Excuse Me, But Please Don’t Bring Race Into Michael Brown’s Death; Media Will Do That

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Excuse Me, But Please Don’t Bring Race Into Michael Brown’s Death; Media Will Do That

Whatsupic — More often than not, most of us have our hands full bringing up a family, working, having enough to get by etc. Therefore it’s nigh on impossible for many folk to know if a certain news item is genuine or whether it’s media myth. So they rely on what they hear on the news & read in papers. Of course many remain skeptical & as time goes by some wise up but for the most part, if one is not offered an alternative view at a relatively early stage, so as to perhaps be made aware that one is being led up the garden path, one tends to fall prey to the incessant barrage of lies dished out by mainstream media perpetuating their falsehoods. Mark Twain said “it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled!” There was more of a problem in the past. I believe that mainly due to the advent of the Internet people are learning the truth quickly & spreading the word. This is what’s happening increasingly & as a result the MSM is being found out & have been seriously hemorrhaging viewers.

However I believe where I’m most fortunate is having the ability to see why & when we’re tactically awry in our response to major shenanigans of those in the upper echelons of power. It’s tough enough as it is! Therefore it’s imperative to adopt the most effective approach. Yet time & again the media succeed in steering debate over contentious issues & scandals away from the crux of the problem. We are led all too easily & as a result confusion reigns, divisions appear & the ensuing disagreements creates a gulf between the very people who should be united & thus best able to apply concerted pressure. I’ve talked about this often on FaceBook & on the radio. For instance we are digging too deep into 9/11. We already possess mountains of evidence. What earthly reason do we need people like Dr. Judy Wood claiming the Towers were brought down by some bizarre laser beam weapon? All I saw were typical controlled demolitions! Others claim there were no planes! It’s crazy but WHO CARES ANYWAY! Are we so idiotic to not assume the media is complicit? Make no mistake – 9/11 would have remained a pipe-dream for the lunatic Neo-Cons & Zionists had even a portion of the MSM been independent & so free to investigate! What’s more, isn’t it common knowledge striving for the big pay-off is human nature? Well, fame & fortune cannot be attained by churning out old news & so naturally many are prepared to sell their souls in this quest. It’s a sad indictment of mankind but there’s no getting away from it – history is full to brim of charlatans concocting cock-&-bull stories in order to make a name for themselves. 

With 9/11, our chief goal should be to somehow get the true perpetrators into the dock! That’s it! The details can be ironed out later. I say pile the pressure on by naming names; keep naming names ie the dual national Zionists in the Project for New American Century, the PNAC group who obviously planned the whole thing – Zakheim, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Chertoff & of course Cheney, Rumsfeld & the three Bush brothers! There are many more. These people cannot openly challenge accusations they were the architects of 9/11! The proof is in the pudding – there have been several lawsuits against Bush, Cheney etc. Vincent Bugliosi wrote a book ‘The Prosecution of GW Bush for murder.’ Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth where 1000’s of professors, academics & pilots joined the fray. The media turn a blind eye to the most sensational news from the most creditable sources yet they’re always prepared to offer the media spotlight to those who fudge the issue & thus create confusion. The media are not only are they complicit; they know full well any publicity pointing the finger at the Bush administration & the dual national Zionists who control it, is an absolute no no! It would open a massive can of worms! They’re more likely to have you killed but sue – NEVER! 

The recent plane crash in Ukraine is another example where what transpired should have within 20 minutes alerted us (20 minutes was the time it took to send the tanks & helicopter gun-ships into Gaza after MH17 went down) that arguing the toss over the details would be a total & utter waste of time. The truth will never come out because it CANNOT come out! The fact Putin was blamed immediately by ALL THE PAPERS when no evidence had been gathered, meant it had to be a set-up! Add to this Cui Bono was never considered & the fact that Putin could only lose, it’s an absolute no-brainer! Yet to this day I’m sent article after article claiming THIS is the real story behind MH17. One of them was sent to me by a relatively smart guy but this takes some believing – MH17 WAS ACTUALLY MH370! I fell off my seat, not knowing whether to laugh or cry! It stated they had to get rid of all the evidence of MH370, the first Malaysian plane that went down in the far East. I mean how ridiculous? It’s like reading comic books! I told the chap, do you seriously believe such drivel? I mean, okay, let say they did that but now they’d have the problem of disposing of all the evidence of MH17! They’re back to square one! Yet he still argued with me!  

Now it seems we are being played yet again. Recent developments in the horrific gunning down of unarmed US civilian Michael Brown in Missouri is beginning to worry me no end. I only wish I could have addressed all the colored folk in Ferguson. Naturally they’re shocked, appalled & extremely angry by what’s occurred! All decent folks are! However, as each day goes by, the dawning realization that most people are unwittingly falling into a trap that the hierarchy ie those ultimately responsible for the sudden spike in indiscriminate slaying of US civilians, are desperately trying to initiate through their media tentacles. When are people going to realize THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE OF RACE! The moment this dreadful shooting hit the headlines & became big news, I thought please don’t bring race into this; THE MEDIA WILL DO THAT! You see if I was a well-known Black figure there, I would have offered everyone these guidelines………… 

‘Whatever you do, the central issue is how & why the Police are suddenly shooting to kill unarmed Americans who’ve not committed any crime & are not resisting arrest!’ I would add, ‘the media will bring up the issue of racism! If & when they do, you snip this off at the bud by saying this – No. Excuse me! This has nothing to do with race. Please don’t bring race into it. White folk have been gunned down in almost identical circumstances as have Hispanics, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans & so on. Any such tragic loss of life, Black or White, should be abhorrent to everyone! What’s race got to do with officers of the law making a mockery of the oath they once took – TO SERVE & PROTECT THE PUBLIC! What is this? Shooting to kill being the only option? Whatever happened to the home of the brave & the land of the free? Don’t bring race into it – just think how you’d feel if this happened to your child?’     

TAKE THAT! I’m in no doubt – tactically this would have been pretty damn close to the perfect response. I’ll be damned if anyone can tell me different! You’re welcome to try though – I’m always willing to learn more & improve. But can you imagine how tongue-tied & twisted the media would have been? Not only that, the people of Ferguson would have shown they can rise above all hatred of racism & in one fail swoop galvanize the support of almost every American. Those in power, from the Police force, all the way up to Capitol Hill would have had nowhere to go. I can just see them saying – ‘man! They played this one well!’ This in itself would send a message to all Police departments –  for those directly involved, each & every shooting will incur an infinitely bigger headache than the one before! Instead we see the situation deteriorating while the central issue is virtually ignored.

But no doubt people will read this & the red mist will suffocate logical reasoning. Allow me to explain & then please, think about this long & hard! First & foremost, ethnic minorities in America & several countries in the West, Blacks especially, HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TARGETED! This is anything but a new phenomenon! The reasons are obvious – job opportunities as well as long term prospects for wealth & happiness is anything but a level playing field. Ethnic minorities are stuck at the bottom rung of the ladder. When they see so many affluent White folk living in large houses with swimming pools, driving flash motors around, naturally they’d love to have similar luxuries. As a result more of them turn to criminal activities & so the number of Blacks arrested have to be proportionately superior to White arrests. This makes perfect sense. I know it’s not fair. Of course we should all have equal opportunities. If I could change this, I would. However, this is not the world we live in! Mankind has evolved in dramatic fashion, in fact so much so, the vast majority of us believe we’re apart from the animal kingdom, yet the truth is the law of the jungle remains firmly imprinted in our DNA! We live in a harsh, cruel, unsympathetic world where greed holds no bounds! So desperate is the plight of young Blacks, loss of freedom hardly enters the equation. How can it when freedom offers so little?

So why is the Press perfectly happy to promote the issue of race, especially since the central dilemma is the dramatic rise in fatalities caused by over-zealous cops & why in the blazes they’re shooting to kill first & neglecting to ask questions AT ANY TIME? Of course, this manufactures an out for the murderous thug who will inevitably stand trial. He’ll make out he felt his life was under threat. Most importantly, bringing race into the argument serves to drive a wedge between Blacks & Whites. The last thing the authorities want is all folk across America presenting a united front, regardless of race. This way maximum pressure would be exerted! Why is this essential? Because it makes it all the more problematic if, as per usual, the accused once again is given a slap on the wrist. The flip side though creates even more grief! If found guilty he’d almost certainly receive a lengthy jail term. His gung-ho colleagues would then be obliged to think twice before unloading! One must understand this is all by design – the Police have been given a licence to kill. Why else have US Police forces acquired the expertise of Israelis who specialize in riot control & mass-murder? This along with sudden erosion of civil liberties, the outrageous Patriot & NDA Acts; the construction of 800+ state-of-the-art Fema camps; the heinous spying activities of the NSA; the incarceration & persecution of whistle-blowers! Add to this the astonishing attempt to confiscate firearms Americans have legally purchased! All I can say is if by now you fail to sense something is very seriously amiss, then you’ve definitely got the brains of a rocking horse! 

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