Expel Tony Blair from the Labour Party

I often wonder how some of my lousy non FB ‘friends’ & fellow citizens would feel if another foreign nation installed a vicious dictator in the UK usurping our democratic process. How would we feel if for years the country that so outrageously meddled in our affairs then sold a whole array of weapons including missiles & chemical weapons so that this madmen could brutalise us & thus stay in power? Then years later this country decides they’ve had enough of him, so they concoct a pack of lies in order to invade the UK telling us it’s for the purpose of getting rid of him.


Instead what happens is total & utter devastation. 2 million Brits are killed; God knows how many millions rendered homeless, livelihoods destroyed; god knows how many children born with horrific birth defects due to the illegal use of depleted Uranium; our countries infrastructure in total ruin – motorways, roads, bridges, railways, hospitals, all in a state of disrepair; cities in rubble; our economy on the floor; our only natural resource plundered & yet 13 years later our country still remains under occupation by the very people who claimed they were bringing us democracy.


Arrest Tony Blair





THIS IS WHAT WE DID TO THESE POOR IRAQI PEOPLE! SO WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE DECENT ENOUGH TO THINK, JESUS! HOW WOULD WE FEEL IF SOMEONE DID THIS TO US? This is why I refer to many old friends as lousy people because that’s precisely what they are & I only wish each & every one of them could read this, & for that matter anyone who, like them, has simply turned a blind eye. What kind of people have we become to do unto others what we would find deplorable? This is unacceptable.
How can the Labour Party claim to have any credibility if this mass-murderer remains a party member? The Tories have already proved they are a heartless bunch of crooks who’ve long since sold out to the Zionist lobbies. Rather than admonish Blair, the Conservatives under Cameron did everything to protect him & indeed continue his illegal war-mongering policies with zest. Not only should Jeremy Corbyn continue to press for the arrest of Tony Blair but the country should get right behind him for doing so. Then the Labour Party should issue a humble apology to the people of Iraq. God help them!


Also I came across this link – not that I believe this for one minute because contemptible & deluded as Angela Eagle is, she surely is not that daft to say such things. Anyway I might be wrong but I doubt even she’s capable of coming out with some of the tripe she is supposed to have said here.

Tony Blair is the real victim of the Iraq war, claims Angela Eagle


Tony Blair is the real victim of the Iraq war, claims Angela Eagle



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