False flag Confirmed – Alison’s BF Sends TWEET 12 MINUTES before Shot.

Incredible. Whether it is or not I never thought there’d be another WTC7/BBC moment all over again but like Mr. Vose in the video says – if you can explain this, then I’m all ears. Thanks to Emma Earle for this rather intriguing clip.


This is for the benefit of those new to my website. When Michael Brown was mercilessly mowed down, the moment I saw the reaction of the US media, it was a no-brainer. The US police had sought advice from Israeli thugs in riot control. Almost immediately the US police are impersonating the kind of antics that are commonplace in Gaza & the West Bank. So does the Zionist controlled media say anything about the FACT someone made this policy decision to seek advice in Tel Aviv on how US citizens should be treated? NOT ON YOUR NELLY! It’s as if Israel didn’t exist. Oh but the same people are trying to grab your guns, you know, the Diane Feinstein’s of this world who are protected 24 hours a day with armed guards. She wants your guns. So what did the media do? THEY TRIED THEIR DAMNEDEST TO MAKE IT A RACE ISSUE! So just to let you know I don’t just make it up as I go along, this is what I wrote over a year ago –

Excuse Me, But Please Don’t Bring Race Into Michael Brown’s Death; Media Will Do That – 20 August 2014


Yesterday the GMM switchboard was jammed soon after I posted the video of the shooting in Virginia. False flag or not – the comments were split down the middle. There was the obligatory supply of brainless personal insults yet what was so rewarding was reading a few comments which went a long way to explaining why I could be mistaken. There was no personal insults; no effing & blinding. Merely a genuine attempt to break down the facts & in doing so counter my opinion.


I’m not trying to earn Brownie points by making out I’m on another level or something daft like that. For me it was almost as if these comments were complimentary! Of course they were anything but that, yet this is how refreshing it felt. I rarely had this on Facebook – it was always black or white. Hard as I tried to encourage debate good people were driven away by foul-mouthed bullies. This was an object lesson in how to conduct discussion. Consequently, this encouraged those on my side of the fence to respond accordingly.
If only all threads could be like this. So it got me thinking. I can’t do it on FB but I can damn well do it here. I will endeavor to draw up a list of rules tonight. It will be for the benefit of those who wish to comment or reply to comments or discuss with others without anyone jumping down their throats. I don’t even know how to ban people from commenting on my website – tonight I intend to find out Whatever happened to discussion? Answer – THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA! 


And this is who Paul Joseph Watson blames. Now I don’t like this guy one bit because there’s more to him than meets the eye. I’m loathed to use the term controlled opposition or disinfo specialist but let’s just leave it at that. However, what he says here is in my opinion is 100% correct – the Zionist controlled media is to blame! He says –

This contrived race war, legitimised by the Obama Administration, is emboldening extremism on both sides of the equation.

I’m in no doubt – those who lost their lives (or not) in Virginia & Charleston did so because of the way the media is portraying these criminal acts. Bear in mind there are 6 major media outlets – YET THEY ALL SING THE SAME TUNE! Yesterday I said this is all about DIVIDE & CONQUER! This is what you have to get into your head. The details of whether this was a false flag or not, or whether there are genuine victims or whether Bryce Williams was the shooter is, believe it or not, irrelevant. What’s happened will keep happening until enough people realise this is all being engineered to create division amongst us & we know who’ve been the specialists at doing this for over 100 years. Moreover, the only people who can do this are those who own the media. How many more times do I have to say – if you yearn for the truth, whatever the media says, just imagine the exact opposite!



  • Nicky Nelson

    Hit the nail on the head and Paul Watson did a good job with that video, of course leaving out WHO is behind it as always. 😉

  • Virginia

    The video I saw showed a white man holding the gun, the reporter with a prothesis on the left leg, another woman and a cameraman. The cameraman wasn’t directing the camera at the reporter or the person she was interviewing. He focused in another direction. And the shooter, who said he was firing blanks, never aimed at the cameraman.

    Obama promoted racism and, consequently, a division of the people when he sided with Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown’s deaths. Both of these young men were well on their way to becoming hardened criminals. But that was alright with Obama who, himself, came from the underworld.

    • Yes Virginia – I believe this is all about creating civil strife.

    • Doug

      Her leg was real. She had her black wrap on. That holds her wire to her mic. If u notice in all weather women ware them.

    • Liz

      Doug is correct. The prothesis you saw is for her microphone. You can also see the same reporter wearing this during other footage from Channel 7. I’m not sure how you fake a career like she had, I’m from Virginia near where this happened, And it did happen.

      The cameraman wasn’t pointing his camera at the interview because he was panning across Smith Mountain Lake, which was the subject of the interview. Then the shot would end on the interview. It’s a common techniques for anyone, like myself, who has worked in this business to employ.

      In the shooter’s video, which has different lighting making his skin color appear different, you see him start to take aim but notices the camera man panning the lake. Vester wanted the violence to be live so he waited for the camera to come around before shooting. He did aim, shoot, and kill the camera man, but did that last so the camera would be rolling.

      Vester knew where to stand because he was a veteran new reported. He understood how camera lights block your vision. He knew first hand how concentrating in an interview imits your ability to see what’s happening around you. He knew the cameraman could only see what was in his viewfinder. His other eye would be closed.

      This type of violence does not play out like the movies. There’s no great explosions of blood. People who are shot do not dramatically drop where they stand. That would be acting. That would be fake. The sheer violence captured in this video is video is sickeningly real because those fake elements are absent. Bullets do not make very large entry wounds. It’s possible to run after being fatally hit. Vester wasn’t a marksman. It took him 17 shoots to kill and wound 3 unarmed people.

      It’s hard to believe the kind sickness exists in our world. No matter how you feel about politics or religion or anything else, I wish this was a fake because the alternative, that these killers do exist, is much worse to live with than a government that fakes it.

      • chris

        You are right. Everything you said is how it happened. He probably missed on the first shot or two people make me sick with this false flag stuff.

        • The thing is Liz, while I accept much of what you say & thank you for the comment –

          1) Crisis actors were used for the Boston bombing & Sandy Hook.
          2) In past cases ‘grieving parents’ were anything but that! Here again this question arises.
          3) All events, staged or not staged, coincided with a choreographed assault on the 2nd Amendment by dual national Zionists & media alike. Incredibly, Americans were being told to give up their last line of defence against what is a criminal government & all by a media which deliberately lies so that US troops are sent to fight in illegal wars for the benefit of Israel.
          4) While all this was going on, both Capitol Hill & the media neglected to inform the public of a most astonishing statistic – 99% OF ALL GUN CRIME WAS COMMITTED BY THOSE WHO’D OBTAINED GUNS ILLEGALLY! THEREFORE ANY NEW GUN LAW WOULD ONLY BE DEALING WITH WHAT EFFECTIVELY WAS 1% OF ALL GUN CRIME!
          5) The media are doing all they can to incite a race war.
          6) Zionists who also control policy in Washington DC have already seen to it that the US Police Force seek advice from Israeli thugs. This led to a massive spike in the indiscriminate killing of unarmed American citizens. The media have yet to say anything about this.
          7) Those of us who have a fair understanding of what’s going on know those in the upper echelons of power want to have the ability to declare Martial Law with the minimum of fuss.
          8) This would explain why arch Zionist Michael Chertoff saw to it that 800+ state-of-the-art Fema camps were built up & down the country.
          9) This would explain why the Zionist controlled NSA is spying on its own people.
          10) This would also explain why the heinous Patriot & NDA Acts were passed void of any debate.

          I say, ignore this at your peril. This is no anti-Semitic rant; THESE ARE FACTS! If you want to embroil yourself in the detail, that’s your choice. Your merely doing precisely what politicians & the media want!

          • Franz

            Indeed. If anyone can watch the supposed father, Andy; and the supposed fiance, on media, and not see the obvious fake, it’s because they’re trained to believe what they see on television.



    • Triuwida

      Zionists are not “white”, they are predominately Jewish.

      Remember Mike Wallace’s famous words! lol. “I’m not white, I’m Jewish”.

    • Jeff

      You’re almost as arrogant as Trump.

      • Triuwida

        I’m not sure you understand the meaning of the word, it means having a heightened sense of one’s self worth.

        And I’m not sure how you get that from me pointing out that Jews don’t consider themselves to be White. It’s important for Whites to make that distinction considering how many Jews stir up anger against us by acting poorly under the guise of “being white”.

        Most didn’t know Jon Stewart is Jewish (his real surname is Liebowitz), until the Trump campaign. That’s been common knowledge on may forums for years.

        Hugh Hefner is another example, as is Alex Jones through the Law of Return:


        Jews have been making Whites look bad for decades. It’s not arrogance to point that out!

        • Triuwida

          *many not may

          • I agree with you Triuwida except I believe Zionists & Jews are two different groups. The Zionists usurped Judaism long ago. Both Myron fagan & Benjamin Freedman (two Jews) explained why & how.. More recently, this collaboration was used for the purpose of establishing the state of Israel. It was the Rothschilds who financed Hitler. They wanted him to massacre Jews. in fact they were annoyed with Hitler for not being nasty enough!

    • Jack I don’t know why you keep saying I’m not acknowledging your comments when I acknowledge pretty much every comments, which incidentally is eating up 3 hours of my time a day! But now that you’ve had a go at me again, I’m going to give a piece of my mind. All you do is promote yourself & your books on my website. You never once had the decency to ask whether you could do this & almost every comment was to do with one of your books. Up to now I have let you do that without saying a word. Now I feel you’ve insulted me. I hope you realise how poor your behavior is.

    • Jackie Angry Boy

      Jackie an angry boy. Jackie gonna get some respect around here. Bring Jackie his credits or die. Jackie writes things. – Jack Tafoya

  • Colleen Ross

    David Vose’s video about the time stamp of Chris Hurst’s tweet is a hoax that can be easily discredited. David Vose lives in New Mexico. The time zone for New Mexico is three hours behind the time zone in Virginia where Chris posted his tweet. Chris actually posted the tweet at 9:34 am Virginia time. When David Vose goes to Chris’s twitter account and hovers his mouse over the tweet in question it will of course show up as New Mexico time which is three hours behind Virginia time. Hence it would show up as 6:34 am on a computer located in New Mexico. That is where Mr. Voss was located when he took his snapshot for the video. My time zone is one hour behind Virginia time so for me it shows up as 8:34 am. If anyone wants to confirm this for themselves all they have to do is go to Chris Hurst’s twitter account and check the tweet in question. If they hover their mouse over the date “Aug 26” showing for the tweet in question it will give them the time it was in their time zone when Chris posted the tweet. All they have to do then is check the time difference between their time zone and Virginia’s time zone and adjust it accordingly to confirm the time it was in Virginia. They will see that Chris posted the tweet at 9:34 am – Aug 26 Virginia time (almost three hours after the shooting took place).

    • Diane Prima

      New Mexico is on Mountain Time and is two hours behind Eastern time. Just want to keep things accurate as far as time zones go. I lived in New Mexico so I know what the time zone difference is.

      • Colleen Ross

        You are right, Diane. Thanks for the correction. So then obviously David Vose or whoever took the screen shot for the video was obviously in a location further west than New Mexico, in the next time zone which is one hour behind New Mexico. Could have been anywhere on the west coast, perhaps California. The time difference is definitely three hours between the location that the screen shot of the tweet was taken and Virginia. I am located in Winnipeg which is one hour behind Virginia and when I go to Chris Hurst’s twitter page and check the time of that particular tweet it shows up as 8:34 am – Aug 26 so it is still apparent that Chris Hurst posted his tweet at 9:34 am Virginia time, almost three hours after the shooting took place.

        • Human71

          I don’t understand why in the still picture taken of the shooter from the camera. shows a time of 6am but before it displayed 6:45am during the inrerview.

      • Ken

        I am on the east coast, same time zone as Virginia. Chris” Hurst’s tweet is time-stamped 6:31am for me. Did you even check yourself before you spouted your “New Mexico” nonsense? Now, I’m sure there is a reason for this and I’m not jumping on the “hoax” bus, but please do some homework before you post.

        • Colleen Ross

          If you go directly to Chris’s live twitter account and hover your mouse pointer over the
          Aug 26 date of the tweet in question the actual time that Chris posted it should be displayed. If the time zone you are in is the same as Virginia it should display the time as being 9:34 – 26 Aug.

        • Colleen Ross

          And to answer your question, Ken, yes I did do some homework before posting originally. I have now done some further homework which further confirms that Chris Hurst made the tweet at 9:34 am – 26 Aug 2015. I have now discovered that the time displayed when you view things on twitter depends on the time zone that your twitter account is set at, if you are viewing things while logged into twitter. When I originally viewed Chris’s tweet of Aug 26 which said “She was the most radiant woman I ever met. And for some reason she loved me back. She loved her family, her parents and her brother” my twitter account was set to my time zone where I live which is Central Time (one hour behind Virginia’s time zone). At that point Chris’s tweet showed up as being posted at 8:34 am – 26 Aug 2015 (Central time) which would indicate that he posted it at 9:34 Eastern Time which is one hour ahead of me (Virginia time zone). To further confirm the times I have now gone into my Twitter account settings and changed my time zone setting on from “Central time” (my time zone) to “Eastern time” (Virginia’s time zone). After doing this, I rechecked Chris’s original post on his twitter account while logged into twitter. The time displayed for the twitter in question now showed up as 9:34 am – 26 Aug 2015 (Eastern (Virginia) time). So it appears that you have to be logged into twitter to get the correct time settings to display for the time zone you have your twitter account set for. This means that no matter where anyone is actually located they can easily manipulate the time zones by changing their twitter account settings and then do a screen shot to make it appear to the unenlightened that the post was made at a different time than it was actually made.

        • Colleen Ross

          I have now learned one more thing. If you are not logged into your twitter account it automatically defaults to “Pacific Time” which is three hours behind “Eastern (Virginia) Time.” So if I log out of Twitter, the time display does change to 6:34 am – 26 Aug 2015 when viewing Chris’s tweet. When I log back in with my Twitter account setting at “Eastern (Virginia) time it again displays the time as 9:34 am – 26 Aug 2015. So it is quite conceivable that Mr. Vose might not have deliberately set out to deceive. He may just have, like many of us, not been aware how Twitter time displays work.

          • However I have on a number of occasions tried to make the point certain details such as whether this tweet is conclusive evidence that something untoward was up, is not so relevant. What is of paramount importance is the media is using events (real or not) TO CREATE DIVISION! THIS IS THE FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE! Once one is fully cognizant of the media’s role in this the stench of skulduggery positively reeks! Too many people too often steam into the detail & by doing so lose track of the real issue – which is Divide & Conquer. Over a year ago in an article I pleaded that the phrase ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ was dropped altogether. Of course the media pounced on it. At every turn the public was made to hear the chant “BLACK LIVES MATTER! BLACK LIVES MATTER!” And of course they do …………. but don’t ALL LIVES MATTER? What would the media have done had the phrase been changed as I suggested to “ALL LIVES MATTER?” Answer – the media would have been tongue-tied & twisted. These are the kind of things we have to be wise to because the media’s goal is to create civil unrest!

          • Man of Sin

            I live in New Jersey which goes by eastern time and it says 6:34% am.

    • Thanks for all your excellent comments Colleen.

  • Triuwida

    Just to clarify, this isn’t a “false flag”, but rather, a hoax. A false flag is an attack that is blamed on someone else.

    The attack of the USS Liberty at the hands of the Israelis is an example of a false flag. The attack was supposed to be blamed on Egypt to drum up sympathy for the nation that actually did it. Of course the Israelis failed to kill everyone so the plan backfired on them.

  • Freedom fighter

    They’re coming for your guns, they will go for the defenseless ones first, because they know many are naive and don’t care for freedom
    The FEMA camps are ready for the defenseless people!!!!
    Can’t you see the propaganda? That’s why they’re attacking gun rights and Afro Americans, they working on them first!

    • Exactly right – Divide & conquer/disarm everyone/ mass executions. The answer is to realise who the enemy is & under no circumstances give up your guns. In fact get tooled up because if you go, we’re goners over here in the UK.

  • Logical Citizen

    WHY does it always have to be ‘them’? Do you understand macrosociology, or socioeconmics? This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s a hive mind with a negative feedback loop. This is exactly what happens information can flow freely and instantly to millions. Patterns emerge, and things look suspicious, not because of a secret group, but because of our common mind-share which includes the subconscious. It FEELS like someone powerful is pulling strings, but that is because it’s millions of people collectively deciding, and being influenced by ideas in real time. It would actually be better if a small group was pulling strings, so we don’t have to deal with the rash decisions of a large group.

    • Very interesting comment but I beg to disagree – there are evil forces at work here & we’d be well advised knowing it!

      • Franz

        It’s natural to deny the organized evil behind the social decay, the aggressive attack on mankind, spiritually, psychologically, mentally, emotionally and physically. There is in fact a biowar being waged on humanity by this organized evil that is desperate to maintain their slipping control – slipping because consciousness naturally evolves and expands and becomes more aware – something the psychopath can never keep up with. But, to deny is to force an accumulation of accountability that will be far more difficult later than it would be to take that accountability now, while opportunity exists.

        • Agreed Franz – there’s another way of putting it – the greatest gangsters & those who merely inherited absolute fortunes want to make sure no one can possibly take away what they’ve got. What better way of doing that than committing mass-murder?

  • Kenny Geach

    This might be unrelated but it’s interesting she and her bf were doing some investigating on that recent child abuse case.
    Metropolitan Police investigates Kids Company charity – BBC News
    http://www.bbc.co.uk › news
    Mobile-friendly – 30 Jul 2015 – An investigation into a number of allegations of crime involving the … case team of the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command. … Alison Parker and Chris Hurst. 1:06.

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