FB censorship & fraud

Aaahh Facebook. So annoying! Here is a site where the fundamental principle for it’s creation is to encourage social interaction. What a great idea. But to have come full circle where they’re now hindering interaction? It’s so sad for not only did FB prove to be an extraordinary success but the working mechanism couldn’t have been thought out better. In short, anyone, within reason, could write whatever they so wished. It could be just for friends & family; you could concentrate on particular topics; you could tweak it to serve your very needs.

But what appealed to me most was that the working mechanism incorporated what I believe is just about the perfect method of determining success or failure. If you were good, people would tune in; if not, they wouldn’t! What can be fairer than that? No chiseling middle men or managers chopping off lumps! You post what you want; people would respond accordingly. Above all, it was a cast-iron guarantee if you spoke a load of rubbish, people would see you were a blithering idiot & so give you a wide berth.

However, it wasn’t just the case of talking sense & having sound judgement. We live in a world where 99% of us crave some form of entertainment. Sadly being a terrific writer may not be enough. This has often bothered me because I know much better writers see my following & must think ‘what the effing hell is going on!’ Now I realise that. Perhaps their mistake is not to question why. The ones that did were told, ‘you have to entertain. Moreover each time you use a word where the reader requires a dictionary, you begin treading on thin ice. Explain why you arrive at certain conclusions but do so keeping it simple. Above all do not try to show you’re a walking encyclopedia.’

We’re talking about social media here; not mastermind. It is imperative therefore for the reader to believe everyone’s near or on the same level. I don’t go out of my way to entertain. In fact I struggle to write. It often takes me days to put a piece together. I so wish I was a good writer that could just put pen to paper. The end product may be decent but it’s only my willingness to edit god knows how many times that wins the day. I won’t publish until I feel a piece is worthy. I may be fortunate to have the ability to entertain but I’m prepared to sweat blood because I care about the end product.

So I’ve finally decided to dump FB. I’ve learned a few things since too. Naturally I’ve tried to tell friends & followers to subscribe to this website only to discover it’s not as simple as clicking a couple of buttons. Only now I realise certain emails won’t work & apparently it’s down to this website’s security deeming them to be spam or ‘unsafe’. I’m sorry but it’s only because of constant attacks we’ve had to do this. I’m trying as hard as I can to overcome hurdles so we can all move on.

I certainly would love to know if there’s an efficient way to contact nearly 20,000 friends & followers on my FB wall & my GMM page in order to inform them I’ve quit FB & if they wish to stay in contact to subscribe here. I’d be so grateful for some sound advice. Other than that I will be posting on VK.com & hopefully a few other sites. This time around I will place all the subscribed emails into a safe folder just in case that bastard Abe Foxman’s ADL decides to hack this site & wipe out my entire subscriber list again.

It’s a very humbling experience receiving so many calls to stay on FB. Believe me I’ve been mulling over leaving FB for over 3 years. I gave my reasons why only to be convinced otherwise. Long before, 6 months after joining FB I noticed all wasn’t right. FB were up to no good. However, when I suggested this, people weren’t that receptive. I remember one particular friend who seemed to know about FB & their algorithms scoffed at the mere notion. ‘They don’t care about little old you!’ I begged to disagree to no avail. I bet that guy has since changed his tune. I felt this was because only those with a large following & significantly, those who were prepared to name & shame the Ionisers, could detect discrepancies in their post reach. Later on when more of us fell foul of FB censorship, could people en mass realise what was really going on.

Now how many times have I said ‘the Ionisers love to kill two birds with one stone?’ Here’s yet another example. Of course they had no option but to censor those who knew the truth –

BUT WHY NOT MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT TOO MY BOY? The funny thing is people have suggested I pay to increase my FB post reach!!! I don’t know about you but it’s enough to make me want to heave! I’ll admit though – I’ve got a serious problem with greed. I wholeheartedly believe the Gordon Gekko’s of this world should be made to slide down everlasting razor blades with only their balls for brakes. How many billions is FB worth? They get the absolute dish from advertising revenue alone yet, for the world, the only thing on their minds is to seek out ways of squeezing even more money out.
Forget about posts boosts! I’d rather jump into a tub of acid! FB get fortunes through advertising – now they want even more? Sons of bitches! Talk about putting a new meaning to bloodsucking! Listen, if you’re daft enough to pay, more fool you! I’d rather give any spare cash to a local hospice. Screw Likes & Shares. If I’m good, recognition & appreciation will do just fine. Moreover, earning money having adverts plastered all over my wall or page, no thanks. I don’t care how much I’m offered – I don’t want it. In any case I block all adverts, so it would be a bit rich for me to be promoting them! I’m wondering whether this could be a reason I’m given a particularly hard time?

The problem is – these vultures see someone who’s popular so they restrict their post reach only to then ask if they’d like to pay for a greater post reach! Can’t people see the sheer futility in this? So you pay. What happens? FB has offices in various regions of the world (Sri Lanka & Egypt are two I know of) where people working for a pittance sole purpose is to boost SHARES & LIKES! This they do with businesses etc BUT if you happen to write about Israel & the Ionisers, you pay for a boost & you’ll get extra Likes & Shares alright but it’s only down to these workers simply tapping ‘ENTER!’ None of the extra Likes & Shares are the least bit interested in what you write. IT’S A TOTAL SCAM!

Big business is about preying on the weak-minded, knowing something before the other person does. It’s about lying, being as deceitful as one can be. In this world being desperate means often you’re bang in trouble for more reasons than you think. Our business world perfectly mimics evolution itself – SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. KILL OR BE KILLED! Above all, we have to be smart, not just how we think but with our money too. This is why leaving FB is the right thing to do. If the ball starts rolling, it’s share price will tumble. Now I know this is the case, so I’m prepared to lose most of my following. I’m going to take a step back to hopefully eventually take a few steps forward. I guarantee if people leave FB en mass, there will be hoards of greedy so-in-so’s lamenting ‘OY VEH. BENNY, THEY’RE KILLING OUR VIMIN & OUR CHILDREN. NOW I’VE DONE MY DOUGH!’ That’s through our actions. We have the power. We just have to work together.



  • cosmic

    you can try mewe its a censor free site.

  • T. Eli Ahrens

    I hate FB and for a long while now, only go there to check to see if there’s anything new from certain people and places in my timeline I would like to know about. This means going through a a TON of bullshit, which wastes my time, just in case there is a nugget or two of interest that day. I have fine tuned my timeline best I know how and I run FB Purity on it as well. I spend as little time as possible there and has been that way for a while now and for some months now have been spending more time on Minds than FB though it’s not too much their either. I do not like MeWe and have let me account there just go stale. GAB sucks but I like their new Dissenter web browser. YouTube is going down the crapper too (Twitter long since has) and people are too stuck on stupid places like Instagram and FB to bother also being active on alternatives enough to make them good places that are a must to have a profile on.

    I have given up long ago on caring about putting anything of importance on my profile there at FB and usually when I do put something up there, it’s just really crap posts. I sure miss the days when MySpace was good and it was king of social media. Now all everyone wants online is narcissistic attention, biases confirmed and to enjoy an echo chamber (or be trolling assholes). I’ve been sick of it for quite some time now and miss older times when we didn’t have it so ‘good’ on the internet, before Google, Twitter & FB took over and changed the internet experience.

    • Well said indeed Thane. My god. How they’ve screwed everything up & they are like a cancer. This is why I use this line as often as I can – Zionism is akin to the most virulent carcinogenic strain & currently it’s rampaging through mankind. This is exactly what they are. They destroy anything that’s decent. At best it’s replaced by mediocrity.
      You’re right too – MeWe sucks As does u-tube & twitter. I’m thinking about Medium, Minds & Gab but I’m not rushing. I feel I’ve done my bit & I’m fed up with repeating myself. The Internet has been poisoned by Zionists!

  • Venner

    FB began as a US military project called Lifelog run by the Pentagon’s research agency, DARPA. The purpose was, “to gather in a single place just about everything an individual says, sees or does: the phone calls made, the TV shows watched, the magazines read, the plane tickets bought, the e-mail sent and received.” You can read here how in June 2003 the project was already attracting criticism from the press due to privacy concerns. https://freedom-to-tinker.com/2003/06/05/privacy-blogging-and-conflict-interest/
    So then you can see here when it was announced the project was cancelled on Feb 4th 2004. https://www.military.com/defensetech/2004/02/04/lifelog-dead/

    Now, what happened is, Mark Zuckerberg registered FB on that exact same day, Feb 4th 2004 and that was not because he was a brilliant computer wizz, but because of family connections in US military intelligence that planned to continue the lifelog project as a private internet tech company where it would be protected from the kinds of constitutional restrictions and civil rights campaigns that government departments are exposed to.
    Of course since 2004 all the internet speil tries to hide that Facebook was linked to LifeLog by claiming FB was just the continuation of Zuckerbergs facemash project (FaceMash was a hot or not website where Harvard students rated how hot each other was based on their yearbook photos. I believe Zuckerberg got into trouble at Harvard for doing that.)
    So then, in 2018 when he was testifying to congress, Zuckerberg was asked about that, he said, “No, Congressman, Facemash was a prank website that I launched in college, in my dorm room, before I started Facebook. … The claim that Facemash was somehow connected to the development of Facebook, it isn’t, it wasn’t…it actually has nothing to do with Facebook.”
    So then the next thing is Instagram. Instagram was started 6 years after FB by Kevin Systrom in 2010 who then 2 years later sold it to Zuckerberg. So would you credit it, Zuckerberg and Systrom already knew each other back in 2004 while Zuckerberg was still at Harvard and Systrom was at Stanford, Zuckerberg actually asked Systrom to work on FB but Systrom declined because he wanted to finish his studies at Stanford so what are the chances that in a population of 350 million, these guys that start these massive social media projects all knew each other? I say it is because they are all linked by family connections in US military intelligence that is behind all of it because social media is all part of a military mass surveillance project that uses private tech companies to avoid the kinds of legal restrictions that government defense contracters might face. I also believe they sabotaged platforms like MySpace and those free webhosting platforms like geocities and angelfire and others so they frustrated users by constantly freezing up and crashing in the browser, all to herd their users like cattle onto the only platform that seemed to be working: Facebook.

    • Sorry I took so long Venner. I’ve not been well. I’ve only just seen this.

      • Venner

        What is wrong Michael are you ok?

        • I just can’t bring myself to write anymore Venner. Ever since I gave up alcohol I’ve struggled. Also I’ve started a new job & so I’m unable to give anything like the time I used to. And then there’s the undeniable fact that all I’m doing is saying the same thing over & over again. I don’t know but I may enter the fray sometime in the near future. Other than that I’m fine. Hope everything is good with you.

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