Exploitation of Africa by Mallence

The other day I posted a long-overdue piece about the exploitation of Africa, believe it or not, the world’s richest continent. Unimaginable crimes are being committed in Africa on a daily basis because those who are already fabulously wealthy just want every last penny. With Africa, greed takes on a whole different meaning because if they were to only take everything it wouldn’t be so bad. You see often the land is ravaged & laid to waste & in some cases villages are simply wiped out. 


Africa looted


In the Congo for instance, since 1996 over 10 million people have lost their lives, while all of their country’s diamonds end up in Israel. The reason why the world is never told about these outrageous atrocities is because those who own the media are inextricably linked to those directly responsible for the raping & pillaging of Africa. Another reason is these atrocities are infinitely worse than the Holocaust. No. We have to be led to believe the greatest mass-murderers are the victims.  


Anyway, in that piece this video was posted as a comment in 4 or 5 of the groups I’m in. I thought it was so good I felt it deserved posting in its own right. 



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