False flag operations can ONLY be considered by those who can guarantee media control

In my previous post, I edited this – ‘the moment I began writing on FB in 2011, I wanted people to know exactly what a fraud Cameron was – believe it or not, here is the perfect Zionist puppet!’ But then I thought this was not entirely accurate because from the word go, for me, there was one message over-riding all else – getting people to realise the sheer folly of the flow of information being concentrated in the hands of but a few. I remember in one of my first posts I said words to the effect, ‘make no mistake – it is inconceivable imagining our history in the past 100 years would have been anything even remotely close had news outlets been independent & so free to report news as they saw fit. WWI & II, the creation of the state of Israel? Forget it! The assassination of JFK – no way! 9/11 – NO POSSIBLE CHANCE! Get this into your heads – for any of these events to even make the drawing board, GUARANTEED MEDIA CONTROL WAS A PREREQUISITE!


Being a compulsive thinker, I arrived at this conclusion long ago. I realised too why people thought I was a bit loopy-loo whenever I made this point – people had difficulty gauging or believing how a relatively small number of people could ever control the flow of information of the entire planet. Sure enough – achieving such a feat was easier said than done. However, the Rothschild’s realised doing so went hand in hand with their goal to become despotic lords of the planet. Therefore, 200 years ago, maybe more, the order was given to slowly but surely gobble up any news outlet worth its salt. Little did people know, the only buyers were Rothschild agents! Slowly but surely, every newspaper fell into their hands. With the Internet naturally swamped with misinfo, ascertaining the truth about the Rothschild’s is no simple task. However, there’s little doubt around the turn of the last century the Rothschild’s acquired total control of International News Agency Reuters.


Though the stage was set one must stress there was no event or point where one could safely say, this was it! Acquiring control of Reuters was merely part of a long drawn out process that this family had chosen to pursue 100 years earlier. This is what set the Rothschild’s apart. No one of considerable wealth had ever before planned to acquire ungodly power knowing they may never see the fruits of what they strove for. You find me one multi-millionaire who cares about what happens when they’re brown bread! The Rothschild’s did though….. & I believe this is the integral reason why most people find it so hard to get their head round the truth. The fact is, from the jump the Rothschild’s realised – without full control over what people were told, world domination was a pipe-dream. And so today, even though specific laws were put into place to stop media companies buying out other media companies, in excess of 95% of the news we receive is down to 6 companies – CBS, Time Warner, General Electric, Disney, Viacom & News International. Welcome to Corporate media.


Reuters & Rothschild

Reuters & Rothschild



Another point I have tried to ram home is this ability to make up news to suit whoever controls the news is but a portion of media power. The vast majority of the power of media control lies in the ability to say sweet bugger all! Silence is indeed golden. How, after all, is one supposed to know about what one is not being told? The sad reality is I reckon well in excess of 90% of what should constitute as news, never makes the airwaves. Furthermore, even when a subject matter like the recent FIFA debacle made the headlines, not one mainstream news channel mentioned that all this came about because the Palestinian football delegation requested FIFA to ban Israel from international football. As a result, the Palestinian football coach had an IDF missile drop in for tea. He & two of his players were murdered. FIFA nonetheless stood firm & were on the verge of imposing an international ban on Israel when all of a sudden, PC Plod comes knocking on FIFA’s door? WHO KNOWS ALL THIS? NONE OF IT MADE THE NEWS!


Out of the blue, we hear FIFA’s offices had been raided by US officials. We’re told it’s because of corruption, something which had been common knowledge for donkey’s years. But excuse me….. since when did America give a damn about corruption….. or soccer for that matter? Of course, this bizarre anomaly was totally ignored by the entire MSM. While they continued to pound their side of the story for the next few days, not one news outlet mentioned how the Palestinian football delegation mysteriously withdrew its request to have Israel banned from international football. As the story died a death, one thing was abundantly clear – behind the scenes Zionists were seriously busy ensuring FIFA or any high profile, influential institution, would never again pose such a threat. Incredibly, the entire Israeli/Palestinian connection in this saga slipped under the proverbial radar.


The moral of the story here – James Cagney said in a film – you can’t fool all of the people, all of the time! Damn right & the Israelis are fast discovering you can only tell so many porkies. They’ve stretched that to the absolute max because they know only too well – the major advantage of having full media control lies in the ability to ignore what you don’t want people to know.


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