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It’s scandalous how the media turns a blind eye to what Israel does. If the world knew what’s going on Zionist influence would count for little. We’ll pay a catastrophic price for giving them licence to do as they please. Thankfully I get loads of articles from Falastin News which helps to keep me up-to-date. I’ve picked out these five….


The real terrorist


I’ve had several reports stating in no uncertain terms injured ISIS terrorists were being treated in Israeli hospitals. What kind of Islamic terrorists are they supposed to be? They only kill Arabs & Muslims & they’re nursed back to health in Israeli hospitals? Give me a break.



This is good. Yes. Give them more weapons – bunker busters, guided bombs, laser weapons. This is against a largely defenseless civilian opopulation.



Whether it poses a threat or not, if you spot something – SHOOT! Can you imagine if the boot was on the other foot. If the Palestinian were doing this to the Israelis we’d never hear the end of it.



Soldiers don’t shoot at 10 year olds. Sick deluded cowards. This is happening all the time.



The land-grabbing is on all fronts. Gaza is getting it in the neck but things are hardly any better in the West Bank. The world sits by & does nothing to stop Israel committing Genocide.



  • Simon

    Nothing i have experienced in my life has been as frustrating as the blatant genocide of Palestinian people and the
    acceptance of it by the Western world. Acceptance is the wrong word actually. I meant encouragement.
    The putrid one sided stories people are fed through the Mainstream Media are a debacle and a complete sham.
    For a complete and utter sociopathic movement to be doing what they are doing, in all aspects of world life, (infiltration of governments, lies and deceit, bribes and blackmail, anything one can think of which involves attaining something by any cause necessary), is beyond belief.
    But, the only reason they can keep getting away with it is because people still take what they read in the papers and see on the news or hear on the Radio, as gospel.
    One would think that merely knowing who owns all the major news broadcasters would be enough to make people stop and think, but you try and explain the most simple things to people, like the biased Media, and you find yourself talking to a vacuum. That is what it feels like anyway.

    Falling behind on your articles at the moment Michael. Can’t keep up with it all. Always reading something or watching some vid or discussing things with people.
    Amazing. Enough information out there to keep any mind busy constantly, yet to so many people it goes completely unnoticed. You know the stuff, the glaringly obvious stuff.

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