Judith. I find it amazing – whenever there’s a discussion with an Israeli, the presenter is bought even with heads of state. It’s not so much the Israelis cannot take any criticism. It’s the fact they know if it starts to happen, it could mushroom into a massive snowball.

  • Mari zadeh

    Thanks for posting Michael, absolutely digusting that Erdogan was cut off but glad he applause for his honest comments

    • As I was saying to Judith Marl, the Zionists always have insurance when it comes to debate. They’re allowed to tell lie after lie while those who speak the truth about them are lucky to get 5 minutes.

  • Ed

    Big deal, one genocidal maniac calling another genocidal maniac a genocidal maniac.

    • It is a big deal. As cushioned as they are Turkey could never get away with what the Israelis do. What’s happening in the occupied territories is a blight on mankind. Anyone, however bad they are, who says anything is doing the world a big favor. Moreover since no one dares criticise the Israelis I would have thought the man deserves some credit for having the balls to do what few would even contemplate

  • Fis

    I really respected him at the time. If l am not mistaken that was in 2009. Yet his act1ions in regars to Syria resulted in my losing the respect.

  • Tom Swift

    Cant work out who is against who as it seems that a few leaders are having a go at others “on their team” quite often now and i’m begining to think its all just show to keep us guessing and misleading each other. They seem to enjoy playing the game

    • Yes. It’s all got so messy one wonders if this is all just a ruse. However, it stands to reason there’s lots we’re never told. Moreover, I can’t think why they’d want to take the piss though every time they say the terrorist so kindly brought along his ID, I can’t help but think they are taking the piss! Maybe you’re right Tom – they enjoy playing the game!

  • Robin

    I can’t access the video link, the spot is blank…..perhaps u can email me the link?

  • Tiroxin

    This happened years ago. Back then, Erdogan was not a dictator as he is right now. Water under the bridge now. He’s made peace with Israel trade connections, military partnerships, all back on track.

    • Yes indeed though there seems to be a lot of mixed signals coming out of Turkey. I wish we knew more about his recent olive branch to the Kremlin. I’m certainly not convinced everything is back on track. Turkey seems to be stuck between a rock & a hard place – Russia & Israel. We’re obviously not being given the whole picture.

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